Changing a Posting's Archive-name:

You can update a posting and change its Archive-name. This should only be used when the updated posting's Archive-name is different from the Archive-name it was last submitted to the FAQ server with, to indicate that the FAQ server's database should be updated to list the new Archive-name. It will get the new archive name from the Archive-name auxiliary header.


When a posting's archive name changes, the format of its message ID changes, which means that the Supersedes header line will be incorrect the next time it is posted. Therefore, if you change a posting's Archive-name, and you are concerned that the previous edition of the posting should go away immediately when the new edition is posted, then you should send out a cancel message by hand for the previous edition when the new one is posted by the server. If you don't understand this paragraph, then don't worry about it.

Enter the password associated with the posting and the Archive-name of the posting below then enter the Archive-name of the parent article. Your Email address is required so the results can be forwarded to the right place.

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