Adding A Single Part or
the Parent of a Multipart FAQ

BEWARE This page is only to be used to add a SINGLE part FAQ or the FIRST part (part1) of a multipart FAQ. It is not to be used to add subsequent parts to a multipart FAQ. To do that use the appropriate page.


You need to choose a password that will be associated with the posting and which you'll use in future commands to the FAQ server, so don't forget it.


faq-server passwords aren't as secure as your Internet or email password, so don't use the same thing! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Now you are ready to submit a new independent posting to the FAQ server.

"Number of Days" is the number of days you wish to elapse between postings, e.g. 15, 30, 90, etc. This number is approximate; the actual posting may vary by a day or two depending on server load.

"Posting Status" lets you tell the server whether you want the server to post the article on a regular interval or not. By checking "Irregular", then the posting will NOT be posted regularly. Instead, the specified interval will be used only to determine what to put in the Expires line of the posting, i.e., it will not be used to determine when the article is posted. In that case, you must send a FORCE command to the server every time you want it to post the article.

Make sure you include all its headers with the posting just as you did when you got it approved.

Your Email address is required so the results can be forwarded to the right place.

Your Email Address:  
New Password:               
Number of Days:          
Posting Status:                 Regular             Irregular

FAQ Headers + Contents:


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