Chapter 5. Checking and Mounting Disks

Table of Contents
5.1. Analysis
5.2. Design
5.2.1. Determining necessary utilities.
5.2.2. Finding source code
5.2.3. Automating fsck and mount
5.2.4. File dependencies
5.3. Construction
5.3.1. Install utilities from e2fsprogs
5.3.2. Install utilities from util-linux
5.3.3. Check library requirements
5.3.4. Strip binaries to save space
5.3.5. Create additional device files
5.3.6. Create mtab and fstab files
5.3.7. Write a script to mount the proc filesystem
5.3.8. Write a script to check and mount local filesystems
5.3.9. Create a compressed root disk image
5.3.10. Write the root disk image to floppy
5.4. Implementation
5.4.1. System startup
5.4.2. Test proc_fs and local_fs scripts
5.4.3. Create and mount additional filesystems
5.4.4. System shutdown