<TH ...>

Usage Recommendation
use it if you use <TABLE ...>

<TH ...> works just like <TD ...>, except that <TH ...> indicates that the cell is a header for a column or row. is identical to <TD ...> in every way except one: <TH ...> indicates that the table cell is a header cell, a title for a column or row. <TH ...> cells are generally rendered with the letters in bold.

<TR> <TH>name</TH>          <TH>extension</TH> <TH>department</TH>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Lynn Almond</TD>   <TD>x 9882</TD>    <TD>Cooking</TD>     </TR>
<TR> <TD>Roby Robinson</TD> <TD>x 9432</TD>    <TD>Landscaping</TD> </TR>


name extension department
Lynn Almond x 9882 Cooking
Roby Robinson x 9432 Landscaping

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