Attribute for <A ...>
onClick = "script command(s)"

Looking for Information on Popup Windows?

You might want to check out our Popup Windows.
onClick sets a script to run when the user clicks on the link. For example, this link creates an alert box which says Heading Home! when the link is clicked:

this code produces this
<A HREF="mypage.oc.html" onClick="alert('Heading Home!')">My Page</A>
My Page

One of the more useful uses of onClick is creating a popup window which the links targets. This example uses our popup window script (see Popup Window Tutorial).

this code produces this
onClick="return openWindow(this,'mypage')"
>My Page</A>
My Page

If onClick returns a value of false then the click is cancelled and the browser doesn't go anywhere. For example, you could check if a user really wanted to go to a URL like this:

this code produces this
onCLick="return confirm('Are you SURE you want to delete this record?')"
>Delete It!</A>
Delete It!

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