Attribute for <A ...>
TITLE = "text string"

screen shot of the Opera browser using the TITLE attributeW3C says that TITLE is "an advisory title for the linked resource". The idea is that TITLE gives a description of the linked resource that is more informative than the URL.

this code produces this
Check out 
<A HREF="deniseres.html" TITLE="Denise Dodd's Resume">my resume</A>
Check out my resume

Most browsers have ignored this useful attribute. One that doesn't ignore it is Opera. Opera displays the value of TITLE in a small box when the pointer is over a link. The latest version of MSIE also shows a little box over the link, but otherwise ignores TITLE.

Opera also uses the value of TITLE as the subject line in email links:

this code produces this
Send us 
<A HREF="" TITLE="Response to Web Page">feedback</A>
Send us feedback

It's worth noting that the ability to indicate a subject in an email link is one of the most often requested features that Netscape and MSIE have ignored. Hopefully they will catch up sooner or later.

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