Attribute for <FRAME ...>

Usage Recommendation
use it, but watch for overformatting

SCROLLING says if there should be a scroll bar on the right and/or bottom of the frame. YES says there absolutely will be scroll bars, even if they are not needed. NO says there will not be scroll bars, even if they might be needed. AUTO is the default: there will be scroll bars on the side and/or bottom as needed.

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="30%,30%,*">
<FRAME SRC="scrollingYes.html"  SCROLLING=YES>
<FRAME SRC="scrollingNo.html"   SCROLLING=NO>
<FRAME SRC="scrollingAuto.html" SCROLLING=AUTO>
this page

It's best to avoid using SCROLLING. If you turn off scrolling, users with small screens may be unable to see all of what you have in the frame, and that makes for an annoying page.

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