Attribute for <FRAME ...>
NAME = "text string"

NAME is used in conjunction with <A TARGET="..."> to indicate which frame the link targets. For example, a common use for frames is to have three frames on a web page, such as pictured here (and here's the real thing):

illustration of FRAME NAME and A TARGET

The large frame in the lower right is named "RECIPES" using NAME:

<TITLE>Great Recipes</TITLE>
<FRAME SRC="recipetitlebar.html" NAME=TITLE SCROLLING=NO>
<FRAME SRC="recipesidebar.html" NAME=SIDEBAR>
<FRAME SRC="recipes.html" NAME=RECIPES>

The <A ...> tag which links to "Greek Salad" uses TARGET:

<A HREF="recipes.html#Greek Salad" TARGET=RECIPES>Greek Salad</A>

When the user clicks on the "Greek Salad" link, the results are put in the RECIPES frame.

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