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You may wish to see No Borders Between Frames.
FRAMEBORDER declares if there is a border around the frame. YES (or the older 1) set the border to on. They are the default. NO (or 0) set the border to off (which often still a thin gray bar). A border is invisible only if all frames which touch it are set to NO.

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="*,40%,30%,*,*">
<FRAME SRC="fbRow1.html">
<FRAME SRC="fbRow4.html">
<FRAME SRC="fbRow5.html">
this page

Like with its cousin <FRAMESET FRAMEBORDER="...">, the borders often aren't really invisible, they are just thinner gray bars. There are also inconsistent results among browsers with FRAMEBORDER. In particular, MSIE reacts in a slightly more logical manner than Netscape. In MSIE, if two adjacent frames have NO, then the border between them is missing, even if that border touches other frames where it is visible. If two adjacent frames have FRAMEBORDER one on and one off, the border in between is dim, indicating that it is "sort of" off.

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