Attributes for <FRAMESET ...>
COLS = integer
ROWS = integer

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COLS and ROWS establish the quantity and sizes of the columns and rows in a frameset. The value for each attribute is a comma separated list of sizes (in pixels or percents). For example, you might use this code for a set of frames that has two rows and three columns:

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="80%,20%" COLS="60%,20%,20%">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1a.html">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1b.html">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1c.html">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1d.html">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1e.html">
<FRAME SRC="rowcol1f.html">
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The ROWS attribute says that the first row should be 80% of the height of the window and the second row should be 20%. The COLS attribute says that the first column should be 60% of the width of the window, the second column 20%, and the third another 20%.

If you leave out either ROWS or COLS, that indicates that there should be just one column or one row:

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="80%,20%">
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If you use an asterisk ("*") in place of a number, that says "use whatever is left over". If more than one asterisk is used then the remaining space is divided evenly. In the next example, the ROWS attribute says that the first row is 80% of the window height, the second is whatever is left. The COLS attribute says to that the first column is 60% of the width of the window, the other two columns split the rest evenly:

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="80%,*" COLS="60%,*,*">
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If you use only asterisks then everything is spaced evenly. The next example produces six frames that are all the same width and all the same height (i.e., all the same size):

this code produces this
<FRAMESET ROWS="*,*" COLS="*,*,*">
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