Attribute for <LINK ...>
TITLE = suggested title

Usage Recommendation
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TITLE gives a suggested title for the resource be referred to. Mosaic uses this title in the link button at the top of the page. For example, this TITLE establishes that the next page is "chapter5.html", and that its suggested title is "Chapter 5":

<LINK REL=next HREF="chapter5.html" TITLE="Chapter 5">

Mosaic creates this link button:

picture of Mosaic's LINK icon

If you leave out the TITLE attribute, and the REL or REV value is one that Mosaic recognizes, Mosaic will use the value as the title. For example, for this tag:

<LINK REL=TOP HREF="index.html">

Mosaic produces this link button:

picture of top LINK icon

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