deprecatedThis tag is officially deprecated. That means that this tag is being phased out, and it is strongly suggested that you not use it.

<PLAINTEXT> is the unstoppable monster of HTML. <PLAINTEXT> causes all remaining text in the document to be rendered exactly as it was typed in, including all tags and even the document tags. Whereas <XMP> ignores formatting from its own start to its own end, <PLAINTEXT> ignores all formatting for the rest of the document, displaying all text exactly as is. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be turned off. <PLAINTEXT> is deprecated because it messes up the balance of the document tags (<HTML>, <BODY ...> to name a few).

This document produces this document:

<HEAD><TITLE>Everyone Named Joe</TITLE></HEAD>
<H1>Everyone Named Joe</H1>
Joe Aabie
Joe Abaman
Joe Abba
Joe Abbacazam
Joe Zyzoni
Joe Zzyzym

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