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  • BGCOLOR: background color of the page
  • BACKGROUND: background picture for the page
  • TEXT: color of the text on the page
  • LINK: color of links that haven't been followed yet
  • VLINK: color of links that have been followed
  • ALINK: color of links while you are clicking on them
  • BGPROPERTIES: if the background image should not scroll
  • TOPMARGIN: size of top and bottom margins
  • LEFTMARGIN: size of left and right margins

illustrates the two sections in HTML: HEAD and BODY<BODY ...> is one of the two major sections that goes inside <HTML> (the other is <HEAD>). <BODY ...> is the section that holds everything that is actually displayed. All the text, headers, tables, etc are in the <BODY ...> section.

For example, in this tiny little file, the contents ("My Home Page" and "Hi There!") are inside the <BODY ...> tag:

this code produces this
<TITLE>My Home Page</TITLE>
<H1>My Home Page</H1>
Hi There!
this page

Because <BODY ...> defines the visible section of the document, it has a number of attributes which control the overall document appearance. BGCOLOR, for example, controls the background color of the web page. The <BODY ...> attributes have become popular as a way of adding a little flair to the page, but have become a way to make the page obnoxious by using irritating colors. Be careful with the <BODY ...> attributes which control the colors on the page.

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