4.3. Specifying the logging levels

By default, when any of the EVMS interfaces is opened, the Engine logs the Default level of messages into the /var/log/evmsEngine.log file. However, if your system is having problems and you want to see more of what is happening, you can change the logging level to be higher; if you want fewer logging messages, you can change the logging level to be lower. To change the logging level, specify the -d parameter and the log level on the interface open call. The following examples show how to open the various interfaces with the highest logging level (everything):

GUI:		evmsgui -d everything
Ncurses:	evmsn -d everything
CLI:		evms -d everything


If you use the EVMS mailing list for help with a problem, providing to us the log file that is created when you open one of the interfaces (as shown in the previous commands) makes it easier for us to help you.

The EVMS GUI lets you change the logging level during an Engine session. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings->Log Level->Engine.

  2. Click the Level you want.

The CLI command, probe, opens and closes the Engine, which causes a new log to start. The log that existed before the probe command was issued is renamed /var/log/evmsEngine.1.log and the new log is named /var/log/evmsEngine.log.