2. Prerequisites

2.1. General

To be continued

All major distributions should include this general prerequisites.

2.2. OpenSSL

2.2.3. Building and installing

cd /usr/local
tar -xvzf openssl-0.9.7.tar.gz
cd openssl-0.9.7
./config shared 
make test
make install

echo "/usr/local/ssl/lib" >> /etc/ld.so.conf

TipSelect your CPU to improve speed

By default the Makefile generates code for the i486 CPU. You can change this by editing the Makefile after running config shared. Search for -m486 and replace it i.e with -march=athlon

2.3. GNU Database System

2.4. MySQL

2.4.4. Securing MySQL

This part is only optional, and describes how to bind the MySQL daemon to the localhost IP

I suggest to just bind MySQL to the loopback-interface This makes sure nobody can connect to your MySQL-Daemon via the network. But of course it only makes sense if MySQL runs on the same box like the webserver.

edit /etc/init.d/mysql.server and edit line 107 as following:

Original line:

$bindir/safe_mysqld --datadir=$datadir --pid-file=$pid_file&

Changed line:

$bindir/safe_mysqld --datadir=$datadir --pid-file=$pid_file \
--bind-address= (1)

Here you can define to which interface MySQL should be bound

Alternatively you can completely disable the networking functionality of MySQL.

$bindir/safe_mysqld --datadir=$datadir --pid-file=$pid_file \
--skip-networking &

2.5. Building mm

2.5.3. Building and installing

cd /usr/local
tar -xvzf mm-1.2.2.tar.gz
cd mm-1.2.2
make test
make install




This RPM contains the header files needed for php


Only needed if PHP is being built from the CVS tree