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Table of contents for
Yet another Linux FAQ

Last updated 3/01/03

1 About this document

1.1 This is long! Why should I care to read it anyway?

1.2 May I make suggestions/corrections/amendments/whatever to this document?

1.3 I did something exactly as you told me, and it screwed up my system/burned my monitor/killed my cat/etc. May I sue you?

1.4 Is this document available in other formats/languages?

1.5 What about updates?

1.6 you're so smart! May I send you e-mail with some questions?

2 Linux resources on the web

2.1 Where do I get to know more about Linux?

2.2 Where do I get to know more about KDE?

2.3 Where do I get to know more about GNOME?

2.4 What about books on Linux?

2.5 What about this UNIX thing I keep hearing about?

2.6 Where can I get Linux?

3 How do I...?

3.1 Find out what's going wrong?

3.2 Use documentation efficiently?

3.3 Get people to answer my questions?

4 Things to know before installation

4.1 Find out if Linux supports your hardware.

4.2 Find out about installation issues.

4.3 Install without making a boot disk first.

4.4 Make a boot disk within Windows.

4.5 Make a boot disk within Linux.

5 X windows configurations

5.1 Start the X server at a certain color depth.

5.2 Have the X server by default start at a certain color depth.

5.3 Get the X server to start with a different pre-configured resolution.

5.4 Turn off virtual screen resolution. (Screen bigger than monitor)

5.5 Start X/KDE right after boot.

5.6 Use the power saving features in X/KDE.

6 Advanced concepts

6.1 Use a different window manager/desktop environment.

6.2 Upgrade the Linux kernel.

6.3 Enhance system security.

6.4 Find out what's eating your system resources.

6.5 Enhance shell settings.

6.6 Handle system services (daemons).

7 Installing programs

7.1 Installing RPMs.

7.2 Installing from source. 

7.3 Other installation methods.

8 FAQs

8.1 FAQs for various news groups. (Updated)

8.2 FAQs for various distributions. 

8.3 Other Linux related FAQs.

9 Newsgroups (Updated)

9.1 Distribution specific.

9.2 General newsgroups

10 Command lists

10.1 A quick list of commands.

10.2 KDE keyboard commands.

10.3 GNOME keyboard commands.

11 Tips and troubleshooting

11.1 You've installed Windows and lilos gone and Linux wont boot now what?

11.2 Your hard drive crashed and you didn't backup (shame on you)

11.3 Installing apt4rpm