Newsletters: A Great Internet Marketing Tool

by Scott F. Geld

One of the tools that smart Internet marketers use to

attract new business is a newsletter. A newsletter keeps

clients and potential clients informed about products,

events and services that relate to your business, and it

always keeps your name front and center. It shows readers

that you are a good source if information that they can

count on.

If you think about it, you also probably subscribe to a

number of newsletters on various subjects that interest

you. When you are in the market for a product or service

that relates to your interests, where do you think of

going to get information? Yes, that's right, you think

about the newsletter that gives you all that great


Newsletter Formats

News letters can be produced in a number of different

formats. Plain text emails, HTML emails and PDF formats

are the most economical, and then there is always the hard

copy print version.

Plain text Email is the most economical and it's easy to

format. The size of the file means it's manageable for

readers to open. However, you are limited to using text

only and you can't add graphics or do any thing fancy.

HTML Email can only be viewed online, it's economical to

produce and you can get a little fancier with it. The

reader can choose to read the either the plain text

version or the HTML version. If your reader chooses to

view the email as plain text, then your creativity won't

shine through.

HTML Web Pages allow for lots of graphics and text, and

the design possibilities endless. As with HTML Email, the

reader has to view the newsletter online. Another

advantage is that an HTML Web Page doesn't have to be sent

as an Email attachment. Cost is low too; really it's just

your time to develop the newsletter.

PDF format allows for endless design possibilities with

loads of space for content and graphics. You can get as

fancy as you like. However, in order to produce a PDF, you

need the full version of Adobe's Acrobat software. Anyone

who downloads Adobe's Reader (it's free from Adobe's Web

site) can view the newsletter. Readers can save the file

on their computer and read it when they want to.

Printed newsletters allow for complete design and content

creativity. However, print newsletters are costly to print

and mail.

The format you settle on to produce your newsletter in may

require you to do some experimenting. You may want to try

several different formats and get feedback from your

audience as to what suits their needs best. You'll also

need to factor in the time and costs involved.

If you want to produce a professional looking newsletter,

try using a software application to create newsletters,

for example, Microsoft Publisher. You can then convert it

to a PDF. If you have the full version of Adobe's Acrobat,

you can choose to distill it or print to file. Distilling

leaves the hyperlinks in place while printing it to file

requires that you go into the newsletter in Adobe and

re-insert the hyperlinks.

If you do not have the full version of Adobe to accomplish

this, you can choose to use one of the many PDF printer

drivers that are on the market today, such as EasyPDF,

PDFZone, and Win2PDF.

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