Created: 1/6/1959

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Eric Johnston'* Dinner for Miko

this morning passed along _'tha following highlights of Mikoyan'a comments at the Eric Johnston dinner last night:

ikoyan talked for two hoursone-half hour of which waspeech giving the usual Communist "peace" line. He anawered most^questions freely and frankly. He made several efforts at humor, but obviously bad none. Mikoyan's interpreter was very good. Ambassador Thompson, who was close by almost constantly, said all was very "above board".

When William McChesney Martin asked him to comment on "how they supervise budgets forikoyan snapped, "Wo have nohat word is yours!" .Mikoyanuestion on Berlin (substance on radio this morning) saving in fact that they didn't mean what they saidhat six months wasuggestion.

Mikoyan was asked If they would "put tracking stations in China?" He commented, "No, it is not necessary. We know what you are doing and you know wfaat we are doing."

Commenting on Geneva, he said, "You didn't accomplish very much, did you?"

With reference to observation and inspection of armaments, Mikoyan said they would agree if we would be reasonable, but obviously our interests are in "intelligence".

asked if they would give any nuclear weapons toreplied, "There are no plana to give nuclear weapons to Chinatime." Mikoyan was very high in his praise of the Chinose. '

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There was general conversation about hopes that. and the USSR could get along and live in peace, etc.

idewas told that all the Republicans invited to the dinner declined after'clock yesterday afternoon with the exception of Senator Cooper who left immediately after dinner saying he did not feel well. (The Washington Post reports that J. Carroll Reece attended.)

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