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Teat Talks

The Soviet proposal ofarchermanent ban on all tests except smalllatter would bo coveredoratorium pending tbe results of Joint research to Improve detectionong series of Soviet maneuvers to draw the Western powersomprehensive ban on all This Is the second time that the USSR,ritical point ln the long negotiations, hasroposal favored by Britaineans ofdifferences between the Soviet and American.

The moratorium proposal, basedoncept firs vanced last October by Is designed to force t.

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States either to accept what is inomprehensive ban on all tests, or to risk an open break wlth^amammam; by

rejecting the

small tests.

Moscow Is also seeking by this move to strengthenadvocacy at theconferenceompromise treaty incorporating theproposal for an annual quota of on-site inspections of suspected

nerore introducing the'Tsarapkin listedSoviet concessions" which have preceded this move: the quota concept for on-sitethe package proposal ofecember for the conand voting procedures of the control system; the "temporary criteria" proposal introduced onebruary, ln effect accepting Americanfor dispatchingteams during tbe period required for installing thesystem; and the agreement to begin Joint research forthe control systemupon signing the treaty.

Each of these proposals was Intended to pressotal ban without requiring Moscow to yield to any great extent ln Its Insistence on maintaining control over the day-to-day operation on Soviet territory of the proposedsystem.


the tha

Tsarapkin's public andInterpretations of the moratorium proposalesire to blur the linetests prohibited by the treaty and those banned by the temporary moratorium. Onarch he asserted that thequota should apply to all underground eventsof yield,therefore making the question of magnitude "lr-relevant." On arch he told

privately sal en-

full controlo be Installed after the treaty was signed.

In agreeingointprogram, the Sovietmoves beyondroposal to adopt "temporary



for determining when to send out on-site inspection teams. While part of anyprogram would beto refining thesethe principal effort of the experts under the latest proposal would be devoted to studies and experiments foradequate techniques for detecting and identifying possible underground The Joint research would include underground.intended to improve available data on seismic

Onarch, however, Tsarapkin repeated thehe made earlier to the press that the joint program should be limited tochemical explosions, thereby supporting thecriticism of Western efforts to include nuclearin any technical program.

Since Introducing itsarch proposal, the Soviethas sought to create the Impression of flexibility in workingatisfactory compromise. Tsarapkin asserted onarch that the moratorium should remain in force for four or five years, although hethat this would beto negotiation. Hethat during this time the joint research program should stress the specificof detection andof underground tremors,iew toward extending the limited treaty to Include all testing.

Tsarapkin stated that if the experts were unable to solve the problem within the time limit, the three powers would have to workew

arrangement for the future. He had told the press earlier that in this case he presumed the moratorium would be extended.

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