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Castro roglne Is claaa antagonisms lo Cubs and Is attempting to strengthen Its domestic position by repeatedly warning theof the danger of lnslnent Invasions by counterrevolutionary forces, Cuba has given moral support, and In aome instancesaid, to oppositionln Nicaragua. Guatemala. Jiyanama, and the Dorcinlcan Republic and to the strikers ln Costa Rica. Nlcaraguan exiles are planning aforay against the Sonoza re-olme, perhaps ln January.

Fideldrastic reform progran, bis stimulation of class antagonisms by bitter attacks on the wealthy, tho growing strength of Communists and pro-Communista ln theand his increasingly authoritarian methodsefinite narrowing of the base of his regime. and mlddle-claae elements, many of whom were originally among his backers, now aredisillusioned. The opposition, represeatlag widely diverse Interests and viewa and lacking



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effective leadership, is only slowly coalescing sod, barring Castro's aasassation. does not appear to be an immediate throat to the Cuban leader.

To strengthen his domestic position, Csstro continues to foster the public Impression that Cuba la threatened on all sides by enemies. Repeated strident warnings by the regime of imminent invasions by counter-revolutionaries from theRepublic. Florida, sadis the area have led the public to expect violent nee outbreaks at any time. In other Latin American countries, he poses aa the stanch champion of the people's Interests against entrenched oligarchies and the "Inporiallsn" of foreign nonopolles. astro-eubsldlzed Latin American news agencyascent hemispheric labor organization are useful instruments in this effort.

Although tbe Cuban-mounted rebel incursions into tbe Dominican Republic last June ended ln disastrous failure, the Caatro regime still regards the Trujlllo dictatorship as a

mortal enemy that must eventually be destroyed. Dominican exile groups, aeavlly infiltrated by

Concunists. are enjoying asylum ln Cuba, as veil as in Venezuela and the United States.

Nlcaraguan exiles are planning another foray agalnat the Somoza regime, perhaps in January, and antl-So^ozaare uba seeking further material aid from Csstro. In Costanlst-ln-splred strike of banana workers began onecember, further straining the limitedof the Costa Rlcan police, who have (or some months been vainly trying to clean thearea of Nicaraguao rose: henda. ro-Caatro Costa Rlcan legislatorn ecemberaro to be glverrsSOrbtltv'Uiia'bycan labor

In Guatemala, Cubanare reliably reported to have subsidized leftistof the Ydigoras regime, while in Panama, Cuban"news-aen" helped organize the ovember demonstratlocs against Canal Zone

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