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Secret) 0

"Editorial Notes: Tobias of Contents"

"She Theory of Military Art Heedsolonel General (Combined Arms) Anton loalfovlch Cactilovich.

"Sose Problems of Moderny Lieutenant General (Cor.Mned Anas) Illorion Avhscntcyevich Toll:onyuk.

velopa=ntG In Operational Art endy Lieutenant Osneral V. liaalL-.'iov.

"The Suitability of Modern Keeno one! Kathode in the Conduct ofy Major Oonorftl I. Zavyolov.

"Intelligence-to the Level of Kodern XaidUN. by Marshal of the Soviet Union V. Chuykov.

"Cuestiono of the Control of Mieoilo Units In on Offensivey Major General S. Kuinetsov and Major General A. Tikhoairov.


(Stop Secret)



Ooorot) lgfo

"Jhe Ibturo of Ifcflern Anwdy Qomrol of the(cvobincA Area) Alokeoodr YanclcYlch Oorbatcrv.

Question on tho Theory of lUlitaryy Colonel Cencrnl (Tank Troops) losif IrathivoYlch Gnactovukly.

; !'hohUlitftryyf


fZSf' &aoMnlef Aviation S. Siniptov <urif Aviation II. Koahamlhov.

uppwt orO. Troop, in on Ottra.ivo Opomtiooy UauUmnt

"JnteniEonco-to the Lsvil of Modernwwnt bv

(Top Buret) IpC'X

"Tiie Initial Period ofJ*uUro Car ruvl the Special Fcatuivs of Um Ctonduct of HiUtnry Oporntionu Dtiriuc Tnicy Colciiel-GeneralvlovuUiy.

"The Potha of Further DawlopGcnt of tho Tank ftoopa of the Soviety Karahnl of ArrkOTod Troops P. Hotulotrov.

"Too lifttura ofarfareby Colonel Ocoaral (Araor) Ammnp Ktacli&turovich liabad-dui-iyou*

"Ways or Further Increasing the Combat Heartiness ofyiarul C.

"Certain FYoblcM in the OrcsriisntionConduct of Mc-dern Operationaly LleitScncnt General P. IgolWji aid liijor General S. Buryrdc.

tbe Stability of Control of Tho Troopsronty Majorvauov.

"Hie Utilization of the Forcer, ofvyAocilc/ Kucleury Rear. Lisyutin.

o the Level ofy Major General Ta. IKUifchov.

"The Hoot Urgent Problems of Training CcflntaPfl Personnel and of Increasing the Ccsobat Heodlnaofi of Dcn-dor Mllitcry Districty Uojor General A. iOyakvavrv.

op Secret) Second

n the Hovclojnnit of the Tank Troopu of tha Sovietensral oi* the Arisy A. Zbsdov.

of the Itewlopnent of Missile Ar-taaont of Groundyrslml of Artillery S. Vcxwvtsov.

urning Point in the Daveloprjmt of Soviet Kilitarvy Colonel General Xe. (YevCcniy Yaeilevich) IvflBOV. '

"The Deploynent ana rorwarfl Mavsstvmtoisbinca-Arns Amy of il Dorter Military District in the Initial Periody Lieutenant General S. Andi-yuchcMsnlio. .

"AntsfCnse of Troopsy Lieutenant General V. MifchayXov,

"Certain Quontione of the Control of Troops in Moderny Major Ccneral. A.ieutenantyashchejilro, and Lieutenant General of Tank Troops V. ArkMpov.

"Tiie Missions of the Mavy ana Msthodo of Cavryinf! Ther.y Adiairaltonov.

"Trie Use of Surface Vessels inslyilral a. Zvyngiu*

"Hoar Area Support of rJ.oT.ilc Troops in Front Offensivey Colonel General of Artillery CP. Oiiotsov.

"Support of tho Strategic Concentration rwa Itortkryiesnt of the Ar.-td Korcai in Respact toy ifcjor Con oral of Technical Troops Ya. GhehcpsnniUov.

"The Question of yncreoslns the Stability of Troop Control"or-O'.-ueml of Artillery V. Ilinykh cud Lieutenantf Cc^omications Troops Fuval AXcJieanarovich Kurocli'iiii.

"Urgentfor the Ii^provctrtnt of Aerial Reconnaissance Under tiodeniy Colonel Ccnerol of Aviationironov cue hijor-Oeucral of Aviation M. ttjkhln.

"Planning tho Uti.Dir-itioa of Kucloar/Mir.silo Hbspeuront OTfen&ivev V. Cbifch.

"Beam Qiraatione in the Prep-ration and Conduct of Initial OfTODfllvay Colonel General (Arcor) AnataapadxbairvAn.

"Scgh CncstioDS in tho Further Devalojaant ana Injc-ove-iient of the aroundy Colonol General of the Tank Troops P. Poluboyarov.

"Utilization of tbe Missile Troopsront (Arrjy) in an Offensivey Coloaol General P. Kosliovcy.

"Tne Subcwriao Operation of thehe Ami Operation of they Whairal Tu. Ponteleyev.

"Tne Organ! tnt ion til Structure of Field Ccoasand of aColonel K.

"The Fundamental Schemeront Offenaivey Lieutenant General V. Baskakov.

(Top Secret) 1 lorn-th Iosot "Mdltoricl Vote; Table of Contents".

"Iho Qjueetta) of the Origination of tic Orsane of Troopy Major Ccaor.ilRent.

"Thaf the Orcwii'/ational Structure of Frontieldy Ideutencat General V. Volodin.

"'iho Prospects of Divrlor^nt of Arnorod Coaoaty Major Gem-rul of Engineer Technical Services L. Serc-yev.

ieu Co-fcity Wcntcmmit Gunnrnl A. Schcvchenho.

"Questions of tha fcralopr.ont of the OreAuitatioaal Sfe-eeturo of tho VaAy Major General of Tank Troops G. tovlRion.

roblemtroyiv*ith Kuclaary Chieff ArtilJery fi. Vwcntoor.

"The FAJXTX-Co" KtMUMN of tho Arced Forces of tbe BUD Ac^-esoivey Coloeol General S. Ivonov.

"Prcpr.vi-.tion and Cosduott-OKt Offensive Operation onrariUtO Axis in the Initial Periodv Colonel Gtsterel (Oxjbiccd fen) Ceoi-Gi Xvnnovich Khotagurov.

atiast Heoeqr Utaalle 8uU-ari.noy Rear Asniraly.

"On the JVoblem of the Taste of tho I'uvy end Methods for AccocplisMnsby Adaixtl V. Ktoatonor.

"Cli.ssical Military Art end Kuclaar/iliaaUey Major General ofsbordzh-;d'*c.

(Top Secret) g rlrct Issue "Baitorinl Kotos; Table of Contents."

"Sowe ThourJito on the Developzent of the Soviet Awry Skmky Marshal of thu Soviet Union R. Malinovohy.

indavcnlals of Aiitluissilcy Colonel General of Aviation I. PodCorn.vy.

"The Crenniaation of Antinisciley Colonel K. Maki-iirov, und Colonel V. Sevko.

"Several Questions on Evaluating the EffectIvenesa of the Basic Means of Autlair Defenseront, and Its Or/yuiiaatioualy Colonel Genarel of Aviation S. Mii'onov.

"The Tasks of the llavy aad the Methoda of FcrfonainEAdmiral Jl.

The question* of the Organizational Structure of Missile Troops of Operational-Tacticaly Major General of Artillory M. Cluuhlrov.

"Defense of the Operationaly Major Genena Yu. Kovikov.

"The Hole of Space Weaponsuturey lieutenant Genvral K. JCoronovslfiy.

"African Military Technical Means of Coxbut in Space" by Major Cenerea of the Kr.sJiicer Technical Service r. Vynotohiy.

"On the Question of tho Tapko,t ion end VlonninC of Military Scientificy Rear Adriral V. Dosolepov.

"Problems of the Strfttesic Development of ted Forces ln Moderny Major General Sh. DzhelavUihov.

'Troblccs in ths Development of Antiair Defense of the Ground Troopa and Ways to Resolvey Colonel V. Zeiaskov.

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