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1. TLcre can hBO doubt thathe JiCUt loia i ret

in tba USSR, tba pilot gave certain inferuption to tbsta which thoy CDold not bavarom any other loarcei. Oa ths atbsr hand, the extent and character ai additional (aa dii tinct Irom confirmatory) Informs -tion thai supplied would appear ta bo limited. It should be remembered that the Sorictireat deal aboutperation irom their tracking of the final mission aad earlier ones, from their access to overtly pebllsbee1 informaiyio about the use afor weather research, aad not least fromrassasJoa oftself. Specifically, they mast ba presumed to havejerformance af the aircraftange, aadts gsneiil conU^uratios, ths exact flight plan fsr this saisslea including the planocd destination (since they captured the pilot'* chart) and, of course, ths fact that lt was engagedhotographic reconnaissance mission. They are beUeved to have knownior some timee were basedans. Tnrkoy, and Ataogi, Japan. Thoy avem anew ths deslgoatioa ei the aircraft, which was usedala Peking broadcast concerning ao allegod svarfligbt of China, significance of their possession of the pilot wae not that be wasosition to add vary much ta their knowledge bat rather that be could be (and presumably will be) put oo the witness stand to corroborate assertion* in support of whichSoviets coold addace little or ao convincing evidence. For instance, their radar tracks and svan an alleged copy of the pilot's chart could all be fabricated evident* if there wsre. witness to confirm it.

2. Chioperationallleta wore given the following

las erections:

First, it was their duty to oassro the destruction of the aircraft and its equipment te the greatest extent possible. This could best be accomplished by bailing out aad actuating the destructor ae that the aircraft would suffer the effects both of the damnation In the equipment bay and thwa of the crash ef tbe fragments of the aircraft. If for aay reason the pilot could not crrry out this maneuver, ha was las true tad toorced Lin-llng and to actuate the destructor as he left the aircraft.

Approved for Release

second, upon reaching the ground, it was theduty to Attempt escape aad evasion ea aa to avoidor to delay it as long aa possible. various itemscarried by tbe pilots were standard escapeaids. in tho eventail oat. it woe netfor them to got rid of this equipment untilthe ground because lt le carriodeat packto ramaln attached to thearness duringv, .

third, pilots wore equipped,has boon reported,evice for instantaneous self-des true ties but they wore not civen positive instructions to make use ef it. in tho last analysis ik ultimate decision is inevitably made by tho individual himself ar ii instructions can haveimited effect. moreover,le background and training of these men was in the piloting and navigation of aircraft, not la conventional techniquesloxage.

fourth, the ins true tione for the contingency at capture were that pilots should delay as long as possible the revelation of damaging information. It was recognised, however, on ths Mi is of experience in verio1 Wax xx and in the koreanthatnately the captors would be able ta extract snost or all information availableaptured pilot. accordingly, primary reliance was placed on comnarbaooatation which would away the pilots sccess to sonaltlvo information ether than that concerning the sperations in which thoy were participating. fsced with the lscsmtrvvortlhlo evidence already la the hands of the soviets concerning hla mission aad thoroject, it is not surprising that too pilot was induced to add some ether details such as the names of certain sther individuals in the same program.

finally, pilots were specifically briefed that, if aad whoa cotxith titc undeniable fact. governmentef their mission, thoy should elate truthfully that thie woo

activity oi the Ceatral lotcllig-oo Agency, rather thaa of any other part of thahis briefingolicy decisionrogram ware compranoleed. It shouldUod revealed aa an latelUgeece collection activity, under civilian, aat military, control aad having ae harmful ar aggreaalve purposes1. Tbe revelation lhat this Agency conducts Illegal ietelllgeace collectiOB activities la ceasldered leas damaging than the admission afale by the Military establishment.

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