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maintained his campaign last week to blame the United States for the collapse of the summit meeting. While his intemperate attacks onEisenhower during his press conferenceune were intended for this purpose, they reflect his sensitivity to charges that his pre-summithas been proved wrong and that he allowed himself to be deceived by the President.last week also usddposed by lavestla and Pravda to refute statements by Secretary Rerter and White House Press Secretary Hagertyhis refusal to agree todiscussions in Paris onncident.

Khrushchev at the same time reaffirmed during the presshis Intention to work for better Soviet-US relations. He predicted that an improvement will come aboutoreway" after the US He also stated that the USSR would not Impose anyon cultural exchanges.

Khrushchev did not modify his earlier position that the status quo ln West Berlin would be maintained until anothermeeting takes place in "six to eight months." However, he warned the West againstthat conclusion of atreaty with East Germany could be delayed byummit conference beyond the time period he has suggested. He indicated that, before taking any unilateral action, Moscow would go through the normal steps ofeaceof wartime allies. As to the timing, he stated only that the USSR would initiate this process "when we see that enough'time has passed."


Khrushchev has again turned to the disarmament proposalseans of refurbishing the image of the USSR as the champion of peaceful coexistence. In his letter to President Elsenhowerune, he stated thatevents not only have not lessened but, on the contrary, have strengthened the Sovietdetermination toadical solution of theproblem."

Khrushchev's new proposals, which* he said had been prepared for presentation to the summit meeting, are designed to appear responsive to Western viewsumber of important issues. However, ln an effort to exploit Western differences resulting from France's insistence ontop priority to measures for controlling nuclear weaponssystems, the new Soviet plan provides, as the first stage toward completefor the prohibition and destruction of all means'for the delivery of nuclear weapons. The USSR insists, however, that these measures must be accompanied by the liquidation of foreign military bases and the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the territory of other states.

To counter Western criticism of the vague and ambiguousprovisions contained in tho

Approved for Release




Khrushchev placed before the United Nations lastthe new proposals include details on the natureontrol system. They spell out control measures for each of the three stages in the Soviet program and outlino the composition and votingof the proposedControl Organization. Moscow now provides for on-site inspection of successivesteps, missilesites, and plants andengaged in military production.

The Soviet Union apparently regards the renewed negotiations on disarmament in Genevaolding operation until It can bring the Issue before thepropaganda forum of the UN General Assembly. Soviet chief dolegate Zorin's moderateon his arrival for the reopening of the talks and at the Initial sessionune were designod to reinforce the impression of Soviet sincerity inpeedy agreement with an effective control He expounded on the new Soviet proposals at some length, but be offered no new points of substance or significant


ews conferenceune, Zorln anticipatedtalemate might be reached in the talks when he again warned of the USSR's Intentions to turn over its plan to the General Assembly, which reconvenes ln September, if no agreement can be reached in Geneva.



American ojflicL (that he saw no hope Sss at the disarmament


talks. He saidas: notpecial meeting of the UN General Assembly to deal with the problem because the USSR could not yet muster the votes required to convene one. propagandists arethat while the Soviet Union has -brought specific and broad new proposals to tho resumed negotiations, the West has come empty-handed. They point, as did Zorin, to certain "forces" in the West which they alloge are obstructing an agreement, and identify them as the same forces responsible fortho summit conference.

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