Created: 6/3/1960

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lhe light ofncidentay and subsequent developments growing out of that incident, some thought may be given to Project Oxcart, The following are certain factors of that project that may be relevant to any review at this time.

Oxcart vehicle will not make its first flight until

Considerable flight tasting will be required and there ia little likelihood that it will be ready for operational use until the springntil that time, no policy considerations with respect to the employment of the vehicle will arise.

vehicle in question will operatease inIt may

be desirable torrjuj

No use of other basescontemolated. Since thc

vehicle will typically approach

Excellent progress is being made for the goal oi _

This factor, together withpeed, isdegree of invulnerability to interception greater thannjoyed when it first became operational.


5. Although the program is being carried forward witht does not involve significant amounts of overtime or other sizeabW.costs incurred in order to permit earlier delivery date, ther words there

is little saving to be made in thc over-all cost of the program byit out over time. Even if it seemed likely that operational use would be delayed beyond the spring2 by policy considerations, itesirable to achieve the earliest feasible first flight so as to allow the maximum opportunity for the flight testing and check out of the vehicle and its sub-systems. Bascially, of course, the reason for urgency is the desire toapability in hand at the earliest practicable date whatever the ultimate use of the capability.

Funding fora completsly arranged within^eotistini


7. The major precaution that would seem to be called for under presont circumstances is the strictest possible security to conceal this pragramid progress. To thata^maKBmmmmaamamama*BBH

Whether or not this particular step is taken, all

witting individuals arc being reminded of their security obligations.

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