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Castro regime will probably be faced with petroleum shortages during the next month. By then) the Soviet bloc can. If It wishes, satisfy all Cuban petroleum requirements. Soviet petroleum products alreadyfor amount to only about

quarter of Cuba's annual needs. Shipments noted


en rout* from the Soviet Union for delivery during July amount to only about half Cuba's normal monthly requirements.

The Soviet Union has been chartering free-world tanker* to carry Soviet oil on runs to Western Europe and the Far East lo order to free sore of itstankers for service to Cuba.

Tho regime's reactions to the cut la its sugar quota were bitter and provocative, as Lateuly the cabinet authorised the seizure of all American-owned properties ln Cuba, "when deemed necessary is the nationalhis

onsistent-With Castro's earlier threat to take"down to the nails In their shoes" from Americans ln Cuba if Cuba's sugar quota in the US market were Cut. Inuly speseh, Castro called the cut Id Cuba's sugar quota a

'stupid and decadent" act and said tbe US is taking advantage of Cuba's backwardness, "for which it Is responsible."

The Communist-controlled Cuban Labor Confederation has calledally ofalf" onuly to protest tbe "aggression of the Imperialist and pro-Nazi US Government." Castrocheduled speechuly or the rally to announce tba solzure of furtherproperties. Conrado Becquer,

leader of the powerful sugar workers' federation, haa ordered union members to prepare to seize the 31 sugar mills owned by Americana. Anti-US fervor Is belnr whipped up toitch tbat there is danger of violence against Americana and their properties.

Raul Castro told the CzecJi press that It no losger vouldisaster for Cuba if tba Salted States stops buying Cuban sugar, alnce now "we have the help of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. We have learned wbo our real friends are.V He haa been Inalnceuneissies that probably involves efforts to obtain military equipment. Toe regimemoves to obtain arcs ln western Europe alsoand_

a shipment of ammunitionin Belgium Is now en route to Cuba.

meanwhile, there are indications that Foreign Minister Raul Roa may shortly bo replaced by pro-Communlat Csrlos Ollvares. Roa haaout of the limelight Inweeka. while Ollvares.under secretary oaune, has been assuming anshare of respoaslblllty in the ministry.

ember of Raul Castro's clique, hasead-lag organiser for tbe Caatro-sponsored Latin American Youth Congress which la scheduled to open In Havana onuly and which appears certain to be dominated by tie Communists. Ollvares' appointment as foreign minister vould mean incroased Communist Influence over Cuba's foreign policy.



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