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accordance withay announcement of theof Cuban-Soviet diplomatic relations, Soviet Embassyof whom have been drawn from embassies In Mexico City andto reach Cuba. Ambassador Sergey Ulkhaylevlch Kudrayavtsev arrived onugust.

ote sent to Fidel Castro onh birthday and published in Havana on It August, Khrushchev praised the Cuban leaderfighter for liberty" and expressed the hops for "even stronger" Soviet-Cuban relations. On the same day TASSastro reply to an earlier Khrushchev lotter of congratulations onh of July anuivoraary. stated that Sovietputs us under still greater obligation to follow the path we have Theof the chain of Imperialist oppression is of tremendousfor the peoples of Latin America and for allpsoples of thee added that Sovietwith Cuba isproof that the peoples fighting for independence are not alone."

Onugust President Osvaldo Dortlcos, anauthoritative spokesman for the regime, told aaudience that "there can be no social progress based on vague and romantic theories and the theory of representative democracy." Ho stated that tho "false social progress" of the United states was based on ?tti6 sufferings of Latinand othernd he attacked private-enterprise as tbe root of Cuba's dcononlc ills.

Tbe eighth national cocgross of Cuba's Popular Socialist (Communist) party oponed onugust in Havana. The congress, the firstrigioally, had been scheduled for last month and apparently was rescheduled to coincide with the nestings of the OAS foreign ministers in Costa Blca. Tho prosonce at th* Congress of many relatively high-level foreignajor effort to demonstrate internationalsolidarity with the Castro regime, but their presence in Cuba Is likely to alarm other Latin American governments over Soviet intervention in the hemisphere. The gatheringan opportunity forCommunist liaison and for the further exploitation of Cubaase for operations in Latin America.

Mikhail Suslov, secretary of tbe Soviot party centralreportedly declined an invitation to attend theand the USSR may beby Ambassador Kudryavteev. The Soviet leaders mayhosen not to send aparty official In order not to focus attention on the USSR's guidance of the Cuban party-whlls tbe OAS foreign ministers are discussing the dangers to the hemisphere of Communistin Cuba.

Communist China, East GeaV many, Czechoslovakia,ungary, Rumania, and Poland sent member* of party central committees, and North Korea also sent delegates. Paul Voroor, candidate member of th* East German politburo, is the highest ranking bloc official known to have come for the mooting. Jacquos DuClos, the second-


official of the French party, and Velio Spago, sof tbe Italian Communist party central coaalttee,onugust. Host Latin American Communist pardon probably are represented at the congress.

The Cuban Government la continuing ita policy ofprovocation againat the US. roup of Havanarepresenting owners ofUS propertiestatement onugust which declared that they could find no remedy in the Cuban courts or elsewhere for US-ownedseized by Cuba. On the eve of tbeugust take-over of the American-owned Moa Bay Nickel company, Cuban police seized the accounting records of the USwned Hlcaro Nickel Company, which were being taken to Havana for photostating prior to shipment to Washington.

of sabotage against sugarto the USSR in tbe near future. Burners are circulating freely In Havana that an Internal uprising In Cuba will coincide with the arrival there of aInvasion forcethe period of the foreign ministers' meeting in Costa Rica. The American Embassy has noinformationthose reports, but it con- irms ths existence In Havana of an atmosphere of locreasedand tensions. Tbsoaugustuaber of Cuban naval personnel suggests that disaffection Id the Cuban Navy had reached significant proportlona.

At tbe OAS foreign nlnls-ters' meetings,Costa RicanBchandi has been antagonized by tbe Cuban delegation's threat to withdrawrotsst against ita treatmeot In San Jose. Bchandi is aaid to have comnented: "Let ths Cubans go Boms if they want to; they are cot in charge here." He reportedly added that, if Cuban Foreign Ulnlster Roa wanted, tbe Costa Rican guards assigned to the Cuban dslegatlon could be removed to see if there would be an assassination attempt againat Roa. Further hostility against the Cubans aay be aroused among Latin American delegations by the reportoreignin Havana that the CubanBack has sent large suns to various other Latin American countries to bribe delegates to tbe OAS meetings.

If Cuba walks out of tbs OAS meetings,it may then demand that the UK Security Council rosun consideration of the Cubanplaint about US economlo aggression which the council referred to ths OAS In mid-July.

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