Created: 8/19/1960

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Bona Anticipates Cuban Recogolilon of East Germany: Bonn be1ieves that the Castro regime nay extend diplomatic recog-oltlon to East Germany. Pauligh-ranking East German Communist party official now inuban Communist party congress, could be the vehicle to got the Cubans to allow his government toonsulatein Havana, and West Gonaany is trying to block such

In view of the breakdownugust of West Gorman -Cuban trado negotiations, Bono has little bargaining power. It hopes, however, to persuade the Cubans to do no more than tbe CAR, which in9 permitted tbe establishment of an East German Consulate General ln Cairo butublic statement denying that this action constitutedrecognition. East Germany now is recognized only by Yugoslavia and the bloc countries.

Cuban recognition could leadupture of ties with West Germany. Bonn'sas the "Ballstelnalls for breaking off diplomatic relations with any country other than the USSR that recognizes the Ulbricht regime.

The trend toward closer Cuban economic and political ties with the bloc, which has developed at an increasingly rapid pace since the Cuban-Soviet trade and assistancewere signed last February, suggests tbat recognition of East Germany, witb wbicb Cuba already has economiccould come at any time. Antonio Nunez Jimenez,secretary of Cuba's powerful Agrarian Reform Institute, wont to Earn Germany as head of an economic mission early last month. During the visit heormal address at Humboldt University, saying: "We have declared that wodiplomatic relations, not only with the Soviet Union butwith all socialist countries."

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