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USSR bbrbmsoml AFFA s30 ^

Finns rtr-anrt Explanation

Momv, Sonet Eurcpeao So rv'ce in oVecJiah,0 GXT--L


(fc-zt) he Pirrtlohaaeply noteha Oiwern^a'. to the Finnish note afkiaj forplsnation of the orocrs v> tomr* to landaifictn Piiini if mmmr-f. to itsthr Aticr^cau Ovvevcis'int. trios tfl sl^sa over the sress violation of the co'-sroirTnly o* another country byo tha generally acefipwvl pt-octlco accordirij to which en'alrcraft in diet-ess Is all wed to land oa thevailable airfield.

Rcvavtr, lt ia obvious to overyona that thla rsftrrxTwa is imrounde. because

lo tfciG cone thoro vfis no question ofnfits but of an aircraft

which had pstWtrCtttd into the Soviat Unionostile and

Salio Scores.


NMcOYj Soviet Rear Bftstt-rs Scrvico I- Arabic, Aj$.

at: vita HaJ. Celaheditor of

(Excerpts)jaj. Sslah Salin vould ycu tell useaseo far your visit to tho Coviot capital?


as Invltod to ottenl tho trial of. pilothallthe tppurturlity to ijet to know your cour.try. Io thsaa unable to tchlive that.

(Correspondent): Can you-Give us your iep^ssiona about tbla trial

i. This trial vaa oot reflljr.trial of. pilot Povara -as -auch a* lt vm the triali acjreaaiveolicy which docsCOgnlM international lav cr eonventiona lis way has elmys been tha "ay of This trial has exposod the dangerouslayer) by the statas -Al-Ji are ^n'ovirytUnited tftates ani vhlchurrcn-Jcritl their land and Mvertis&ty so as to enable to United States ty set up Military basss andnf-irtinct) tc :avry otit HCmftioa other azotes froo th&s* baeos.

Svea neutral ta-mtrles vera reared thaof tho Unitedtrial hit* pro.edn atmt

olrspac* of tie-.'tiol cevntrie* like Pakistan, Swittc-rlityJ, gwtdon, AudtriB, andb*featiMt).hlij-cesunJ.fl. pilat Povcrs vij not in ths -look- c real cri^ir-al lo tho Jock. agsrciaive poJ.Icy.

'iilllaeu* Gays Triai Fair Hoacew, Soviet Vorth Aocricar. Service ln English,nO, iiOOCon**m, by British M. p. Kooni Zil Hocus)

(Cast) an sua up ay opinion of ta* trial un-ier thro* aspects. Hv i'lrst is the legel crlawyer nyoelf, T'aolitician, but Ieon* ctotrptton or hewvcrJ: thenjlwilto know, of co'ii'ta, tbat the OOOCUptlraia oi" Jurlf-prydenjsScttsn lav oa ths eminent are rattier different sad that in laaaySoviet law io fnuch elOflaW to Pr*ueh law than it ia to SrtUib or /jwrlcao law.


id Uftot ofnduingBritish yjvrz't ceutaei who vaa atcourt trill, and ofaw the -naif thing. ould say tt*att thopinica of the Juridts of Kwny countries vaa that thla trial waa conductedc xost acrupilouc fall BOM. Isdecd, Pritiah "flliac'a counsel said they are laaaiSfj! backward, they have bota sirij bacir-fird, totbe every chance ajad to fci-'C hid tbe

benefit of every doubt.'

the atrajs laia ca tho defendant's upbrinsir-i; and Us back^rtund andconditions and all that rat the sort of tbin^ that is dece io It ia net coca nearly to th*t Idit Isurery hurvan aspect of tho law, sndtwaa that the verdict waandhatedthst he would have rTou*,or than hlaould haveJ been reveracjsho America's had jho'tiib tne kind of mission that he was rnjaieda*ich for the legal aspect of it. The second point, of course, isreal indictment, the people who vera really errai^niri, were thein the united state* nr.iin ether countries,

bvcauES thi* trial diO &hov up the Mhaor idiocy as well a* the coral

an; arro^aTjeaa pcllcy of constant aerialXoni the chores and aj.ont; the froo tiers of the'Jiiioo, let aluce the sheer isonatrotity of the clain, aad* by Sec rear/ of Ctate Better and indorsed by President Eisenhower, tbat the United States vaa.o violate International lawyirts over, by carrying out apy flight* over the territory of the 3oviet Union, (Uuchti-r)ie Soviet union (should be forcedt) touch fli^its at Pi-esident Eiaenhcve.-'i


-1 - ussfti5s


Yoi; kMJ, wbco tho Prosi loot said tho etherthat ba thoufiht tha- ha would Itto to'ebie:itothe peopleshe world anJ-.tiiyihocr tMI would liita to-xboor tea&e* the ttiltvl Stateso Va doirm this fct'ng fw theof protjctincallies and dof>adinrj Sbea, althouQR tt'a ncvfcr ashed thoc about It, 'Aether ho wouldn't lUm tolebiscite ix. say, San-ay and Sritcinew other coun'-rloa concerned as to vc really vint tc have theaa those thin-j3ur territory. Sc faritalnconcerned, at any rat*, absolutely ec-tain that che reaolt vould be (the publicid of ths Acericaa bojes (vord ioJ;atla=t> to thla Vlnd of thins-

-me third point la tha Jwrrifyinc li^it that the trial catt on th*and nhcrtrominss of the "Vra adivilisation,hicb is pariic-jlarlyU th* United States butof tho tfeftcra countries nod isroblon iuun country, in It's tho attitude expressed in the eldsaying cbcut oaeh Tan foriltn hi.idnost. Aftor all, capitoliso doua hac* the Aole of society on the privatea tndlvi^jnl, and lr. havered hone tha Idea that if only avary nan does hia besc to totter hla own material conditions, by core curious process the greatest good of tbo greatest nuefcar vill result-Well that never mIi bucsxcept froa the pctaC of viev of th* iaidJle class, but lo preuent-Oay conditions this jhlloacphyhe kind of nonatroslty that we sen in tho cas* of Powers, bncause the hoirifyiny. thi.i< about thli lad Is that he is typical, (further devel.jpeont of this thcoe ooltted)

when he wastc wo waa one of the moat dramatic omenta of thehe wns asked, did It never occur to you what cUbt be the conferences to world peace'of yourhis flisht oo tae evae s'lmmitote of stifled bitterness and despair In his^idVchiefs outdit to hove thought cf that beforey ^ave oc such crdses."

And I'm sure that was alncere, .I'm suro thatry of tha heart. ,wfbm boy had bejja toittle lata- Aid hio caso la typical. d this ia th* really terrifying thin;t thla civilixation cf curs: Iflcstrcy ouraclvos with our gairjeta, it will nothiru,one io %ichvd and sad Qnou,sh deliberately to, bute Capttolist powersb*com> ao dependant on war preparations, to stava off uneeployisent iQ our privoW entorprloo syaton, end becausa cf such enopneue vcetcd Interests in these varand becauso ther Is the sntiBOClallst opiun of the pcoplej that theyhey have to heea up 'hiaare of hatred and fear, l.iolt thisal willii^htyr.iZ all this andlp to open thaf hundreds and thouswi* endof peopleSit, pcJ certainly, oo far as SrimMm* nnf it will vastly

r ^

3 - USS3 XffSrWriCi'AL AlVAtRSO

Umn our country fir gettleg rid of tho Acorlcan tJj-eo, timing our back oc tho nuclear deterrent strategy

to ba ccccitited iny lonerr by allies whonot BO tUMM vith usow to* peace with tha Soviet Union.

Patterson Pi-alsea Soviet Justice

Moscow, TASS, Jiadiotaletypo in English to Zurvpe,COf' 1KT--L

(Text) ew rork lawyer who atter.c'ei the Power* trial, aeciarti that these court bearing* testified tonaciBity of Soviet Justice. Patterson ItltMl that the prcsecutlwn had every rvssoo toeath pecalty. The tacrlcanI that tM sentence passed on Powers waa exceptionally rild.

Patterson believes thtentence is explained by the ni^ht of de So.let Union, the USSP.'S desire for peace and peacefulence, as vrell as by the *ect that Poveraonlynstrument of the African military.

CharactariJinj the personality of thu defendant, Patterson says thatlied oo ideals or convictions of his own. Sij idol was tho dollar. It is regretful end horrible, Patterson stressed, that nilllOQl of young American* nra brought up Inay that *hey are ready to do anything for dollars.

(Editor's 3ote--L: Moscow 3oviet north American Service in EngUfh atGK?ug. SO states that Paferson 'Iso stated: "The trial of fraacis Gary Powers took place if. anh*rc of -reat objectivity; The CWMtloa of the prosecution shews the jreatf the political power of tha Soviet Union- vs th* Soviet Union desires peace and coexteteoce with all nations. Itecognition that Pavers- acted notree agent butoil for forces lo American life who wine war and *Aoot desire peace. defenseeryplea that Powers be dealt with leniently. ItT is ny belief that Powers' act ahova that American youth is not educated but ratherthat it has no concept of honor, oftwaaaMty or of

- Ba 13


Soya Trial Uctl".ul3ut

L'osccs, in Ooi^an to OjtBaaAy,L

(Christian Vilhelai Hargons, advocate of,tho parish Suprerts Court, on>

tnrj) . a and was surprised at the ^ticclcusr-esa

with which the3 conducted. Tbeell rreperedmkta ofhich tutaittad tho results cf tboir iavtjligations. Tvery word at the trial was translated into English by the two experienced translators. as particularly ir.tert-sted in the defense,ust soy that Powers' counsel wes outstanding. His address na ixsell.nt and effective. Fevers could not haveetter lawyer. Cna cannot hut aay that the defendant va* sentenced with ecfsplet* Jcatlee. The sentence =as lenient if or* ecaaldara theJo crime.

athat PCBfarfl kept BOEgr thtrgs tick, he nevertheless cenfflawd frankly that he hadriac, aid be understock the nature of the eriaa." Swing up one's impresstcne of the trial, it suat be slated that all demands whiche nwdeujt trial, whether in -he 2net or the West, sere aet.

"Anyone who attended the trial finds it difficult not to sake conpariwena. Abovea ie-palled to ocaKpara it with the ftoseoeerg caee. Everyone will reaeater hew thoa* too innocent people veren tho basiwof ccayletely jiprovq* accusations, and everyone rill rtoenbei- that they were sentenced to death as the result of an indictment, the credibility of which dees not bear any aomperison whatsoever with the lawful character of tha charge against Pcvcrw *ho wes sentenced toears of deprivation of freedom,ears In prlacn.

"The thoughtseseed heraubjective,ailed to aany lawyers frcoalked to eaid exactly the snw thing: Thea conducted in an unlmpeachabla manner end cannot give rise to cny objections.11

Rcg'-ra HaileMrinev'c. _ .

Hosccw, TADS,Radioteletype in Engllah to Europe,C

(Text) FrorJc flcgers, tla lawyer of tbelty, Iclfi groupr months before their arrival ia the Soviet Union his colleague Alexander Porkor and he had studied the Soviet co. rt procedure.




OOJt to said. Powers pointed out, tiiat it vp3 srrlctly ahservedtrial. RDjpM said that hiandelfftiXJiail Grlnev. Jfe othar, ha said, cov_0

batter Ofetse than did Grlnev. Ca fulfilled ndJ professional duty andil.


ft-we Service fleport

KMOev, SovietService,0

eportmgt fron tha .Tall cf Coluaas of Trade Union Eouse)

("aVcerpta} tator: The vntra-xe of tha Judges. For ilcee day* rwtMns, these words beer, *pokeo at the be^isninc of each hearheyhroatening rtwtrtejcfttion in tho ears cf powers' of all calibers, hiir and awall, all those uhoda war their business, who ereon the black stock exchange of death for bi^cr profits, turning grief and tears of wotters into IttMae of tf>id to enrichrrchaoU. Tha echo of th*se words has rescindedt the world, for areasli of Justice, fcrep* for the victor/ cf lav, and fcr sc-ie oa the toll of tha funeral bell, hat has ban ikt led is the idea that ono can go unpunished for caMiltting crises against peace, that oue ca;spunlshad for violating lha cacrcd frontiers of our Iceland.

Tha etate prosecutor, an outottasdlna lawyer who paired worldso as the trial of the najer Hitlerite warin .Turerxbara, Roaan Andreyavieh Pudenio, beflins his speech fcr tho prosecution, with hc-ad bawd, the defendant listens toaalack figure Sflolr-it the lit-ht background of--the vblte-colvMied hall. He io obviously ashased, painfully sshaaed. ..

Ir. hla speech, the procurator general quoted incontrovertible factsU.S. sttte organs and military office* took part Io nropisrotlooscrtninal flight aa veil oa his na^esty moneybags hliwelf vhich Powers flew vas undo "ot tha Lockheed fl.a. 'ri.-ethis larce California cropeny assstied tha obligation not onlyspy plane but also of training Its pilot. It isof place to ncutlcn here that one of thepanyU.S. Vic* Pre*1dent Rieh*rd In thla nothis

rag-uvj attests to discredit Soviot ^wtleef



Tlw prosecutorpeak. a looking toaexd the bejeenyoung nanhin couetech*. He laAmerican Jourcaliat. At th* be-inning of Sud-fiko'* speech, ha hastily took out his. and Jiia pen. 'Ten minutes have passed and his notebook is still empty, GO ciuuiae, end it is" still eapty. But thislushes. Finally hoU notebook and fans hlrself. f Jteianho stating that thagVtfraaUauUB inspired and organised Pavers crises colttcd.)

Hor*a absolutely irrefutable proofs ara auoted byoeneral. sre sittingo th* box vh*r* the oeczbera ofoC dafeadant Powers are. Kisexjn vltb vhitatoxxwnUd, by shoae. Each word of the prosecutor falls on hera stone. In fact, ths purpose of that speechto protectof rothera frco thent to which tb* bosses ofeoodacswA thia wooan. Soviet justice isone in thisot tears, aay be aeon onfaces of nothers,American, Jsp&atae cr Cuban, Cou^cles* or British, all those -hopeace, net of

(Recording cf Rudanito asking th* court; to sentence powers toear* iapriaonc-*nt oalttod)

Ccmacntator j The hall is applaudicc. Tbat ia not cuebcDoryrial, hosere present ln this hail could not refrain frcn applauding.pplatdiag ara Soviet people who adaira the strength and logic of the ideas of socialism haard in tha vivid spocch nade by theprocurator general. Tbeaa applauding also include foreigners, paople who are very react* frco tben our country, even blsoe bourgTOijs journal I* ta wbOM editors had told them not to spare any effort in their attempts to blackenil procedure.


Tfcey apptaud tbe hnanity ofav vhich tries cricinals forend never proceeds frcp eencideratioos of hatred and.procurator bad every reasonderiond exceptional punisIaDint,tentaace, and did notit. Be did not demand it beceuaadocs cot

k -

MlJO^il Tlyich Crlnev, tho defendant's counsel, begins hisis difficult to act aa coui^el for th* defenserial in vhichgreat guiltr. proved ac fully and eloerly, butTor theabnuld seek and find all

fliHUorif nhey-exist.

"CO 3



Conradeesiding Judgci; cci.;redM. people'3 assessor's of theColle^rira of the USSR Svprome Court! ill not concealutrcn:ely difficult amiel for the defends f'Jiios himselfis3 is accusederious crjjte, of intrudingS eirsjjceiev to Gathering espictflged currying out serialcf objectives ps veil ss gathsi'iog ot:>sr data of an espionage order.

CotKentAbci-: Tho hnlJ. listens attentively tc the spoeoh of counsel.

Grlnev: It is regrettable that it is only Pcvars vho site in the defendant's cock. If those vho sent hia: to his crinaitting beside bia cne cools ba sure that the position cf defendant Foyers vculd be different for he vould thenlace of secondaryould ea;:sequer.tly doubtless relyonsiderable uitigation of his punishment. First ofould like to drawourt's attentio- to the defendant's ace. Powers is still young* Quite recently he hadt birthday. lso believe it my duty to rsnir4 the court of the fact that when he signed his contract vith. Central Intelligence Agency ho did nothe trie atos of the tasks given to hin.

'when I, as Po-era' counsel, askitinatinn cf hisroceed not only frca the ootives of the cri-'fe, the circumstances vfcian it was coaraitted, artd Powers' behavior after his detention. lso proceed frca. the strength, tiisht, and pcunr of thend frca ttie proposition that initiative nnd strength are new in the hands of peace-loving forces, the ca=ip of peace and socialism. That, comrade Judges, isgain ask you to take into accomtj whenus sentence, the considerations I put forward and to apply toiilder measure of punisliueut than theianded by the state prosecutor.


Ciwmer.tator: The defendant waits.for the wnent when tha prasldiiig judge Vill allovo speak in conclusion. Oh, hcv these'who sent Powers on his senseless flight have feared this soiticnt. They provided hinoisoned pin. They fittediplosive device to his airplane. They hoped for, vented, thirsted for m3 death, and new tbeyovAt be overjoyedeath Sentence. o knou tt:at none villthe wiser. Powers' death vas necessary to tljea to .iraw the punishing sword of the lav avay frcra tbe chief criminals in this trial, froa those vhoprepartd, and latyichedrovocation against the Soviet people, against the 'rtiole of cankind. The accused, is spooling.


ussa istsyATtonftL affairs


frsvsrs' Viil:c, tal^ecthe tlnglish, translatedF.usstcn phrase by'c-'ve hoard all tha evidence Id the ease, aud ocu you custy puiiiu'-irwot is he. nsverave cocDltied

grave criae end must far it. sk the court to weigh all the rvidvnce snd take into cojis Idatics? not obly tha factavehe crisrj but also ths clrcuostsnces ltd res to

("nT-eriJ that,plse -is an en-vc^r. end that,ould like fco stress the facto iiot fasl norvery caojlty whatsoever for the Kussianlead the court to Judga ae net as an eaecy butuKsu being who isersesal eneqy of the Russian psonla, who hss never had ;sny cbr.rgea brveghtir_y court, and. who is deeply rapc-ntant and supremely sorry for what he has doae.

repeats Powers*tence, which wss not translated, and coatL'.ues.) The court leaves for consultation. tt.esi present In tha hallat into the foyer. All. srw aw.Tlfciotf th? decision of the courts to fairly Judge the crise/ Francis Csvy.

But scaebody brings Joyous news. ew Sovietew step by the Soviet people in thef interplanetary* spftce. The faces of the Joumslist3 are confused. Hisy do aot know vhethcr to go and get detailedxifeat of Soviet scicrticts or tc wait for the verdict, when necessary, the journalist oust deal with bith jobs at once,earorrespondent dictating an account of the court3 on th- telephone who interrupts bis dispatch and almost shouts into the Mouthpiece: "Stop. lash. cw Soviet spaceship,M He pronounce* the word "kcrsbl" (Russian for chip) It has already becoae Internatlocal.

At one tlaiej the bourgeois"rote of a'atiraculous coincidence id the Soviet speco program. Well, gentleeen, you cay regard this event as a also. At tho. tiae Soviet technicians find engineers launched yet another peaceful star, the Soviet courterdict on an A'stcricaa *ho used African"nachinery for fcggreaaioneaceful,people,rovocation against peaceful toll, There vsseed for Powers to he at, fie could be preparing for space flights. His experie.TCtf aad health are suitable forurpose,ut ho haspy. Re was pushed onto this read ty those who threaten universal peace. Jfs uas pushed on this read by tha vhcle savageof ctpjtalleia.

The Sail of Columns is crowded once again. The ccoduding part of the vnrdlct states: (Conclusion of verdict oeltted)


- n.


OMCMatatcr:t seoteQce possad ea Pavers Moodsarniog to *u

these who intend to eccrpechthe Soviet Ur.ioa's borders, on our people 'c peaceful'fcoll. It will cool the ardor of srall and bigyond tho Ocaaa.

X!ii trial has ccd*jd, Acerlcoo loperialisa haseooderxed.

" Coverage of trial

(Editor's. Several regional trcnsaltters relay Koaccw Radio's broadcast of recorded excerpts of Powers' COTttcaqp and Ibaaov Radio's broadcast of the indictment

Several Soviet regional transraitters alsobscwv relay--nn announcer's reading cf Prosecutor Pud-juko'i final nurratlon--oolagor-shcbeos, illiaiunj, nn Udi. andxtscd their uses! Mcaccw relayto nir Sud.inso's rerarka, FstrojiTlovsk breaks into regular local prcg:att ti-e. airctidsnsn, Vskutsk, acd ruzhao-Sakhalinsk dc cct carry the Jbseov relay, but continue with locally originated prosraojs.

Soviet rational tronsinitters, In geasral, rafrein froo ca-tor,ting inda-enieatly oa the trial of Francis G. Povars during the'trial, but rally Moscow Bone Service accounts or giveacular versions. Several trsnsititters report that the local press carries officiel 1MB reports on tha trial.

Co Aug.oviet regional transmitter* report workers Beatings and connect on the sentence passed ca Powers, uwi-iacualy claiming that tha sentence is just, tliat Pcveraair trial, and that the conduct of the Soviet court of justice was very hurace. All Soviet regionaloint that ia the duck with Powers vara the ruling circles of the United States.

An Aug.ate evening ncwdcaet fron Eeku reports that vorkt-rs*atJo textile ccablne ret to discuss tha sentence, as sc-co ss cewsneptr* arrived at the plar.a. expressing fcaawna saaisfactlon at the Sentence, workere eald that the sentence was aioad also again?*', thcae vho take part ln provocations against the Soviet ii.othr.rUnd. "Atsa-ae tlna tha dectsioa of tha ecvrt bis shownhole world the humanitarian attitude of the Soviet people toward perinea likeiople lcstrurant in tha hands of the vaxrongers."

Regional cocowntarles havQ aade no allusion to the future prcapocti of Aaericsn-Sovietut sen* comeatarLcs atote that the Soviet jeople wisa to live in peacelctain good relations vith ?ther netloca.

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