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has seat troops fromto defend the area.

Tshombe has threatened ailltary action against theand reportedly hasthe UN-arrangedIn northern Katanga. Be would have difficulty operating among the hostile tribes of northern Katanga.

Tension is high in both tbe European and African communities In Ellsabethvllle. Tshombe may be uowilling to move too many troops out of the EUsabetnvllie area for fear of giving the large Baluba population there an opportunity to revolt. esult of mutinies among his African troops, he is recruiting Europeans and apparently has asked Belgium for assistance. Aboutelgium troopsbave arrived by commercial airliner from Brussels, andore are expected onanuary.

In Leopoldville, tbeof the Kasabubu-Mobutuhas been further damaged by the inability of Mobutu's forces to take effective action against theolice mutiny, which beganver pay, seems to beto the armed forces In the area, whose morale, already lowesult of allegedshown by Mobutu toward some units, reportedly has suffered furtheresult of thosuccess of the opposition forces.

continued erosion of Mobutu' prestige, coupled with armymay lead to an earlytakeover.

At their meetinganuary, the pro-Iumumba statos of Morocco, Hall, Ghana, Guinea, and the UAResolution on the Congo asserting theirto withdraw their troops

from the UN Command and reaffirm- ,

lag their recognition of Lumumbas government. The resolution called for the UN to disarm Mobutu's "lawlesselease allprisoners, reconveneand doport all "Belgians aad forelgnera" not part of the UN operation.

Nkrumah of Ghana reluctantly agreed to join the other states in tbe projected troop withdrawal, but both he and Moroccan KingV resisted pressure,fromf the UAR, to recognize the Glr.enga government and assign their troops tolt. However, the maintenance in the ly in Orlentalearge force independent of tbe UN Is beyond the present logistic and financial capabilities of the African states alone. No date was announced for the threatened withdrawal, but the chiefs of statereed that if the UN has not met their demands by the end ofthey will "net up machinery for restoring Lumumha touinean President Toure onanuary formally requested the withdrawal of his country's UN contingent byanuary.

anuary the USSR calledeeting of the Securityow iscuss "new acts of aggression" by Belgium against the Congo and tho "gross violation" of the International status ofoviet Government statement ofanuarythe liquidation ofrights and powers in Ruanda-Urundl, tha Withdrawal of all Belgian personnel in tbe Congo, and other "measures to normalize the situation,"the release of Lumumba. Tho statement requestedCouncil dlscuaalon of these questions and, "If needlso an emergency neanlon of tho General Assembly,



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