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Guevara, pro-Comnuoisl head of Cuba'* banking system who is probably tbs chief architect of the country'secooomic policies, ar-r_ rlvod onctober lo Moscow, the second stop on his mission to flvs Sino-Soviet bloc couo-tries. In Prague, he signed an agreement increasing original

redit to Cuba0 and negotiated details for the coming yeareneral trade agreement signed last JuneJ

The expanded Czech credit is reported in the Cuban press to be for the purpose of "re-actlvstlng- Cube's autosotlvs industry and la to be used to assemble In Cuba Czech tractors,



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od stationaryand eventually trucks and automobiles. Guevara may also have made arrangements to pay tbe Czechs for the military equipment Cuba has received aod for the current training of Cuban Air force personnel In Czechoslovakia.

Io Hoacoe, Guevara Isto be negotiating with Mlkoyan, presumably on theof Cuban-Soviet tradend he may attempt to increase0 Soviet credit negotiated last February. Thus far there is no indication tbat Cuba haspronlses in tbe bloc for the purchase bf more than the approximately 40 percent Of Cuba's sugar exports which the bloc isf already committed to


Guevara is scheduled to go next to Peiping, presumably for negotiations similar to those in Moscow. Cuba's trade and technical assistancewith Communist China were signed last July, Guevara is to travel from Peiping to North Korea, whore trade andagreements are expected to be concluded. Guevara's last stop Is to be la East Germany; hene-year agreement last march with the East German State Bank and will probably seek anduring tbe visit.

There Is no indication that Guevara intends at thla time to travel to tbe other bloc Rumania, andtbat have concluded trade agreements wltb the Castro regime.

the imminent establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and North Vietnam. Th*

Cuban Foreign

to seel

the approval ofGovernmentoint communique announcing such ove. Havana suggested that the conauniqu* be made public onovember. At present, Guineabe only nonbloctoorth anbasaador is accredited. Hanoi will view establishment of its first diplomatic post in tbe western hemisphereajor breakthrough In Its campaign for greateraoceptanoe.

North Viotnxm baa iutie-to offer Cuba eoonomloally, and tho establishment of relations with thatis leportant chieflyurther move by Cuba toward solidarity with the Sino-Soviet bloc. Cubs already hasrelations with all other bloc countries but Albania, Mongolia, aod East Germany, and diplomatic recognition of the last maty be imminent.

The American naval attache haseport that zocb technician* are in Cuba assisting the Cuban military oo tho weapon* alroady delivered from the Soviet bloo. Thenumber of aueh technicians probably will eventuallyuch higher figure, and more military equipment probably willt to Cuba. Further uolts of the Cuban civilian militia are believed to have been issued Soviet bloc arms during the week of 30 October.

Meanwhile, in his later-view wltb Cuban Journalists ooetober--not released by TASS until h, when Cuban charges of an Imminentwere reaohlng aagain showed blato be drawn Into tooeiteration orof uly rocket



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threat. eply to ato comment on statements that the warning was purely symbolic, he said he "would like such statements to be really symbolic." For this, he added. It is essential tbat "imperialists- threat of not materialize. "Then there will be no nedd to test the reality of

Although the Soviet press hasarge voluao of comment on alleged US plans for an invasion of Cuba, it has relied heavily on' citations from foreign press accounts and avoided official connentary. The US Embassy In Moscow suggests this mayish not ouse the Sovlot public unduly.

On the domestic scene, the Castro regime has putirtual war footing in anticipation of what therepeatedly charges are plans for an Imminent invasion of Cuba by US-supportodelements. Onctober, the nationalof the Cuban militia called on all Dale militiamen in the Havana area to assemble at designated points as partnational mobilization" to meet the Invaders. Someunits were sent from the Havana area to other points in the country, and assemblies of militiamen took place ln ntany parts of the island. On 1radio stations In the capital urged Cubans to donate blood for "the casualties ossible imperialist invasion.'

Antiaircraft batteries have been;areas and on the Isle Of Pines,

army and navy units were placed oa varying degrees of alert. Chiefs of tbe army, navy, and air force ordered situationevery three hours, and air and naval patrols were In- tltuted ln various areas.of tbe internal military communications networkhour duty. flights were made onndctober from Cuba over tbe Swan Islands and theCaribbeanwhere the "Invasion" forces are allegedly being assembled.

Cuban propaganda on 2suggested tbat the next tactic of tho regime will be to claim tbat the "imperialist-supported invasion forces" were frightened off from making their' attack by the Cuban preparations.eading member of the underground opposition movement within Cuba reportedbat the Castro regime is planning toombing itself on certain Cubanwith Cuban planes marked with Guatemalan insignia. This "attack" would be used toCuban propaganda at bone and to "prove" its charges against the United States now being dlsouesed at the United Nat ions.

A possible indication of future- Cuban tactics wltbto the US naval Base at Guantanamo Bay can* In angiven by ridel CastroAR newsman. la quoted as saying that Cubans are not such "idiots" as to try to seize the base by force.Cuba will demand through tbe United Nations tbat baseevacuated,

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