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Guevara, pro-coouounlat head of Cuba's banking uyntes who is probably tba chief architect of the country's ex-

treme economic policies, onctober In lloscow, the second atop on hla olealon to five Sino-Sovlet bloc countries

Cuovora la scheduled to go next to Peiping, presumably for negotiations similar to those in Moscow. Cuba's trace aad technical assistance agroe-aents vith Communist China were signed laet July. Guevara la to travel froa peiping to Korth Korea, where trade andacropionlM are expected

Prague, bo signed an agreement Increasing 0 credit to Cuba0 and negotiated details for the cofalng yeareneral trade agreement algnod laet June.

Tho expanded Czech credit"-Is reported Id the Cuban press to bo for the purpose ofCuba's automotive industry and is to he used to assemble uba Czech tractors, motorcycles, aad stationary en-ginee, and avantually trucks and automobiles. Guovara may also have to do arrangements to pay the Czechs for the ui peer, t Cuba has recelvod.

tn Moscow, Guevara laorted to be negotiatingikoyan. presumably on the do-" tails of Cuban-Soviet trade A nd he may attempt to increase0 Soviet credit negotiated laet Kehruary. Thus far thero Is no indication that Cuba hasproalsea In the bloc for tbe purchase of wore than the approximatelyercent of Cuba's sugar exports which the bloc is already conmltted to buy.

Id bo*concluded. Guevara's last atop le to bo In ii-miy; bone-year agreement last March with the last Gernan stata Bank and will probably seek anduring the vlalt.

Tbare la no indication that Guevara Intonda at this tlae to travel to the other bloc countries Hun-wiry, Rumania, and Ilulgaria--that havu concluded trade agreements with the Caatro

Tho Americaneport thattechnicians are in tba Cuban tho weapons alreadythe Soviet bloc. Thenumber of suchwill eventuallymuch higher figure, andequipment be aont to Cuba. of tho Cuban> aro believed to Issued

during the week ofctober.




Uaanwblle, In biswith Cuban Journalists

eleased by iASS untilh, whea Cuban charnofi of an iwmlnsnt Inva-Blon woreoak--Xhru-shchov again showed ble to be drawn lota tooeiteration orof his uly rocket threat. Inreply to ato consent on.atateeents that tho warning vaa purelyo said ho "would

like such statements to syabollc." For addod, it is essential threat of notthere will bo no needtho roality of our

the Soviet

( rest, has maintained arge voluau of comment on alleged US plana for ao lavaalon of Cuba, It haa relied heavily on citations from foreign prsas accounts and avoided official commentary. The US Embassy in Moscow suggests this mayish not ouno the soviet public

On tho domestic scone, the Caatro regime has putirtual war footing in anticipation of what tho gov-ornoont repeatedly charges are plans for an imminent invasion of Cuba by US-supportedelements, fluctober, the nationalof the Cuban nilitta called on all male militiameno Havana area to assembleesignated points aa part of ^ "natlooal moblllxatIon" tothe invaders. Someunits were sunt from theHavana araa to other points in

the country, and assemblies of militiamen took place in many parts of the islaod. On 1 radio stations in the capital urged Cubans to donate blood for "tho caaualtiee ossible Imperialist lnva-oton."

Antiaircraft been lnmtallod inand on the Isle offlightsndctobor fromthe Swan Islands and Caribbean ehere the "Invasion" allegedly being j

Cuban propaganda on 2suggested that thoof the regie* will bethat theinvasion forces"off from makingby the Cuban loading member ofoppositionCuba reportedhat the Caatro regimetoombingItself od certain Cubanwith Cuban planesGuatumalan Insignia. would be ueed toCuban propaganda at hone to "prove" Its

against the United States nowdiscussed at the United

A possible indication of .uture Cuban tactics with re*- I" spoot toaval Base at Guantanamu Day came in aniew given by ridel CastroAR newsman. He la quoted as saying that Cubans ars not such "idiots" as to try to eelzo the base by force.Cuba will demand through the United Nations that tho baas be evacuated. ^BBCTW)

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