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Moscow Attempts to Exploit Cuban Situation




Moscow continues to avoid any public commitment to take military action in the event of "counterrevolutionary invasions" of Cuba backed by the United States, it continues to support Cuban effortj^prlvately and pubUclyJto arousethat an attack on Cuba is imminent. Tho USSR's immediate objective probably is to stimulate support in the UN by some neutralist and Latin American nations whencharges against the US are debated.

delegate Zorlnurther effort along this line in the UN Steering Committee onctober byotion for consideration of the Cuban complaint in plenary ses sion of the General Assembly. He voiced support of Cuba's charges that the US Is organizing andmassivewhich could begin "within days, possibly withinocal armed conflict, Zorin warned, could veryajor conflagration. The motion was rejected and the committee recommended that the issue be discussed in the Political Committee.

Soviet diplomatic moves have been accompanied bywarning that "peace-loving peoples" will not sit idly by in the face of an attack on Cuba. In line with Soviet tactics in Die Congo situation and in several Middle East crises in recent years, Moscow can be expected to exploit UN debate on Cuba's

charges against the United States by stepping up thesethreats.

Despite these efforts publicly and privately to arouseover the possibility of US intervention in Cuba, it seoms unlikely that the USSR expects such action. Khrushchevs threatuly to use rockets "if necessary" in defense of the Castro government in the event of US aggression was so qualified as not actually toommitment to any specific course of action and it has never been repeated. Furthermore, TASS quoted Khrushchev as sayingress Interviewhen asked about bis rocket threat, "You needn'tince America does not intend to attack Cuba, this means thatfrfiEffifflt^


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