Created: 1/10/1961

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Ws Utter la from SLSXOE pea^onally.

la tarns of cleaning up tbe CHALK problem, tbe following questions aunt repeat nuat be answered la order that thla operstloa can get off the crouad. VHBEL la eoaataagably coacei-ned that vith the passage of tlae CHALK aey get dlaeouragad and dlaooatlauator indication from us *bstr tmratTt.

X. fa aoaccrna the Drop alto that CHALK gave to us to load: COMPASS mast actually eater the aite area and describe lt accurately vith narrative and descriptloa. Please refer to latterttaohaents to rafzash your aiaanj.

tbe radiator batthe tvo sets of doorstbe eeeoad (lanar) aet of

far is the radiator from tha doors?

ness and color? Bov far vould the loader hare to reach la to fasten the dead dap package on the the hook? Or vould It have to be loaded from above rather than from the aide?

d. Ia the Inside of the bnTlfling aad drop aite Hmrtlcsl

vith CHALK'a details? If not, inane are the discrepancies?

concerns the Signal Site that CHALK gave to us:

' Please review the description as CHALK gave to usj prepare eqae pretext to actually use the telephone and on one of CQKMSS' valks through the area, atop in, sake the call, aad study tbe internal set-up to determine if It la actually aa gw>Ta* described.

eaaoerns the drop aite that WHEEL is to get to CHALK:

JIG: tlll do not understand whyy yarpiwt goes as* Ilka the vailite for CHALK to tcsTa*package over. CCMEASS aentloned earlier that the lights ln theoourtyard go en. who turns them on? Are they on all night every night? aba* la the story? If COMPASS baa solid objections to using %he nail of JIB, then pleasedetall all objections. If COMPASS la determined that JIO cannot be used, then COMPASSaaaw up vith an alternate dead drop aite far CHALK to lead (vhlch ve vould unload). Is there any indication that tbe recantrt newts nave altered PRESS "protective" aad security pre natures?

Utter Bo. 7


4. Ui carder to keep tots operation going onoe trrltl*?established, CCMFaBS aoat find yet another drop site Bo pleaae Had another drop aite ehleh chalkfor aaotber go-around vhlch vould affordaad eecTn-lty both to hla and to thadlplcutie typetodsklaer). lawitha signal aite vhlch chalk mould naa to alanal aadvoold cbserveally basishis

signal. Both theaa altss anat be fully described ln sarrstlve aad sketches.

Be era truly oa the spot as far as the chalk operation laave ao alternative now but to ask compass to fulfill the above request vlthln tvo weeks after receipt,hall have to find sravniwi else to do the job. ould hate to do but will be farmed, to do unleaa ve have tbe full package In our hands vlthln tvo veers

X, personally, find reading yourittle dimcult. I, therefore, request that, vith ear secure ansae of envao, you avoid double-talk aad aake your letters as clear and onanists aa pcmslble. please prapare than as if they vers offlelal despatches. Ve have found that oa soma things COMPASS has written, there vara several Interpretations of vhat you aeant depending oa who read the latter.

I viah COMPASS suceess In this and all future endeavors.

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