MEETING NO 2 - 21 APRIL 1961

Created: 4/21/1961

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1. Subject arrived5 hours on Imnedlstelyhasty greetinga Subject tut down and beEan to report on his visit to the Soviet FmbBssy earlier In the day. On hadthe early hours of the evening after snipper withBU officer In the Soviet Bnbassy and sdsdtted havingalf bottle of cognac with 8HAP0VAL0T. Thla waa quite evident sa tho meeting progressed In that Subject digressed from hie main thought even mora extensively than usual. This Is the only meeting, however, in whichshowed any sort of alcoholic Influence ond he certainly was noteven at thla meeting. atter of principle ell participants decided to serveild wine at meetings. This served to quench thirst which was stimulated by being forced to sitot, stuffy, smoke-filled room for hours. (Thead to bo shut to keep eonversotion from beingubject said ho went to the Soviet Fmbnasy to see the hK&IDWf.

ll G: wwnb*r interesting for you

to BJtoik^! 6! Ahl tell you obout that. ho firm le Henry Wiggins. 0: Bow dig you think you vould inksoverairly smallrams? S: I'll tell you about those Intelllgenca tasksulfilled ln myom)- I'll tell you shout the members ofelegation on vhlch they wanted characterhose vho live

r8lrrOFarMW here to

york vith liim end later perhaps to recruit him. entioned three people in ny operetlonal report on the visit of VWTW's delegation to Moscow ino. aveist of the seven people vho were there.

fhrtor you if you vere able tomaterial? S: This ishink about it. I'll tell you thegot to fulfill en fulfill them, tht. vouldconsiderably, beesAws it's vorse to do none of your allottedve been given four tasks andan do them all, so much the better.don* veU. o none of them,

ir "he doesn't vant to vork withyou if ve can help him extend hi. stay? wouldn't et thle

K, 5 ShaU 1 toM* isiaatfoil S:OTE'a ^legation

Z onol report on the opcrotlonrl taskad been given, that Is, to report on theet under the

rLWfleiatlTOte'^^ntanee toMeor not fare <Mr paoDl* "ere bnve to get permission to

B. Yes, but It doesn't witter because every Tnmltshraan or^ or ^Even If vo nn-f! ln tou<ftl vlthhim, select

those who are of interest to ue, and give them money. Ve don't give much. Ot In otherontactpotter. 3: ive you my word thnt I

with any member of WYR7E'* delegation, oulte

vShTawn'life?"ovn problem.

9- Bt Rov then, what tasks did they give no? To etody these rciUfiJjTtanees agninj to get to know then better) to work with then, estl-cate their value ee agents, end If* they have eny value to report to then tendon about their poesibllltieB. Theould assign an operational -worker. His operational worker is Colonel PAVLOV- He is the son-in-leu of VOROSHTLOV. He ie tevaporerily at tbe Center in Moscow ot this time. Or he might allot SBAP0VALOV> whoarge mole on his right ear. He used toecretory in tho APPARAT of tba niUtnry attache in Indlo. He's been in London six montUs. Or he might assign some other operational worker to the job.

10. fli m toeeting with him end wo mightrink and so on. urther meeting would he arranged at which the En^iehmnn'e wcnkmssOB would be exploredperhaps he might be In debt, perhaps he might need money which be hed lost gambling,e night ask for money hlmeelf. It might be pooslble to toko advantage of theoe weak-nesoefl, ccreproniso him and eventually get hinona?roaiglns position for recruitment. hould like, that is, another mission eoaifi-ned to me is to make "oonw new acouBintanecs, perhnpg in tho firm of Eco, to remrfcer them end to report on them. Today tho lW&liWfj? sold to mehould look out for new acquelnt^nces at the Exhibition of Industrial Pngirjeering and report on them to hin before try departure, but about three days prior to ny departure so that he canom officer toouldny nco^iairitarjces.

_' 81 Hy second tasko anlatsntlsi th* netd byterfnteUlsenee against ae and ay allegation, who la put on to ue, any provocative Questions, anyoviet propaganda, rurvelUanee artn foot or from vehiclea, th- uae of radio to report our progress froa one block to the next, for instance, down Queen's street. Those are ths sort ofhould write about, well, I'll write something.

sonlc. old you iu*out It yester-

day. Incidentally, gentlemen, that remindshought shout thia inlesp for tvooday or tomjrrow ve ought to go through oil ny materiel and decide hov you eon use it freelythrough tho press or through notes or however you likeell the ktfdK.'kwV business end so on, but only thnt meteriel vhleh doss not involve ant.

3: I'll give you details on fifteen Soviet ogento vorklngcountries, but don't arrest then nov. Don't even put surveillance Gore how ve must cut them cut Inay that lt von't do us aid. Inorporal le bending over all the American (So(USTAVT) for roney. Tfc has three children and needs money, Be not paid much but for him Itaterial subsidy, according to

ntandarda. But If you put this corporal ln prison or ahoot hla as herhe"loc* ftt freight away. Reseudonym, Dicg ortc. and sll the officers of Strategic Intelligence vho have had dealings vith him sre Hated: rueVASCV, jtfTROT. They am called in and Interrogated, has thereeakage from these people vho knew that thle man Is oa agent of Soviet Strategicmphasise. Therefore, thlevo-ended stick.

16. si in India everything le frozen. They ere not vorklng now, they ere on conservation, tn pekleten they ere vorklng, but producing only trifles, It is true there le one nan getting mete rial cm coanxitersu^ra UKTBuTfrrVAM). as accese, butraleretand it, he is vorklng through someone, roneone gives him the material as if he vara interested in it, ond thle man sella ithird person. The rest are worth nothing. Thoy produce only scrape, nonsense. The material from Ceylon la valuable. It lo elighly evaluated by the Inform* tion pi rector* teAmerican dcexrvnrls, orders, end so forth. Tncldcntelly. thle envoi nnent ofWHADCB is unsuccessful, it nay bo necessary toeglne. They areong vny to the left. That Is my personalVhe duty to say these things. sk you to think about all thle ond to cone to en analytical, noo-primitivees ono night say.

a* r eb inrornrtlon and materiel

a convhlch vill receive pooitlve evaluation. Incidentally, vhen KIWUCOD vas in Moscow, he gnve me en overt brochure obout obtaining fresh voter fromh"* Our speolallstB vere very interested bepauae the methods ve use to obteln freshn the Par Eastern j* drinking and for equipment, and vater to drive

equipment ond tanksur method the coot Is six rubles

ioM currency) per eobtc isater, but your method coots either one ruble five kopeks or ninety-sever, kopeks. on't remember exactly, but it vas six tires

cheeper. ood evaluation for thle overt brochure. Theee types of visits give eo many opportunities to our heavy Industry, metallurgy, noehlne building, chemistry, artificial rubber.

Ifl. Bi Our specialists otlll haven't been able to work out how to ey flx artificial furabric backing. In Amerloa thereirm called Kepeel and ia Canada, tbe Lion Pur Corporation. This Kaposi Conpeny not

long ago offeredechlne for doing thle. dollara. Tho factory le in Montreal and onh of Hay throe people ore going to Canada to evaluate thia machinetwo specialists end one Interpreter. The name of the interpreter le RtEHW and the head of the delegation lo BAPXLKV8KIY and the thirdoman who lo colled KLYJUOKA. hink, end thio la my opinion, we will not0 for oils machine but wo shell study the proceoo and perhape steal the secret of tho adhesive which sticks the backing to the fur. Why0achine? Engineers, academicians, chemists snd people like this ere stealing ell thle from under your nose ell the time.

hink the Americans do this the right way. They putlimits on the things theee people can see. They show them verypeople go to Canada and we considerynthesis of the topindustrial thinking of both. and Great Britain. The Canadlanohove eome clever people but they are working with American or Tou don't allow ue to eome to Amerloa and you don't allow ue toin England, but In Canada we go very freely end study them. all tho oeereto end we say, "Thank you for letting us havecheaply.' The reports our scientists submit must be accurate or they Irrespective of how the individual feels, even miserably, one

has to do those things In order to survive In our system.

81 Well then, my task here is to get hold of materials which will be of interest on all those firms which have invited us. hink, should help me gnt thle material without doing youreelf any harm, of oourso. on't bo putting thle materiel in my suitcasethose ere myhall be sending it bock ln the diplomatic beg through the HTCIIENT, addressed tohe smell ROGOV. I've got lt written down here, Taailly Hakaimovich, not the Lt. Oen. ROGOV who la deputy.

8: Thet'o my third tesk, and the fourth is the hemonlc. This nenonlc, why give it to mo? on't think it neceesary to give it to me. Why hsnd it over for -chemical analysisor pcrhspo thio is impossible. I'm not anon't know. Tlie RfBILUHT said to me today that there ere many,hrough British Agents who ore working for the Russians, they've gotten bold of one Wenonlowhich one he didn't knowsnd he sent thio off to Moscow by diplomatic beg onpril. H: hink that ves 81 Wae it? idn't know that. I'm only telling you vhat the REZirErrr told ae.


8: hought yog would be bringing tsefromould identify thelf*JTT. He's forty-fire or forty-elx. Oi Tee, we'll get them for yon, They're being prepared at this nonwnt. ill here them for you tomorrow. 81 hink thlaery important business. Teiterany you eaked me to name all those officer* vithtudied. ill none all whom Iwith. Therehis TWrTLFTO). Tou asked me shout vho worked as en Illegal. He was in my else*. Of course, he'a gone ebroedifferent oen*on't know,an identify hi* photograph, you understand! ill show you hundreds of thee* peopleon't make aery good Memory,id not want to clog itan's boo- and prtrenynlo. on tell you their ranks ond eurrssne*. Ton must do this now sine* ve nay not meet again for eon* time in tbe future. I'll show you vhlch of then should be thrown out of the countries they are working in,hey'll hove to bring In new ones. ill tell you about my elatornatoe and graduates of other years. Incidentally the RFSItKBT here used to be In America, end then he woo sent to England.

Oi Are those alfyour toshst B: Tes, that'* everything. Oi Our question to youhether if you fulfill these tacks, would ltreet plus for you' And If, perhapseward, they would send you abroad ngnln with other delegations'* If oo, this la the elm we should set our selves. Fxaetly whet would help you runt be explained by you since itearer to you what would be moot effective. P: o nrthtng, they'll anyust idle,ome her* only tordon and Greet Britain, and to drink vino with the firm which gnre us reoptiono.

2h. Ot we'll look Into this. Hi Thisuite easy. anthe broehirre* he needs. 6: Well I'll send tbe brochures bythrough the nrziTFTfT,OT, not to the Comlttee, butthe Xnforrntlon Directorate, the former tVwond Directorate. Hi Is quite easy. an get you stuff fron all tho firms. Oi We'reebout the brochures. Si ent catalogues, valuable lookingdrawings, interesting thingsyou know the sort of thing. Gi hole heap of brochures. Tou con look through then end pickmost Import nt one*. Si Those dealing vith electronics ore theif you eon get then vitbout demge to yr*rr**lv*s. At the Leogenreencriptlon of tbe Leo, H . Our sp-eialiete are verylt. To-toy one of our specialistsecture on th* machinecomputer. Tour spec laid ate were not particularly Interested. Xt

pretty old stuff for them. ThisFATO, of course,ood

about various big eceantter*nd thehich are kept la secret, ffre (Bote) These ere Goviet models.) sk you to think shout thatsk you again to put me in touch with acrrbedy suitable who could work vith me properly. an introduce hinase officer of th* WilfulflWl hero.

^usnd7 juj?hov tho list of codeave you is


od awith Agent B. This laispatch or cable is

written up. Recently tvo cornier* vere killed. This happened not longew veeks ego. Scantlmee they burn the pouches vith thle motoric! end eone-tlrass it nay be intact. Tou may be able toiplomatic bag end, if you can do thia, there you vill find ell tbe documents of Strategicencoded vith the codaave you. TorMercluuit" ia an agent, eto. Tou understand, vhen they ereelegram they use this code.

SC.. Bi First ofey disguise the ope rational words withand then with the help of ten-line figure ciphers, they encipherand send it off. (Note: Thisne-tine pad.) Inorresponding booh snd if in Ankers they subtracted, in Moscowend get the true meaning of the message. Bo in order to decodeode book vhich is keptafeode clerk. But, forI wasad access to the codes and did ny own encipheringthe help of tho oode clerk, we've got these books at the Center. Whengetting ready to go toent through all thiseperateso forth and ao on. It's important that ve photograph two or threethe experts so that they con understand the order and frequency ofsequences, end try to discover whether there ie any higherIn the struct-.ire of tha whole. This Is my future teakillIuitable

When you use tha figures in order toessage eitheror by some, other means, surely you do not repeat the figures ain another measngel S: Bo,ubtract the numbers froa another

pod, and those sheets^on which I've already crossed out numbers are burned In n incinerator byloat ion. In each HEZITFTTIWA thereipher room, in Englend and everywhere else where there lo an oxygen tankevice for the rapid destruction of cipher material In case of" "BS incident. That is the general rule. Oi What do you call these tables, one timesVfmmnmmwXsl Si hb, these ere called KATrOVYP tables, on thin cigarette paper. (Subject gives en explanation of tbe system byord is encoded by syllables in alphabeticalor example, the RA7.YFI*CHIK It encoded syllable by syllable.) B: Andake theake padake pad Bo.nd they use padrn the Center because they know vhlchave destroyed. ave subtracted, they odd, and vie* versa.

The oporntional codeave youresh code (BVTZHIT).la used in nil lff*ZUf?BTt*rab. ed booklet. At the beginning Is the section and El the <nvT is the decoding section. It loictionary. ave you some examples. Icoplod this booklet early.the mornings oraa,on duty. ept It in myeptogether


Q my ciphers. But only this one code which was Intended to make operationnl ters secure so that there wore no words like intelligence officer, agent, sefehouse, or dead drop. For instance,anted to writeAV

opied thia list outlw of paper and then typed It

outypewriterot fror* Owrnmayeglsvsitalid thia as accurately as posalbbs. ented to Insure that it vas none nor* tidily thenrote on rockets, although that too Should he eoryrehenalhla even though it Is not beautiful. ried to vrite out all the vords Inid vent to copy the vhole lot outypewriterould harm needed tvo months; to do that, uy wife kept Peking eeasve live ln tvolways told her it weeport, orould type) vhen ny not her vent off to_ar jgcle'a-Iaglfc. jrith ry dj.ydrtor. ndttncx orlikeerVlnly could here done it. Qi Ton knov how tolnox then: Bt ofnow how to ssvW rderodote, bow to use netnot Ink,now how to develop- eecret-vritlng, that's all.

Jl. Oi nVren you oaten yet? fl: t* with fniATOVAlOV, vithofficer flBAFOvM.OV. Hla English ia rery bodj rdne le bettor. Thn HFX'I'*OT vaa ooraploining to no shout hln today. The PJSIPKnT la en experienced endnan. Be vas ln Arerlea. Incidentally he Intends toTT trip after PAVLOV, his deputy, arrives. Bh'a going to go' all around the country end if you put hesvy surveillance on him he'll report on It to tho Center. He'll begin to wonder vhy been use there wasn't surveillance on hln before, but since (subject's true name) was hnre, rrrrelUanoe began. Tou see, he'll get auspicious. Perhaps, on tho other hand, he won't think obout It.


32. fit Pbw we'll go tbrouch the paperssnm given you. I'll tell youou oen publish tomorrow in the papers if you like or ln notes or OO the redlr. an tho "Vole* of America" or on the "Tolos of thnt'ele vith the onrstlooH, Pavel IkAtrlyovieh. eed to drink vineodko with Mn la Ankara. Be wee the KT3 RfSXJLBT. Hoolonel there. sow he ia the Prorector of th* Peoples' frieTvTahlp thiiverclty In Itooeow. hio Unlrarwlty io in the building only recerrtJy occupied by the CeraeroleMcrry ieonl VoroehUov vhlch is now being united vith the Frunre Aerdcny. It la not far from the cTerantorium.

Rt Lot ua Btsapaac lt would bo norelbl* toH end to ohov these otnpld African* like Potrlecvho are being proparodifth column. ny of th* students there have been recruited already. They teko theee peopleo are poor on"* them, give them money and recruit thorn. They hove lessons and Horxist-lenlnlat training, develop their political views,ignature from then for material anlstane* and send them bock to Africa to stir up trouble for youtrikes, resolutions, etc. This university must be unmeeked, end ue con do this through this yj3&IH


li both proreetoT and Fjtbnd vho studies the prospects end does all tha recruiting. Sone have eJreedy been recruited. eard tola and believe it. However, if TW-Ih' is exposed they wild say, nov vho fcvravieople know that heTffl offieer and on this list, of cm tree, is ny nraeorked vith hin in Tarkoy fron the beginning to tbo end cf his tour. en vith liim for eighteen nonths. faculd, like to unraak hiss. epprchenalvo about it ot the seen tine ad all this material reedy at the tireearn to Amerlenhould hare liked to have bean able to produce it thea end to confront hin with it and to eey, "What ore you doing?"


(Subject thenambling loonologue on political eonditioos 1the TJSBH vith pnrtlculer refer-nee to the hunger strike in Toronenh in the vritten naterlal.) Ri KFUW^iCHCT should be confrontedie instances of had eocdltions within the USSR, of vhieh he isbut pretends otherwise. rote ell this up. How thsright toow has been token ovay. The order was

that tho eows were to he taken to (snbjeet described Blserable nrral. conditionsno roodsirposeible to gather in harvestsend the. KOiraoz syoten eonpletely felled.) Oi lot us continue systematically. Si Please excuse ce, ny nature la suchet carried away, q sTreid of forgettinghoughto ny

Oi All that you sey is very interesting end clear rrel no one

- would quarrel with it. But ourt Foorus* ne before II began to tell youhould like to emphasise thisnphotograph vhich shows BEmKCT's hindquarters, the PVO, andesid WO vascolonel oencral PJuVHOT of the Artillery is the heed

the QXkytKXB_Amp32Xaxm UPRAVirarSp vbiehis the ocui__end heart of the oc^.eu^illery end of vh^trefnlrs^^of the elaoBleol ertlllory "The place shewn Is the largest Chief Artillery" nireetorat* tmder vhieh ore eencentrated control of electronics, tho" profluetion "of ell military rocket factories" endj durn>s. sk you to renenber Thfttbuilding canst be destroyed. It is tho center where the planning and dlr-etion of the technical nllltary machine is concentrated snd control of the technical production.

37- 9i Insofnr as the agent situation for our vorkers in theeal with ow my adopted countriesIt Is complicated, it is notonay to work in them. AOlWiORft is thin end In Americaill tolk about Anerlen In particularst this nonent therew&nm. which

has direct contact with thn center. It ts Illegal. The radio station Is not outside Moscow like the station which received elpher tolecxnna frrr* all countries but ts directly on the Arbet in the Oemrnl Staff. Thereowerful station and tho agent and Illegal TmtUHTr whoo they here sent off Is ln Independent contact They train radio Intelligence workers. Ined OUR'KOV. D? lo now studying at the Academy, e's taking part In the first course of specialists.

3O. 8: We here two types of radio equipment which ere sent out to our IWltf-TTlMnAclorge powerful eete and nraoller sets. V* set up large sets on tho frequencies on which our radio stations originate end rceelre cipher telegrams, and this other enrOler set listens in to the channels used by the Air force and the PVO and to other military channels. If tho nesssgc isiril or coarjercial nature froa one town to cnotber, let 'a sey frca Ankara to Istanbul ln Turkey for instancethnt wasadio station under ay oontrolhe there change* the were length end senrche*. He listens to all the chennels used by aviation etc. trens-mltted by bases,orenber lt, end ell tbe other channels. Hethen end he records or write* then down, or heigestranscript of the

39- 81 Tn this way theyreat deal of factual material. He eon pinpoint deployments exactly because thorn are very many careless people, officers and others who give ravebers in open text or ciphered renters which can then be deciphered and understood, for example, en intelligence worker may goalk or go fishing sndoldier. He stops to talk sndigarette with him and asks him, "What urdt ore you servinghe soldier says, "Oh, I'm inh Du*entry Regiment." Veil, theyifferent number which they use on the air, but we knov thnt thia isth noglnent. The fool. In this case the agent vould not cay that heussian. He vould pretend tougoslav Whichlso ln the Balkan Poet, and th* fool soldier vould believe him. Thiserrible business, your task and nine. Perhaps other people more experienced than you ere In thinking cut how to curb Soviet Strategic Intelligence, could figure hov thin could be done. an't tell you et the moment.

hO. 0: Oneen tell, you about is thle lo work vith emo.ll radio tmnerdtters which ore carried ln operational ears. Kvery PJ7.Ii*:rfV0nA has thes* operr.tlcoel cars. For lnstrnoe, In London there ore many. The ear lolly equipped. The REZIUWThnt your counter-eoTdeeage *er-vicen have scnetlao*umber of these cars ami checked them. Thoy are doing the right thing, but It le necessary to know vhat to look for ond how to reeogrdre them. This la on important matter. They are ocetnected with radio intelligence. These cere should be confiscated. That is my opinion. Ojera-tlonnl core ore given great significance.

Ml. S: Contacts are mode,ule, in operational caro nowadays. Agents ore picked up en route vhen the earo have shaken surveillance. Honey ond materialo ore passed end the ogents are dropped off. Tou can stop the cor ond you would not know there vae secret materiel in lt. ar therearge number of places ln vhlch one con moke hiding places. Tor Instance vith the upholstery, like the arm-rests, you con take off the upholstery endwell cavity. Tou might have one already mode ln vhlch theremall pipe Inaesette,ilm cesaette, con be put containing materiel vhlch le being token from or given to en agent. There is sn invisible cavity Intolexible hosepecial head eon be love rod. It screws onto the container hidden there. Thio lo mode by the First Section of SHEL^OATOV. More and more they aro using the gas tankalse section. They are even fitted out to enclose radio transmitters. Theyavity inside the tank, completely sealed off, and they put the transmitter in there. Also, under tho floor vhere the plating is, they use all the projections and exhaust pipes and portions of the cor chassis os concealment devicee. You must look veryespecially for places out of the line of vieion,escribed.

MZ. Si To continue, they drop off an ogent os tho corurns off the brake lights as the driver brakes and no red light is oeon ln the rear. The survoillants think the cor is moving, but he has stopped end unloaded the agent in the dnrkneos. The stop signal had been disconnected. The seme can be done vith the interior lighto vhen necessary. The door opens ond normally tho light goes on, but lt can be disconnected so that vhen the agent is picked up or put down the cor remains dark.

S: Operational cars, particularly foreign models, are kept at the AVTODAXA on Oritsevets Street, the AVTOBAZA of the GRU. Yes, there are speciol Instructors, drivers vho here worked abroad, and they teach courses to nev drivers ond sometimes tench us. tudied there. id thirty hours. nov vhere there ere hiding places ln the Pontine, ths Ford, the Mercedes Beorold you the floor, ond tho arm reoto. Tn front Where the driver ond the paseonger sit, the floor opens up ond thereole Sccietlmesar is followed, materiel can be Jettisoned. If they held meould throw the materiel out. hrow the stuffm pickedave nothing ln my hande. They throw stuff out; they drop it. Therefore the cars are adjusted so that vhen the car stops or brakes, there is no red light at the back. The car le dork vhen picking people up or dropping thorn off ond there ore many hiding places. An operational corall operational carsre equipped like this. But such Ingenuity: They take off the metal upholstery holders andiding place. You vould never guess that thereiding ploce there. You look ot the outside surface under the seats. You must teke tbe plating off end there you vill find the hiding place. Knowing vho the operational cose officers aro, you eon spot their ears.

I JustP0TATX*Y. Re brought *n- here. anted to get tbe number of his ear hut that's easy for you to find outthat's no problem,

ah. St On tbe question of radio Intelligencegreat significance Is attached to this. Ve hare lt here too. In the Fmhessy thereowerful station vhieh listens In to all of the channels. In all the capitalist countries there are- bug* stations end little portable ones. They owlteh oa the station, search end listen to the channels, pick on one far evny fron the towna bee*torage area vhiehadio link. They llstan to it, write everything down, loeate it, work out Its designation snd the natters which ere being worked out. They hear very Interesting, secret things. Thus without agents v* obtain precise details fron radio data about the location, about thsitself, about those questionsad on recordthat supplies are running short, that they heve not delivered produce for three days to that division. We know it* status. They transmit by radiohere is Balikonhyr, there Is Samsun or Treblsond. Well, thisery great asset of strategic military Intelligence.

*5- 8: KBB intelligence also uses th* foot* which ere obtained by radio intelligence on the subjects vhieh Interest them. What doe* the iorfl dot They do surveillance of us and of all Soviet subjects end political intelligence. What sort of organisation dotiey have! Ther* la the First Directoratethis is operational on nrerrhlnskiy. It is necessary to smother the KOB. They are very experienced people end theyot of barm to good people. Iterribleuge organisation, flourishing v and rich. Tiyyget largo salariesore than we. Well, they also use this 3 oto": The First Operational PdreeiTorailaVis also split Into sections All our directorates ere divided by areas, but their* ere divided by sections 'p.vJJ which are working groups against countries. Also in the sections there ere y direction* (rWFnAVunrrrA). There are senior officers vho ere the head* of directions; that ta also the organisationtrategic intelligence. Thrire aro no sub-section*iT). In tb* Directorate there ereutection i* divided into direction* while withirectorate is straight avuy divided Into direction*.

W. Oi eadirection Say in the Fourth Directorate there are three directions. Colonel ZASOfirB, Konirtentin Alekeeyevioh is th* head of one. He was military attach* in Syria you must know this. The other two ore heeded by Colonel DOLIH, military attache in Iran, and Colonel BIAKhTR. Ho wb* military attache in Syria after 7AS0RIH. Be wa*ong tin*. Thoso are the three head* of directions at th* present momentthey ore all olive and kicking. Withenior officer under ZASORI" and looked after three countries. ad BHAPOTAICT as an officer. Be Is nowntelligence worker here. Oi What are these directions colled? Si Hear Rest, Middle Fast and Far Feet, and each direction has *everal countries. 0: And working groups? Si And working groups.

8t Thereafe In vhieh the psrscewil fllea of the forationthe fiiee of the ajsrnts tfcey are woTklng on axe kept, along withhe operational codeereournal and accounts andstamp for the deeuneuts which we type. We type all documents ourselves. ittle typing aytolf. Bt we do the typing ourselves and enter the nuttberournal. Thla la seenub-eonrdtteeonth or at leastonth. We receive an enciphered telegrsm. hort entry end take the It Is olresdy filed. ovehort outline of tharite tha answered forma cipher telegramcode It with that eoden Jj and the head of the direction signs It. He alsoeeudonyaKM,ike that, you understand. Re signalt. ake lt to the Eighth Election on tbe third floor, where the financial section is. The heed of the yinaneial Paction t Colonel TTLJTiTN end Colonel BUmtmjt. Hmeuse me, TRUCIH Is the heed of the nnanolol Directorate. <tolonol fHBU'iUU is the head of the Adrlnlttratlre Direc- erete. The bead of the Medical ^Section Is Colonel MWCHHOT.

*B. Si well, gentlemen,our teakand thia la what we work for clearly all our efforte ere directed to the localisation of Soviet intelligence connected with recruitment end agent work. are not successful rverywherethey work skillfully to deceive ecaint*rlnt*mgeooe. Thlaelenoe In ltaelf. In America, In order to carryeeting, Bcrae tines on operational worker will spend tho night at his deskivan In bio office in order to go out early when the militia Is not therewhen tho counterlnte 1IIgrace agent has gone to sleep because bo Is worn out or tho poll coram is drowsing. Hb spends the night In his office In order to go out early and to moke hie contact.

Bt ak you to pay partleulor attention to radio Intelligence. Thisery vulwrebl* spot which tliey attack with greet success. o on with my paperT Oi Tes.

J?' 81 W| of operational latelligenee vork,

PaTP.TTTFT'.ere beard,ill cheek up on It, that now therm is no directorateon't think the heed of we mist look into this, th BmilJlBsJI retired inlOkolay Bt emember. Operational Intelligence is in the hands of VBKVIn the hands of Ptrst*.gic ratelltge.Km. Oi The Send now is lOXhTTItOT. G: Oulte right, but it lairectorate. I'll check It. It is alsoection. Itroup vhich deals with op-rational intelligence, but it's not laportant what tatsber Ithall find out.

Byi principle is this nnd this is very imrxn-tnrrt. To eachdistrict vhieh bordersapitalist state there are Rp in vhiehoff leers of our Strategic irteUlprnoe. They run and dispatch agentshove little depth of intoUlgence, penetration (gecgrephieaUy). Theaealso engaged In radio intelligence. They listen In on the channels. data on one question or another. Bo, let usendAnkaraot fron radio Intelligence end they also pick lt upend in the Trnns-Cauenueian loUitary District R? at


5a. Si He went back and saidEUStOV was in theent to express the opinion of Ambassador HTXHT7that vassador in Ankeraend of myself sa Cocrotarj of our Party Cuedttee. Wethat theinerinvmt le xnrraulng the wrong polley towards the Turkish Ctovemsent ond the Turkish people. Tbe Turkish people oretate of poverty. The lira has fallen, there is little wheat, everything Is expensivehe Anerieans are not Riving as rweh as Turkey needs. Vearge loonsooe tens of millions of rubles to the Turkish Oorexnrjent so that it moresrom tbe American*". But POT10V


'Vhatof experiments are then- vital millions of rob lei? hirrB you that we- this loon wad that the Turklehand people will turn evey from America end eone orer toaruraaeeT* SOCICT leelanrrr mem, a

elerer politician. He ebused hln earing, "Too want to maketvr loan to Turkey et the expense of the people Vat whet guarantee here youl They take the loan, they eat It, end new do we get them away from the Americansfrom their embrae*T" ae SUSLOV put it. Wall, they told him thrt he politicallyerete. They removed him andto replace hln withonetamtln Uekeeyvrleh. But Colonel hVXTIBCYX mentioned him not long agoexamined hla. He had peine la hla liver end pains la his heart end he was rejected on health grounds. Tte's not going ebroed now. He vill work in the APPARATperhaps forrs. How they are looking for sn attache to gcthere. But POTTO" leto goounsellor. Well, thatigression. One thought leads to another.

l: How obout agente who are known'll givefull iavea, nanee, patronymics, even the years In whichrecruited. ere alreody talked aboutet. Too ohouldhew to locate then, butana certain to befor questioning. sked you obout this. eve told youhere told you about TFJcAXH. Think obout bow to handle hln.

e lo the proreetor.

OU. Ot How about agent work, ant methods of work InUS and in England I'll tell you atx.ut America. Vhat MBI told me he used to be counsellor, excuse me, first Ceeretary In our rabasay in Anerles. How heouneellor In India. They eall hla Persey. ave forgotten his surname for the'll tell ytra. Be was Inong time snd he known Fnglleh quite well. Sergey STOnwrgwiCH. VURUATTT".' B: Ho. Well, X'll rcaerlbor. He babbled sway. We bars people Ilk* that, too, who chatter to ean another, now difficult It vns for me to work while he yapped about how he spent the nig)it on the divan ln hla office waiting for the dawn. In Washington the nw.IUfc'flTCRA lo under cover. The agente ore old, they vere recruited long ego, end they here little value.

Fi In Hew Tort, there ore tvo PJRX'V'NrUKAE, basically under UH cover. That was vhere the nan (ttvIJXT) vas vhom you threw out. Tou ahould here shot hlaj you haduch proof. Incidentally,arl can Counterintelligence knew he_ they had evidence. Then they wrote lt nil out, eypelted hln snd resettled bin. How can that he: aid to nTOtrtf** eiaAgineii thnt in thia materia] there are certein fnets ebout ME17XII which naylue. o not know whet MELPK3 ecld ln court abort where be vae0 If bethat he vas net vorklng ln the Military Diplocatic Academy as a

teacher, It vould beva been possible to show Ma my tvoand toou are th* authorook oa the jOSjllahend here, the number of the Academy TCh, used la correspondence.

Just prior to myow MKLCTH walking corridors. ead that MBBSiJT'a brother vho de&la vithorderedthe eaee against pjsxxe dismissed. Vhen 1tJsmmmm* (if theycterlal) thle data about

vould hare been known, Tou would hare known that he le ennan, (Notst Subject again repeate how he appealed to aaaanvajaae.and sammmeJaV to accept hit waterlal nnd how they feared Itone yon probably did not believe ne for eight neat ha. If only yon hod let ne know In two vorde. Thla hurtreat deal. Jt It'o rueh nore difficult to vork In the Soviet taiion then it le out here. 81 Of touroe, you ore right.

ecently lieteosdectureeneral of thethe operations of American end British intelligence personnel inrierrtloned that Aaerlean Intelligence eperatlona were observed to beIn the rraimo-pr-fnenskly Rayon of Moscow, Evidently tbefound to be suitable for conducting nee tings

60. Oi Vaa anything mentioned"about an Anerlean attache vho was PBO'di Bi emember he spokeeetingus where coney wasonelderable tun,on't luuevber the details at all. idn't pay close attention to it. Oi the identity of the Soviet agent mentioned? St Bo, nothing was sals' about thet. Tou sec,ase like that the XTO3 immediately tokee control. Maybe our ORTJ ehlefs know about It, but the reel of ne were not Informd.

69. S: Let ne esk this Question. Vby couldn't tvo vorde haveeen posted, stattng, for example,hould volt for eight months? Ot That could hove been done, but we deliberately rafraioed until ve could give you Instructionsecure vny of passing the material you told us you had. This was to provide security for yourself as veil as for our nam. Si Did yon not receive ny first letter through those tvo Russian (language) Instructors? Ci Tes, we didlready told yon. We have it here. But ve received itonsiderable delay. Si istake,old you before. ented to say farewell to them properly ot the Robe re shnoys,nt to tho perwnlok ond ran Into the two militirrwm. They sawns apprehensiveaw the militlesssa, whichisteke on ny pert. old then in Russian to follow me into an entry-way to finish our conversation, they become afraid and went on. They vent along Oslpenko Street toward the Balchuk (hotel)urretiledistanceas afraid tbat they night throw away the meter!el. letter, after thera vnsong Interval ofegan to think thatthey did not throw awry the msterlal, they may hare disposed of it later In the toilet of tho hotel or something like that. hecked

(and learned) that they left onhold you before. sed this Armenian friend of mine as ny cover for asking about them.

Si Of enures there nay ho questions here vhlch are'not any of my business, ao you can simply tellubject's truehis Is none of your business." Ot By the time ths materia! reached us In Washington, some time vent by. Si sked them to deliver it to your embossy that some evening. Old they do this? 0: Toe, they did. They de Live red it as you requested. 81 Then they vere fine lads. ish thera good health. Tell me this, did you understand at once what the subject matter vas about andss (Subject's true nans)? Oi Of course ve did, inoBdlately. 81 That's fine;'

81 Nov let me mention this. In the futureelephone cell Is to be iDsde to me, do not speak In English. This, of course, is In case our other means for eoerjunleetion ore interrupted and you do knov my telephone. By the vey, whet vas the substance of what this man vho called mo0 hoursunday tried to tell me? ould get vns oneMarch". Gt f course is the month. He tried to say that during the month of March or April there vouldignal for you. Furthermore, he said that you should volt for this patiently end should not contact any one until you see the signal. igns! vill be placed end you will be called again. 8t This all could hove been said in tvo vords.

St Why couldn't you have placed this information behind the radiator? Ot Becauseigns! vould soy only one thingkeep waiting. Then to go back again to the soma dead dropomplete sot of instructions would create en adMtionei risk of compromise.eople go there oil the tine. Oi Why should tbe dead drop be used for this purpose twice when one time would serve more securely? Bt All that needed to have been done waaignal to be placedote placed telling me to volt and that the materiel got Into tho right hands. m sure that there is no eurveillance on me at all at this time. Oi Most probably not, but there ia certainly surveillance on our man when ve planned for you to contact. Consequently this eurveillance laource of danger to you. 8: But you did believe me,od this other materialonted to pes a. Ot Of course we believed youthe materia! that you first sent node it very clear what the situation was. 81 Tou checked all that? 0: Of oourse we did. St Another thing which confused ma was how to convince ssmmsmsom end sffssmfM to accept my material directly. on't talk about tbat anymore.

61. B: Veil, yon knovhould here boon in If WYNNE had not token tho arterial. eept borio vhere ny agendas ore. The rcrtorlcJ.f typed sheet'sare vreppod with irisulotlon- tape. Ot Co yon keep lt nt how. S: Ho,iding piece on nyV.CHA. The pooltlon ves ticklish. They night toko ne out of tb- eorralttee for training to vork under eorer In the capitalist states ef Fnr;lnM or Cr-nrdn, even thentes. Key Ood grrnt thnt this happens be ecu soould play onrole. rwen-rthirig vould o ln ny hiuvls,lphero, rndlo Intelligence, people. Thle ould be Inportcnt to us. There lo one egentI don't know whethers ln mslend or ln Arorlen, but I'll sveer by ray life that there ore egent o.

OS. 6: TeBtordey ouATOYAWv" hod an egent wotlng. Bebout It yepterdcy. Tee nan Is oopvrehere on the other side ofot the lnpmpnlon that he Is some kindlerk or r. press worker as farould find out. ouldn't put direct questions to hln but he told no enough obout It for it to be understandnble.





B: Th* question it vhnt will ny poult ion be? will get ben for ne. Soonof thn Oeutrnl Corriltteeknow thn eort of FTOT/DCHwill try "Cach eaabn telerrted In the GOT. Let's finish with bin." Besides,thnt the deputy of Major General RfJLlKCYthe less* one Inborrt yesterday, Major General GHUhaiil,told ve

'"Thle report has cen* froa the RtQ' bis* dr>clsrntlon. When he reported on hla father. It did not tally with the "actual facts. Bis father Vladimir TlorlynnoTleh ves of noble descent." His father was ny grurvTrether rLorlsn Antcnorlch.

St are recentlyistant relative -he eorocnds the_jgr ffrstern MlaryPi strict, Colonel Oenernl (snbjcct's nervr). He is ny great uncle but linos he knovs about our past be floes not keep in touch with rrt. ee hln on rare occasions. Beifeonbect nanValentin /ntone-rich. s> ves Chief of Staff to HAl.TJfDVrxrr vhen the letter eorTsrnded thert MHitary Metrlet end vhen they rede WJXJCTTHT the rdnlsterthis foolhaj vUl^eke bin sway. rote ell this down. There le no suitableHAPOT, Wntfif of the General Staff, Is ill. es hlrswlf heed of the Second Intelligence rdreetorete st one tine. nre not seen Valentin Antonmrlchons; tine. hink he Ignores no bee sue* of our past, end our noble baekfjounfl. Helat in Chistyye Prudy ln rV-neov. oeaslssvOly end he say* "nVnr ereut no nrjrao not seek hln out either. Be Is the younger brother of ey grendfather. My rraadfutherreatigh-pieced offlclnl. Heleh heme and wrerytldng ves elegant.

Gl They christened ne en born in Ordthonikldr*ln Stavropol end ny nrsne Is in the church register in Stavropol. They seerehed cut the entry in the erehlres vhlch vere taken sway by the Cerrnne vhentroyed the city. They sre still studying them. The KCB isvery none in the erehlv*e. That's the wry they week. Well, theyp the fast that ny fatherhite /royecondhat ln May lO.l? he received th* renh of first llmccenent In themarde, and thnt he vas killed vhen Ms unit vaa surrounded nrsr Rostov. That's vhat ny mther heardyou know these rumorsand. what she But he said, "Twer not bar reported that ho died of typhus during an *pldevdc"'. Hy nother did not went to wreck ny life. Shehis cover atory and that'srote at tho beginning. unpeeted


of course thet this ni not true. Hy father was well horn. eaining em^tlneer ma then of eouree he Joineden* fo*ight against the Sovietn the elTil war. Veil,this. ot-her newer told rfi, the nore ooever eev bis

and newer celled hln fnther. onthn old when he lest held tm

in his arras and he never snvegnln. That is vhat ray nother told no.

j Si Well, SIaM3CIY said, "Well, there you are. Write ran

en explanatory note. "* well piece of paper end wrote. My wife does not knov about this. Che lores raeore her. Sherother,other. Thoyro Interim descent. Cft-ewA- Her fntherOUTflABOTHTK. He diede" had three stars.

Heood nan. Be swore ot Stnlinj his fardly didn't ogres vith hln but he criticised, everything. H*trsdshtfcn-#ard sort ofalled ny nother to ray aunt's house. She (the aunt) lives on the fourth teshnhenskly street. She is the sister of rayalled ray riot her there snd told her vhnt hnd happened. Shenewshout this". aked, her to vrite ne snhe let raeetter explaining that in such ondecr sheotten to knov so snd sol he add he voo en eriglrteeT and shovedla papers! they got rtnrried, the civil var began; sheonfter this end her husband disappeared without s. trace. Thioj letter le now In SHOtVRCXX's safe. Row,as filling out the

forri for the"tripAi "What ecn Iou_ ray father?" Hr SRld, "Write Just as liny- olynya

U(,c- - rrppleocTit reporting ell this vas in the file

iote on top'stcttng 'j^Tggat_ Cornel (Subject's Thnt * seyed rae_ free being dismissed frora intelligence. They sanrfc bell ere

live beeonuie they pore ret ny passport even though It voo held up. Asnov they gave everyone tVlr passports except rae. ot nine at the "K- loet ncraent. The forelgn_Trrrcl CorrvUslon of the Control Ckrnlttee

examined it at the "last rrreeni. CvWfCnx of the KOB olto there. If thoy hedn't given ltould hare pone etrrtipht to tk* British or Arrtrican TVfhcr-sy and. sold "To hell with you. Coed

C?. Gi This Central CorrTlttee, ioilitary corrrttteeT" Bi The Military Section the Iv-seov administrationend oil


the moixmrXn. 0: Old they take yonr Party eccrtt 8t Thet IsC3 butere toave ny curt, to the Party ecrrtltte*. eft lt there en* the Forty ccerdtteetamp on lt. Ot AM tlwy give yon mvrthar booh? St 5ney giroswOl couponeceipt. Veil, that Is it/ oltuntlon.

ant to ash yrm centlenen? .First ve Bust

think chert and develop one or two dead dropc. This Is essentia!. lace xdiereil* 'rnderoleped, of soiw. ill newer domlop thennve no means to do this. 0t rVrrrher that the sorTleinceed drop by one of our people vho le possiblyprobRblyunder henry rirrreiUrnoeonstant It cm he done like thle but nevertheleoB. .For you to fill ondead drop vflVn there Is no rorreiLlsnce Is no problem. But although yen live in Mneeov and pnhough youn sure that you eon hove no idesvy the rurvelUcnce of all our.people in Koscow Is. 8: o totferstond. n; Then double this nnderst raiding nnd yon will be closer to the eetuo! facts. Thisreet danger. Understand ne, we are not worried ebout cur man. whet ean hrrapon to hinlplonrt: nail scandal end he Is thrown out. Be will be olive end veiln gone, at Thank you, that toaewvIVy, even with en ideal dead drop there Is uncertainty if hcd/mcterinl is in It for eny length of tiro.

Ot let us work inay *hat>he drop is full, for nly five to ten minutes. Ot IX you are working withhort time aehednle, peroonal contect Is more relleble. Pine* at least Itbe Known that tho materiel got into the right hands. Bt The ncetlngrre you by th- of JW7IBbefore the entrance to Tabus! dnakly Street, th* Tretyakovohlyood place, tou em change thernre you. hanged the sarioe of gates. 0: ignel is no problem. For example, you knov.thn IVn'o-Zrhatakly Bridge, St Tes. Foreign core turn off there. They live onbraowakly. nnted toote in one. or them, the errs) vhieh said, "dvo this to tho /merlenn or Britishna ready to do JAr.


cor pick vm up along Idl rend erf travel! It'suppos*. 0: They

voulfl errest yea end the ear. Tou vould be surrrnindeflore. .

81 Touea lookinglplorjctlc era* which hnd stopped outside

the restmumnt end which hed the letter "P" on the bnek. now the

types of foreign crxs. ocked for forvlpners too, but they were oil

tourists. Tou knew how tourists resetlike hTTOIHUT snd MCXtRXxr.

92. B: hink we're got to net lt over to hln thnt vheterer Is done, net only rent he know thnt this is really going to be renewed but that the material must be rwanonfl in th- shortest possiblehis It the first thing. Vow Just to eontinterent There ere vrrlous way* this sen be dene. We're alreadyarty et which he would be. would know'that the ran who ws* going to pick up the TVAterlol was thereha would put it in piece end the nan would rcrar* it. That's one onthodi the other io equally oleple. If therearty there are eertnIn publiceoteirrsnts end the like in TVweow where he ond the nan ean be on siren dny*. Fran if there le surveillance there, they con still go to orhrough certain parts of Vm buildingaasonpbl* tine of *ach other. You here that variation os well. So even If he does got removed from hi* post ond doe an'tto imetlngsiven dayiven month you can still bar* thn two people who rre slreo/iy tnovn to enoh other and vho rceogrdea each other In the earn rrec. Tto you en*ancnl Thio is ogaln nendrush eontact, but in foot hr* the some controlntsh oonteet. Thio le on extentlon of the original Idea.

93- (note! ranslated the preceding for Subject.) Oi The simplest thing vould be if you and sore one whom you knov vers ln th* some piece. The essential principlehat the materiel le th*T* for esine a* possible. Other variation* of the oens theee night be like thisla various publle piece* It vould be quit* normal. If you know tb* tin* end date to be there, to leaveMaterial lngiven piece andiven tine eo that It eonld b* passed though not by personal contact. Thus, youo tine and you knov that Itn safe band*. Thle ean b* arranged to b* done ln hotele, *te. Of eouree, the toilet Is particularly dangerousthis le well known. Bi Tee, In the OBU we eetlAKTIKA. t But If thereelephone booth In tbe entrance, you can go ln on telephone

In ragllsh)t Couldn't you do It much store sieply than thatt Look, you goestaurant! our friend le there first of elli


la sittingiren table. He knows that ha haa got to finish hla meal punctually'clock or whatever tine la agreed upon. 'clock ha get* up endfron tha table. Saeiebody else -in and alta down at the table. Ha goes off to pay hla hill. The other chop alta at tha table, puts his hand under the table end removes the staff which Is stuck underneath. There are all sorts of variations on this. Oi If you hare mode your tebl* bookings. Ht Tes, these things can be done In this sort of way. These are Just general Ideas.- (Ffotei xplains this in Russian to Subject who esks abouti Surveillance is very concentrated against your people In restaurants. Hi (in Knglish) The whole point is that you can do it with surveillance there because they can't see it. (notei Thi*xplained to Subject.)

95> Si lready have sowneterlal prepared for you. They are withoutleet ion stamps, top secret, and written for oerviee use, not for sale. For instance, thereew artillery Instruction (IWRTAVLTRITK)very interesting. In the Journal TCTJlOAtA HTSL on vhiehritten in red "Only for Officers, Admirals^ endof the Soviet Army" there is en interesting srtlele on future planning, training, nnd so on. These are big Journale. lso have three* snail studies. v"

Si Tou should pay special attention to th* Dzerjhlnskiy cademy. I'll toll you more about lt. Theretudent* studying there and moreeacher*. This la theop where rocket cadres are forged. The students or* accomodated together. There is one set of living quarters on tho territory of the aeedemy cm th* rolyanka end the other is near the British fmbcssy on the Soflyskaya Hnbereihnnyn at Tho recaption hall of the Minister of Defensehere and your embassyhree or four houses away. If your son stand* on the bridge at eight o'clock In the morning he'll eee all tbe officer* going along with briefcases, crossing the bridge to Oolyanka. Hundreds of then live thereuge four-story building. Both bachelorsmarried officer* live therehey have smell separata rooms"It la something terrible" (in rrsUisb).

97- Bi ery interesting description of tho Academy! heprlnclples of planning the duties of tbo departnents (aAPE^)'TIgnedolonel general, the head of the His Initial* on't went to give you hi* full name Just now. This Isare ready for yon. arge hiding place le necessary for allut thi*nteresting. Tou will detect the principle* on which th* instruction process Is planned. There is no mention of the word reckst.


but you vlll know. Then there ere diagrams giving the division of the various special olasseswhleb floor they ars onepartments with Bctusl nodela. All the rockets org broken down In dlagrnna. That It the mterlel that Thjrrs. AnS theVl night be able to take fron the secretny of our_documentsi (WSTATT) on theoretical perspectives* tn which wars aro planned and concrete orders beginning vithowest echelons.

Do you hare elssteseek, oronth?

81 We have Corwionders' training every Thursday. They give us lectures. And then one can vork In the top secret library. One vrltet hittsiece of paper, gives class and room number end are locked In and can study what one likes. aven't done this yet nyvelfi This is of tba greatest importance. 81 Justill give you material... Oi n English) Tou know what this is? Every week since they are military and high ranking they must keep up vith thoir military studies. They have ccesaander days on which they are given the afternoon offhey have lectures. But then they era going to be given examinations and Vwy heve practical, as he says, map studies. But In addition to this, because of ths quisacs coring up which ore registered on their efficiency reports for examinations they must have very highly classified reference material which is locked up In the secret room, vhieh they, under receipt, ore Issued, not to take out but to sit downittle study room and study for tvo or three hours on Thursday pf to moons. Re ean copy from this, put the material there, return the books, end the receipt la okay, because be has studied end Is authorised

Celeetedall the leeturaa of the VDAkept in the academy safe at Sokoi are brought to the generalour directorate so that our intelligence officers should readknow vhat goes on. an takeecture(8rTTSrOTT^rTCTKA)on theorywe inelenee. Oin rnglish) Intelligence texts. Bicould photograph ell thisthey are ell typed and bound. Oi take them away? fi: not out of tlwi building. Oi Ie therefor pnotographyl 8: Wellat the windowsinox night be weekyou would hove to strengthen them and The quality eight not be very high,ould not copy then out.

Oi Returning to eonmnmiuggestion, atchesyou goootball mteh at the lanln or rdneoo RtodionBtagery or someone viae is playing. Our menDuring the lnternleslon at the half wholeo to the buffetslaaa of beer or whet not. To break away fren surveillance In this crowd isnd you met our menery crowded buffet end brush-pass materials heck and forth In re 1st Ire safety -. Bt This ean be easily done.-


erry one of theseriefcase)part of lt. C: Do yon know why thised ldooT Beeaase inthere are many thi ere e. Tou put down your beg end they wouldIn Fnglish) onder Ifasis we would get eome idea of

hla movementsof his normal noreasrntawhere be Uvea, where ha works,

where he goes every day (explain to Pubjeet). Si ivw_on.thia

VUbuWJWICphe entry Is from the eo-rrtyord,

3rdrd entrance If there wore noould have

yon all as guests in my hone for tea. Thereift. The

la an old women. ask hin how high the building le) Si The building '

is new. it waa built. Itrey buildingalcony at

tbe top. Bine storiesa large building. And that lo where all the

big people live. In this alley Is the headquarter* of the Itosoov military I

district. 0: There? Also ce tbe

hmsdouorter* le on Oalpenko Street and Herln Oorkly Ji How twny families are on the sane floor? St Tour, each it* own flat, two of the flat*oom end two bar*har* roomsa good largenrre meters. iredSrnmre. Hot directly on the eqiwireyeu snow thesoeAeny on Bol'ihaya Saflorryn at Bo. 2. ived et BO. 6.

Tne re weommon flatoorc*. That was daring the var.

now, hovo to work)along Ulltsn Ooipenko to th* bridge

across Bed Square. Jt Thla leallyvery morning?

When the weathero on foot. When ito eitherorus along the lor* ly embankment. Ot Doe*over the bridge? Si It gee* along Oslnenko Strwet to thepost the British Fnbossy to Fjr*ennly Hoot, acroas the bridge toond Kalinin Street. Oi By the Kremllnt 8t To*. Fromgoes to the Arbat and then along Verorskly Street vhere youracross Voetteniya street to Krssnnya Fresnya to th*end along lOhoroshevskcyc


Ji And where do roo get off? Oi On thn Arbat? o,ork ln two pieces. Xn thnust go to sign ln atorkly Street be aide the telegraph office end fromo hy Bryusovskiy Pere/nlok vhere the ehureh le, behind the committee, to the Cbeykorskly rtennrinl. The coneeiTetory onfltreet. o left along the lane to thn Toyentorg end fron there etralght to PrunM otreet, where the Oenerel Staff le. o to Frrtrenee So.hleh, aa yon go etralght fron rrunre street, le on Orlteeveta Street.e on Oogolevskly Boolevard where the piatol range la. The people who neeron Pronee street are the Mlnlrter end Maule though the nlnleter goea through the gatea froa Orltserets Street In hie eara Chryka. Ot And then therequare where they play volleyball. Si rulte right (lnhen you were ln Moscow. Ji Can you Identify the block, according to this sap, that he lives on. Si Excuse ne, gentleeen, vill it be difficult for ne to get Into Aneriee Ba-usc. Oi Bo you need to go Iny the side of it, yen, but not into lt. Si Whyo by ths side of ltT Just to throw sonethlag over?

Oi Tee. That'sariation, but excuse ne, between whleh streets do you ltveT Si ive on and my windows look on tooankment on the bridge. Veardhoroughfare whiche from Oorkl Fribojvoaent to Oslpenko Street. urn to the right iweed lately onto Oslpenko Streetthe trenthere. iscussion ef exact location of house on vrrpJ^J Si Thle Is uslnakly Bridge. There le the prershlnaklyy. Here Is the Kltayskly fereulok snd bare is the solyereha. The eeedepy takes up the vhole block] there sre osny DuUdlngs there. In the first unit site VAU^ISOV md the staff of Mb groundroeket forces and the other buildings are for train! nc, even storage, etc.'

10b. Oi which bridge ore you nearest to? o thle one,eters, ond to this isilometer. Opposite ry flrttop used In the Sureaer by the Hirer Boat flysten. es at thesed to get off st this step by the bridge and eome along paot the mooring here. Ot Trtjn the other side? Si Tes. I've lived In this flet forears, sincect-ryouo knows me. Bight behind by home lo the crrage of the pv*scow HUitsrynarge garage for oil the eonrmndhe exit le onto Oslpenko Street.



wnteh v. KTB people nivKjn go to ths recaptions, Ifnen lrrtor.ii to go to thea it will bo aeeessery to go to tho bedrom, to tho toilet or to the Xltehen vjv-ro tholono tho door end to enoooe tho H: That's fine.


exact coordinatesXre not taxemef course thle le difficult end will not be learned. SMi la why Xhrvshchey endeneral Staff heTe'oal to conb thruuflh hugeereos with otcr-Ie rur^Irynrc^rir^eretend* Tonlsolleshis iswn expression, end wcs_told _to meelieve vrrentooreiie-rs Cbursyov vbohat Cyruo gntoa hes offered hie serriees. Ouch Snnserons people weithjhow this Is done is your business nss ny own safety iss fnrmere ecjo^Bsive end iron will power end enogspeeinlly now, in ft!rilling new nsslgrnente.

- ' Xlh. It seensto ne thct (ln spite of the trersrndous tasks which ere being done by the American lenders end the British and. Aworleen rdlltaryhe evrluntions are wrong too much giving in end ccnpUcnee, end Indifference. For Instancevhntever nrmunt of dollars end pounds you expeet to allot in your plenrdng you must triple thisn order to be ronlly rtrong. Then, when you hear by your "grngcrlme'1 that rjemahebenr is readythat he

has iwny nisBilealso will hear things through some of my eliannels--either in wy present line of wot* or through other chennels withiwo indirecthen the first blow agist benock-cart blow-end then wo will boinnim position. ere sold before, in re^erd to your thinking about the targetswhich we dlnenisoed you raiot be as sure os thath, that siieh tergeto don't exist.

fli If Hitler would hewn don* this, he would hnre won the ver. llwhat did Hitler. Aor He wasted Bullions .of tons ef netelbut did not destroy coFupletely eren one Beedquorters. now erectly ead It In the reports of theStaff, snd heard, it ln lectures given ue on tnUltarygy. The Chief ofernl Staff ami bioeral of theb Star) -the Deputy CtuVf of the Cewtral StaffI heard Ms top secret lectureears eTter the end of" the war7 Heecture eboutVrS one of" the KUitary Dtstriet BeadMiertera which provided, the front withbetelllons, reglrtents, Wlgsrles, end divisionsea destroyed by hln. All the millions ef people ln the Moscow Military District fron Kalinin to Kneen were trainedand ell thetlie ttoceov District donernl Staff was leceted on Oslpenko ulitsa and the Moscowne ve* Intact. If THUer could, hnre blovn up"

all thla hy conwcndo groupsif he would hnvo done evsy vith the eora thet doe* all the pleralng, that has the experience, ths know-how, then the flcTiet Ooveruunnt and sdliteryahlp vould here seen power lea*,

UnT. ni that isnsist that you consider theseueh as the Annersl Staffhe GtV, FYO, the cc/CTSO, vhere all the OrolocM vho rule everything ere preeldlngall the Inspectors vlto hare tlie privilege*ecretory of en CSKCMtheyalary, errs for their own use, and on sllovnnee. n not rcrrtlonjng the baeen end oaoo dunpB Vhteh ore under rprouad, but the military district*there ore fid of thenovevhall ho able to report to you that there ar* even one or tvo las*they ore being It would be desirabletroy too Beedcnexter*. rt vould be good *trot*gy to get rid of the eorperteneed errnends because they ore the heart of the Army, 1

S: Whenoer toko* placehen youinutes. Fvsrythlng wait be In recillnots, by way of nines equivalent to one or tvo kilo-tons they oen be putittle suitcase (thlauot ny own Idea)little actchel, nnd left nextousenotyou don't even hare to go Insidethere are guards all around and youas* to get insideand if you don't have ne you ed^ht get killedbut put the things all around the buildingright next to th*lock mechanism.and let tho whole eetPbllnhrv-nt go up In onoke. Then, When the leaders, the frofgvurh of the workingftowwurit of the general staff nnd tb* eeartral dlrectorateo, which aro the brains of each type of troopsanks, artillery, aviation, antiaircraftvhen these ere all destroyed, then lot's sec thenoneelvos up sad recoverhen they vill hnrre to uoe eone old, selerottoot fit for nllltary dutyvho vill not be able to do nnythlng. Whend-Btroy all the operational documentsnot from the airnot by rocketsyou know hov wny errors eon be made bynd sircraft pray Ood the eecurnts mlosiles will bo on your sidenow nine.

S( It Is so easy totatak*imple error in calculation aon one of the controlistakeada. Fren while the rocketeing

wheeled to tho lainvililng pad, and nftor lt In on thohecks ore iwaVUttory. one tine TorontncT InvMght ell thn artilleryogetherxrrvxP-r* of rrtlllery divisions end Artillery in Pietriets ml Oroups of rorceo end he randesure end cheek ell the eentrol nrcherd ana with the help of special instrurrmts, pen-Is, voltmeters, so thrt they would hoith the work of their mibcrdlrrteehov wry hours ere spent on ft technical check, so thet vhen they give en order to nek*cheek, they would know whet Waey were asking. Flo bt node the Cenerrla elirfb up end down tbe ladders and find this out. Tie made then do this for several eorrths. Itood idee,eery experienced rem.

Oi Bow, wheteep harping on being enthe fienernl Ctaff but now In ywrrood deal1ood deal about tt,old you before. Ito have rorr*ono report ny ideathe Meneldler inhut that of anoldier. This idea Is,we mist penetratechelons ao conptetely thatho able to ll-niidato everything et once. Feintsall this discord tnd dlff*renoee, of opinion, tawt third torjoney toward nllltr.ry prvpnrednesn, so that the level ofIs higher than thet cf the probable enemy. now thataspects your "nlssllep very well. Ve know tbat'a hotter tScfi enure lh many respects fron infarnstlcn we gotrgrnts. Ve knew it's better then wc an doing In the Sovietwo cleo know that you ore not enilrolr reedy. Ue know thatguldnnee sBsenbLies ore not perfected rad thet your eeiontistsworking out problesiB. Oodops that nylabours" will help your scientists, who, in toe spacenext fewnil thin, asBlnllnte Itace how the

problems are renolvodj perhaps the information may not bo ell there (infter oil, it is condensMhese were- eonrnet, not tho readers/. id netears as one does et the rtoerrMneMy Academybut the punh in the right direction is ell there for the sp-elallst who will study this.

ISO. St Talk things over, you pre responsible people. Ve ere resolving oorlouo floverrrmnt problems, fron ny vantage point, vith ny capabilities, much ofero to offer is not complete, that Is,


complete In the eense ot being conclusive, but tbe basic lnfor-antlon,ern glosned from ry General Staff ran fron tbe people vltbaventry ct Into ywr hends so thnt lt ean be fully exploited, not only by you, but eo that it vlll reach the very top loTBl people in order thnt they nrty examine and eTaluete the entire witter end coneractical eoncluaion, othervloe its possible to lone all. All the gold, oil tto, treasures, dicpxmfls, everything of fwterisl reliu, all the plush eeononio ebonf-one* vhlch your people really posses*. After all, one oen tell your people live veil, just look at the way they dress. They way not eat eerier, but they hove breed end raa-ttables ond not just forut for toraorrov a> veildon't loughust use thia aa an ecatsple..

The Rorarrnont roist become oo thoroughly nvrreeerlcutjness of tho cltuntton, ond mist, in thio one reopeetexnsople fron Khrushchev end the corwuntet gcxtyheir ability

to centraliBo end to extinguish eontradletlona. Look et the divergence

of opinion vhlch aroseB endhey extinguished Jihnt.

There ere greet differences, evenheoretical end oven political,on't wont to BP into that nov. But they knov ho* to centra-lira so veil. Thing* ere not going so veil vith Albania. At the neetlng of the Corvauuai rnrtles,tooktand thnt Conrede Dolores Tberrnri eeidevisionist is secorrl only to Tito". This vns the cement node by Ccnrede Tbarruri. There vns on Intereotlng cosnmrsetton betveen Khraoheher end the rapre of the Chinese Ccrrawlst Party, the WO Tbe-Tung there. Ton knov thio lender. s ore all the Chlneoa, le defending Stella ond berates Khrushchev, ond says that by his unwise, loud, public, world-vide disclosure end denigration of the pcroonality cult, bo hoc undermined the authority not only of Stalin but of tbe entire cccrxmlst Party. Stelln vas the syabol of the Party end of the people, even of the people of otherhrur.hehcv beeom cult* egltated and said "Take your Ctaltn out of here, together vith his box". In otherTake Stalin's body". And you know, thereier* vhen they vented to put Stalin Into the ground, there vnsine.

epent, ve nust be tills to resolve anyof opinion, ve must eono to on agreement, end this wefron our enony. Bo knovs hew to do thisthe Cerrtrnl Coenlttee,

hlranelf Ffc le not eo snert, but he la

energetic and resourceful. Bs vea the Minister of Agriculture for three days vhen he celled In all the eeerctexlc* ofoves vhon ha hrul appointed na *eerrtnrleBfconsthey are all fimnbore of the Preotdlvri(he had been appointed Minister of /grieultitro by Mrlenkov, KOlotov end Ktrjrnorieh only three flays before) and through the apperet of the Centrel Ccmittee of the Corrrurilet Perty, he vaa able to Rather together, hy pi me, all the secretaries of the Cbkrroi to old Badthus heuo run ejority of people vho vere ewrrlidate* or reenters of the CCnd they eupparted IThrusbchev because he vna tho one vho appointo'lecretartca of Cbhone, Thoring thia up novif ha could not harohen ell in on a'b notice, then he vould hererwng the nlnlsterv. Perhaps Molotov or eone-ys? else vould hevetod, vhnt vould hove happenedon't Xmov.

Bi There aro lanny difference* of opinion between the Patollitco end the UrtPp, but OnueJtehev knows hov to lccelis* theae thingsutd*. p,ocket veoron* ere delivered to ell theggccjccler, without tho (atordcj vsaiaved, without the hrsn, ^STthe" ewptloo ofjUie DDRhe KT, rOxeedyou know this. There arotyghere snd tvof atrrheeila (fovlct Aroy,of the pap. stern ooetor there welcome* Howiet power thooald veleorae ablow. Veil, ho known how ta handle eneh thing*. Vhet la happening right nowrvory apecie.liete,aa englnoere, heve been sent to these eountrlee, Tou know, your own ohannele, you weteh slash eiovee. There are nil kinds ofoing ononstruction of launching rdatforna, building up ecdrcs.

IBh. St Here le on lntorestlnr. Aeietlt recently,vaaogether all the Jeednre of the Voreav Tretehtefs ell were chiefs of py-eerel staffs, end allwere there, and woreat, exorcise (CPX) at thefor abort two week*. All the sdrdstor* of offense andstaffs*emcrrcie* were operctlng in meneinmre Cffenalve operations on rape cgninsrt the foe, openlywhich were open to Ptteeh fren the cir by th* British,andrns. andoufortere level and


Di Th- Second

the lrrgeRO-ttCB.

0: Vhat rirfcer has It? Ci Tou knov, Itwdber. It used to b* the *th rAreetornte, bat nov they ere ehnrrjliv* the structure, aloe* th* arrivalkr*>rov. Ul give yon ep-elfie* Inter end an or^rnltntlonsl ehnrt_. Thereirect oratealled the 7th vhleh la for Chr-ileol endarfare. Here yon here the nost inportent ge^venili,nd iryortant clirglsts end bacteriologists. They hove their own be reft, in Siberia ml other pine* a. By the wny, it la very irur?rt*ntb the Ural dlon wistiteral rein there. In order to knock cut the breln, the rll-powerful brala. There the forge the asdthy- All the beeryre there, *rrl fnctorle* arn being built urslergrcund. on't knov erectly "hat koi^lrcty.

Ifl8. 0: In Un radiologicalnder the Cheoicsl Directorete? Bi Ten, it is under lt, yea. 0; ec, so It is like That's right absolutely right. How Vhen, there is the Code Directorate In tlv General Staff, v* have (in cau) the Oth Section--but here itir-ctorete. The 7th le tbe CDS, thenh THrec teretehe one vhlch works with thn Countries of the People e' Tocoerreles. JfV controls the amy thereureau of Inatnieiors -The v* opens, bring" their people her* for Instructionhishe IRIS Wrectorute. 0: Thle la intaff: Si Teein the General staff. That Is th* structure of the nersrral Staff.

Ol Tkvi't you (efdj)irect omte for the Countries of thn ,'cples De-yjerrcles. Si Ho ve don't. Ver* to do vith countries of Peoples Deoccracles vith the Tenth Directorate of the Generel fitoff. do not eonduct lntelligcneenn against the enuotrlcs of Peoplee Denocrrcl-s. Ci Bbv ebout tbe edhrlsors? Si We horn advisor* vho are Intelligence



offlcere of CTll vhn *tudr th* lntelU**mce of the eouotrle* of thoOcraeteB rnd they ere sent ao advisor* to th* Tenth Mreciorete of tho General Ftaff, Sney send the officer* off fren thora end they eontrol then endtheir effort*. We toeeh th*eople of tbe Countries ofnnooreede* throtii



Oi are ercther srall euertlcn,berart to nek yon, vith respect to the Hs*Ue*. The Mur-slnn larrouvr-uroe In prfntlrej *lnee the letterad thereyp-vrlter. Vhieh designation belongs to tha rocVet rou'v* described. " could etnnd for fcnltneyn. Si Bo. hree, end it couldn't be 7cnlti*rrn sine* the rocket* are *Mrfoee-to-eurface. e explain: ocket designation' and the

re dcvolcprsnrt* of tlieis, roehetn withflection*. Oi why doe* It begin Si That I* bee rune the adopted nodal wo* theie** are nodis tHoreof. Furthermore,the eerie* beginnlnGrvow:t belong* to rocketI*esignation and ell auxiliary eruipnent if it ho*et nil.vlll elvcys begin vithth Bowfii *esIgnitionue&nvRye Ustnaovka) for free rocket*. They launch*

13L Oi Trnr short the fp-3! Si Thatocketo speelrl IrprcvorerTt of the rAwrlnn, vhichibrrrlnonuuVee yocool, end thejrrjfhn*for use by tneore^s. FYrrJtcrnnto. vhotaff, end vo^ i* nov rtudylcV* et the WUtnryend" vholecturer mi the Artillery /endear, toldthis, end they ore new studying lt. o; Vhnt doenean ho re 7 Bi ow indrvorimthey added thohen thi* van odoptcd for the Orair*!wrote nil thi* up.

J: noes he knov hov rroxy nterde mrtxsnrlm* they aoviere told "up tohey did not anyoilersreon ue. fl- Is that-ore "*

a /

Ielieve that tMre emrybe aa many as tventy.Wwrtly II vhen vna thi* you Jvnrd it the lent tine? Si This vea et theaa


taking the Boursesear ago (Subjeet'e course*0) This eonatruetlon la beinghueumber of old neval vessels to heraioh attention waa elvers paid to eilbrviTinea end the dotowchod. They ere not building any rlreroft eerrleroi theyexpensive. Title all he join vhen Kosnetsov ves removed. At Isretired. At that tine he protested abort the leek ofthe Soviet Bfcvy bvt Xhruohehev, snnavjrted by th* Generalto xedriee even the very smell Jknrlet lorry. Baecwer,being conatrxieted. Vhat other cveetlons do you a ,

V. usr 'vOL

Or Vhat do yon neon by tb* ternseviation fron the coursed Si teviationet eonree. Thl*lee* after, the rarions ttabter* and rudder* her* brought the mioslleoeltlon of aero deviation snd after thn missile then eonplrtea Itc netIre period cf flight endon tounrd the tercet, "Rren" Is tbe enount of deviation, or turning, of the nl sells necessary to strike the gj In other vords, rren" must be established. ru Tea. Itelclnted deviation, and If it le not correct, the rocket vlll not hit theou seead plermed vn* forto have ptcked np all the material and hnre your cxrerrtot prior to ry arrlTal her*. Oi Do youce-peterrt to nnnver qiv-stions on thle" fit rvn, ant eren if scrvythlng ia'noT clear totui cheek lt cor later. a sureave vrltten wool/ be understandable to yonr aetentists.

XJS. Oi et did you mean by tV tern -Chlslo"? I'dlt for you In your original notes. Then yon on see the 0: Flase* keep in nln* that then- large missile* are- r'nlenllee end advlee your scientists not to look for rjt (Ghovs subject hie orl?lnal notes.) Ol ee

vhat yon Ikor* i* hev this vorke. Thia ween* that the control circuits op-rntepecific pre-set scyyne* during the rocket's fVIedit. ere drevn up how these control circuits work. At firste dlnlt lea In controlling thecxect" current impulse feed ct the light tins, but thism solved. Another interest Inn fletail Is thrt th* gyrooeopss vhlch erextenrivnly uoed In rockets ere gold-plated to avoid ece-roslon by oxidation. Flatlmra la also used to behat delicate lnstrnnents do not corrode. 0i hnre la the dlagren vhere tho "Chlolo" Is indicated. Si Vhnt that means is thnt


different oltltudoe the atrmepherle pressure changes, It drop* aa tha nlesll*and thia affects tha thrust. Tothn desired thrust, tha furl feed rata la nod*y to obtain the neoeesnry thrust, and thia la vhat la referred to by Chi Tour ao lentlll understand this. It haa to do vith altitude and this system of Fltot tubes, end the pressure regulator prorldes for the eorreet thrust end spred of theis thru all phase* of Its active flight.

St ell this began fron tbef thehooe scientists are still vorklng for us^Speeklng of Oernans, you I hero seen'now often Khrushchev threatened toeparata peeeehe nnp. Be vill not do this because lt couldr. Heot ready to fire ad ss lies now snd he villnr at thiaren though he Is giving rockets end training personnel to th* POT,re still for fron being ready to us* then.

lyi* 81 ern heard son-thing youont The Turks have sent song secret rdlitsry nleaion to Mcecov.hope thnt this may hare been none vith your sanction but youto see If the Turks sre not ricking some secret deal vithon tell you exactly Vhen this happenedt va*ond one-half end three months ago. The Turksuestcdspecial into fron tine to time, vhleh doesn't seenyou'd better check on this Turkish nlnsion to Moscow. novthe nan who pcoccyx"riled this military Turkish mission ves ovho formerlyu end vho graduated fron the HDj" oneI did. HI* nam le VCeXCTCT. He la nov etetlonrd lnhohe'rdBBConas supposed to meetbe ve* bringing *na* thingsrom Turkey. They ver*vife. orted la Tinkey vithittle before. Ho was

four deys and did not telephone ne, but Ty secretary, FOi/r= JJtOTA, who 'works for tho llln- of Foreign Affairs, snv hln on the street.

nene is Aleksey. She ssked bin vhet he was doing then and he

that he vns visiting hie perents luut ha bad not beenend he cem withiet Turkish nleaion to ft scowdays. He has been in Turkey forre new snd hoe stillreplnoed. Ton ehould check on these Turks. Cf course, ifo planned nl salon, thntifferent; end if aid from

to ell countries, that Is good for us since Ittrain for then.




of tbe MOA graduates go to KDB. Oi of your' ela

Oi Do you knowr STAJOt vho were formerly in Si on't know them,ola yen

It vould

QKU and oxo now In KGBi yesterday the* bo very heTpful If you'

give ell lafoTnatlon shout then ao to vhere they vent and what their pre gent functions are. 61 Showroup of photographsill spot 0RU officer* for you. Bi Wo will have this for you. Bi Before ny departure? 0) Of course. 8t Please try to arrange then In packages such an Soviet FTabaesy personnel In Turkey end also inclose th* TOTOFBKTOTTO. By theented toplonatle passport Justident to Turkey, but they gov* neervice passport. (Subject shows hla passport.) See, your^rlna was Issued on Oth of April.

spent near/ years^anprigat generals and marshals^ even ny wife'a fathereneral and ny grand-unci* also; but his" grandson, no, I'molonel. I'll never bseneral, since ny fatherhite Amy officer. Oi ouldn't be too euro. Look at. Be hod evenhite Amy offleer hlaoalf at one tine. 61 They don't trust no; they'll never makeeneral. Hy problem now le to do our work and be ready to fulfill your orders. Oi ont you to realise that the nest basic consideration we have toward youumanitarian, Irrespective of how leportont you awry beourc* of Information. W* regard you aa an Individual first of all. 81 nderstand yon end asi very grateful for this. Ituite different with ub and nany good people have ysrlshed. Oi Tn* difference In the systemsary simple to understand. All govei inomt leaders In countries of the Tree world ar* servants of the people. Ve even use tba expressionann the Berries vhen he le military or in government work. In ths USER the governmentverything and th* individual is nothing.



Si equest thnt prior to my departure you here your experts look over theave submitted so that we cen review It. Ve een work her* together without Bleeping sad so can th*i Th* pmblwtot only to find rocket experts hut on* whoussian apeaker, end he sides ve er* trying to keep thia vhol* natter aecnr*. Oi We're going ahead very eerefully vith this eren by consulting with experts, ve nest be sure that th* knowledgeable people ere keptlnlmvi. Ei In ay opinion, this should be coordinated by soneone high np In your general staff who understand* how to handle this. Although there nay not be saury question* nov, I'n sure they will arise later. Oi You'r* absolutely right.'

lbl. Si Tell ns--do you think vtstp: did the right thing by not taking all ay naterlslffered lt to bin. Oi Renenber helvple nortel, and not an intelligence nan. Si Don't tell him anything about tht*. Os Of course not, ve are discussing lt amongst ourselves* Bi ave lt to bin on the way to the airport. We were sitting ln the beck of the car alonenev that th* ear was "clean". Re said he was afraid but be took tbe letter and one document. Later ln the toilet he was frightened; he took lt enyway but he wouldn't take anything else. as very disappointed In HFRRXHAR and rcBRIDK. They should have simply delivered my naterlsl to the British Fmbaoey and their mission vould hnre been completed.

lU2. Oi By the vay, do youan ln your outfitI A. Db only Joined the OffTK recently end is presumably Inon't reiwrnber any such name. nov ny ovn sectionX don't knov ell the others. 0: he's vorklng In th*

Direction. Si All their offices, sone ten of.then, ar* next toon't renewber any such nan*. .Our nelghbora *re. *reryvaere_ln_the hey are ell over the piece. 0: bo you knov who they are? 81 Ofo. For example, their reeldent In our eoncltteellch LfTTSX heolonel Just like ns. a* la tall and nen. nev hi*now hla esse They also So th* MM" thing that ven gled yon asked the question. They end ve coopt ordinary worker* of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs end of Foreign Trad*. They work for esj ve pay then nonsyj and they sign an obligation. Ue el so do thle with scientists snd th* wonen. oopted KILOVICCY. Be Is nowthe English Sector vltb BCTiw niXCV. RTRrsTIITOV le the Rngilsh Sector ehlef In our group of


Oi Whet la your program for tcworrovl Si Hyaa follovai lll get up0 houmj after hmskfaa* Iup ay professorad w* snort ba at tbaour*. Hy eablo la thera nowot lt releasedve can etoy la London longer, not only to eee nor* oftoittle longer vith you, vhiehmportent. Ithe Ambassador vlll receive ne0 hour* and atvlll eome by with hi* car and ve vlll go to eee eon-thing orthat ve ehall meet withorand later v* vill bevork together. Oi At Vhat tine vlll you be able to cone When vould you vent not Si Tou tell us vhen you vill be Tou knov I'd like to walk arounditX haven'tmter* yet. There are very nany fine thing* to see In th*ny wife haa givenhole list of things to get. Themvases node of porcelain. They eovt aboutound*. gleental eoeraander, vehe center of tho lndnetry in Cseehoolovokia, and Xall kinds of porcelain vnaee and other Items. They even gavevtse to Kbnov and to ne. Anyway, I'hare mere/ expenoivehorao, including rugs from Turkey,ireigh

Si Thi* aide-de-camp Buslnov to tbe enrahol (vAFTwrncv)lwoya broke. He has three ehildren end be often asked me to take him rxsoevhem, so, having money that my wife doesn't know anythinguy him cognac. He knows that when onebroad there em always extra allotments In foreign currency, so he Is not surprisedave all kinds ofle normal. ike to live fmoly and now and thenady out. now how to approach thornever drink to excess like Burl nov. oy all thts to youeel youknow all about ne, and If you ordered me to atop doing all these

d hnva> to atop. Tou know what tho moral views of our aoTrrnmmnt arm, end ao Tar I'to never been In any trouble, but ell these sett-vltles require mcmey for gifts, errtertainment, ete.

Bt et ro/oelf Into debtish you vould consider hov to reinforce ny flnnnelolit. I've already thought of buying odds end ends herean sellrofitnov eome wealthy Jews In Moscow vho can even handle diamonds. Whatever Is tooay need to buy five or six navy sweaters end all kinds of other stuff. WTBTR con bring thet to an later, but If lt Isould like to have more mormy to buy theeo thingsn hereany rubles as yeu can spare to take beak with ne. ave one debtPD new rubles. ood friend of mine gave mm the money to get him, through my connections Inuite of furniture. rdered this and have the receipts to showpent the money gradually. Bow many rubles did you plan to give meT Ot (Deliberately wishing toower figureo planned to give him,said Bi HewOi Tea. 8t Well you see that would Just about cover ny debt less twenty rubles end would leave ne nothing at ell. Well, I'll be able to buy the furnitureem It ordered. ave Justew TVempeed toublna. hought ofmail translator radio hem (Subject woe given an operational trmsletor radio later). wear by my daughter and my fatur* work with youo the following. ust bring each and every friend of nine noma small item, since they known going abroad. It does not have to be an expensive Item In every ease but it vould be extremely bad to neglect anyone.

(fkibjectong and wide variety of items ouch a* fountain pens, neckties, ladles' nail polish, lipstick', of medicine* for Just run-of-the-ntU friends, and momspecific i for influential friend* *uoh asnd eolonele. As mcnttened againater treneeript, after thi* meet ins; was over Subject knocked on the door sea*inute* after he left. Be vns dressed in trousers and his Jacket over hi* underwear. He eon* to look fornotebook he lo*t, vhieh fOrturarbely, fell into the slot of the armchair In which h* wo* sitting. et detailed, beautifully prepared lint of iteo* which



hin wife prepared. It contained magnslrie elippinga ofo-treble fine ladles* veer written oat In red ink and itesrieed. nam nra also repes of the actual foot el tat of hie wife's ond daughter's foot in tho notebook. Subject elabrooted on theae Items, vhlch visually more then ede<jantely oirpported his earlier steteoents concerning the Items he was expected to bring back. In view of the foot thatore made laterTHWR to bringultens* full of Items vhieh Subject had planned to get through Cantons with no ehmek, lt should be stressed here that many of these Item* vould unquestionably have important operational elprilicence, since they will he given to important Soviet personages vho will sutOBetieally he valuable, unwitting informants.)

edition to friends Subject mentions who ere prominent, ihibjeet also had rjentioned oom sseistant to PetuXbov whose name is, revel Avrekovieh CfBCVmyJt.) St By the way, this noma le frrtous, since he vns the chief administrator under Molotov end now Is the chief administrator for Petukhov. In my notes Ithouldight filter for his camera, as veilood. re sure thla will cootounds, endid not receive noney forannot avoid bringing it. I've got to brine every girl and ny secretory in ell offices et least one Iteo, even though it nay be the cheapest lipstick lo Fnglr.nd. Fveu to 0VE>HIA5I'bist tell you about hla. Ha is nye to norried_to_theosyrjln. Bis father was a'lieutenant eemeral in the RTB. B*eorglcn. hink he Is dead. SI* secretary, Tslya, asked an toome nail polish to natch lipstick, on't bring this,TAWT, who leimilar alot to mine, but inS hi roc Hon will bring this. Be has been in tbe US twice nowelegations.

I'iO. By theust remembered son-thing Inportant. 'i.-ffc We ere eonduetinfi soientifle intelllreoo* tyyinrt per the

assigned Intelliry-nce missions nf the yar, covering ell coneslveblepi li I types of Industries, therepecific intelligence targets listed. On vsch target there were supplsssmtrlvo, three, or more. The tarnete, broadly speaking, were non-ferrous metal industries, steel Industry, ell phaoee of the oil industry, etc. The interesting thing lo that. targets were duplicated and trap Knitted to tbe


delegations going to Cfcnedn. ave It to then vith ny own hrnfl. specified thnt they shouldhis In C'xxVta bec/awe so nreh of basicndustry noes US products. Ton ahouln atop thla. ill get for you, with all officialonplete list of ell theae eerdcringe Instruction* given to our Aelegatlons. Other duplicate copies of this vera also sent tc ether countries: vhere US products axe need.

lh?. J: ould reconurndisease hie fleravdal situation ogcln tcirirrov. Oi Let ue fix the tine vhen yon will coon toaoiTov. S: ust thought of iwrvrtlilng. ouldorot, oot more orn euroould eeeh lt In for ISCO ruble*. Ccorider this, and possibly ve con so vork It out that you vlll not be concorned shout passing any nonles to no through contacts In Hoecov for eoeje tine. Ot We vill consider all this end we'll talk shout it oone nore tcfsorrov end will try to ecrsiiy with oil requests which era reraonable. St Veryill go nov and tomorrow let us plan on roetingO0 bourn. I'll try to enne0 hOMrean. 8; Where it ny key: (The correct key was found and given to Subject) (subject left et OlhO hOTtrn on


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