Created: 8/1/1961

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too, my good friends, la thnt ftm understand me cerrectly and nave no doubt*, yob rbould set langh at my re one at to Ma* thahand, Alt jroo eesd to say laarva aad; rat reachedtatare ta deserve this and In thet caseav* to do Is to work, werk, vnrrfc.

1 At Onr work haa baea progressing properlyloosly. Tear reliance hna baea top grade and lanew that withr*lt*ti*na net only pen tart on*d people ar* working va onr mate rial t. At*eg ran ta understand me and net t* be *Wended bp *neh reeneats. Althoughltarr,ounglhart andeas te understand why, If th*nv* den* la indeed valued,m refused tMe gsstars vrMeh woulde ranch to rn* la th* svnss of my moral*. m mors than spoiledm Indeed deeplyerthat hna been done fer ra* In thle respect.an eay far thle Is many timesa fe*l. however, that others before me whe also did ae mnch to help the Vest vrere perhaps shewn mare appreciation and more encouragement by psesmlnent people personally, purely from the morale point of view.o appreciat* that lord MOWNT BATTEN'* repre'entstive met meMnk If there vr*r* more treat la Perhap* you heve not studied me enough to feel sere,hinkaoaest fer each recognition la correct.

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I thinkig mansurhm--wowld eemVf*ould considerecognition proper and desirable,ould find time to moot, ineptro and thank suchsoldier. Xf thsre Is act enough yet to thank me for, then let's not talk any more about It. Maybe It will take another els: monthsear but underatand ma correctly.omanticl after all romanticism la aa Integral part of them doing. m slightlyould have never brought the matter ap at all, had Itn raised officially by yoa.ave gten myaelf heart and eaol. All my thoughts andave dedicated to title work. In eptte ef all the difflewlttes feeingav* surmauntel many obstacles to achievelanned. Vhy couldn't eome enthusiasm, acme encouragementewn to me In exchange by your leader* of the TA aat? Of courseave not yet earned thla, then all le elearillwar*n It. 9aeh encouragement leto me mere especially If aay,onth'sm eanght and finished!at If aay, they wouldireman's Sadder outside my window and catch m* la the act of photographing documeatayselfm not observed? ill be forced to come oatonth's time. Allention aa negativei and reject them,


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