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improvement of our collaboration. m convinced that the tempo of my work will increase considerably in the near future and that Is the reasonave asked that meetings should now take place weekly, so as to enable me to hand over the considerableill prepare for the Western Governments, covering all problems of interest. Finally, my tasks are now clearer to rae andave the opportunity to Increase rayulfill these tasks to the full. aise my gloss tooast of gratitude.

S: To tell the truth, there Is another reasonpeak personally to someone from the Western .Highthat Is notave any secrets from you (my caseutequest to make. m happyn at least able to state my wish via the microphone now. It l! almost two yearstarted gathering material for you,onsiderave now been In active cooperation with you for three months. Three months isignificant timera most grateful and satisfied with my collaboration with you in this room, and wish to thank my American and British leaders for all the help and encouragement given me, and ask the said leaders to thank their case officers for their hard work during these three months. Three months nay seem little, but isen considerederiod of active work in Intelligence. This work will become even raore active, and for thissk/for weekly contacts starting from October,

S: ould like to ask my leaders to thank you for the rk which ycu have carried out. If necessary, "let them take from ray own personal means, from the suras which are already at my disposalsk my leaders tc give each of. JANET,tthe photographer and wirelessach;he technical secretaries, the workers, translators,houldach:I This Is from me, ray modest present,sk my Governments once raore, and their command, to fulfill this request. m grateful that you have rewarded VYNN'E and the Americanontacted and In appreciation of the fine work, support, advice, and Inspiration you have given me, into the farewell kiss and brotherlyill give you inake this request for the material expression of my gratitude. (He is thanked and told that everyone would be happy to work with him if they didn'tarthlngl He is told that he has always been considered "one of us". He is thanked for everything he has done, is doing and will do, and is promised full support In his work. Speeches of thanks and toasts continue. He sends greetings and thanks to everyone he knows and those co-worker of his that he hepes to meet in the future. It Is emphasized to Subject that however important the material is that hc hopes to get



s, to photograph,e must always remember that his continued personal safety takes priority; he must not run any unnecessary risks in order to get material for us.) S: For ne it is not only your respect, for ne it Is your order. (In English.)

27* ocial interlude follows, with more toasts and light Jokes.) S: Let us all sit down, as per custom, before parting. It is nice to meet with you and hard to part. hink of you daily as you of me. We have worked out quite along "tail" for all contingencies In the matter of communi cations, which is very important as there may be changes In my work. However, whatever the changesill remain in Moscow. Thay may take me into ths General Staff, away from the Committee, in which case we will change over to pure agent-type contacts. Cray. Hell, we can operate on the basis of the oid acnualntance-sHTp with JAh"ST. This Is very intelligent, firm and correct. However, we must hurry to organize my actual possibility for this acquaintanceship, the official introduction. (Subject is assured that this is borne in mind.) S: an spit on everything that comes. an meet the husband anywhere, accidentally, on the street, greet him, ask-about JANET, etc.

Let me review. hought everything over;everything; and reported everything. The plan is clear.

H: This was an excellent opportunity to clear up all points which were unclear previously. S: Soma of the questions put to me related to materialad either already forgotton about, or aboutid not know very much. G: No one can be expected to know everything. S; The more so when bearing in mind the security controlssst Olrsctorate Is one; you need another me for the 2nd Directorate. Or rather, the model cf the pass is the seme, jut the marks on it er* different; the designations are different. There are designations and signatures Whyall them designations or markings? There Is anfor this. The guard Immediately locks at this marking; heot of people through quickly; he looks at the marking; he doesn't look even at the photograph and your face; he know* the marking. After all, they arriverowd and leave In one too, before and after work. Well, -in the middle of the working day, when it Is dull, you can go In andundred times.

This time we were unable to go over an ar could be shown toxtill showspots which aret because, "despiteattern". arwith all the saneso thereattern. The hiding places havechosen, ara commodious, and are utilized It is Importanthould show all this to you, as it

Because VAHSNTSGVead of Intel SectionColcncl This very sane Colonel ZAIKAhand of the Intelligence Section on the 1st Ukrainianhe (VA3EXT5CV) is keeping him (ZA1XA) with hireave Intelligencean immediatelyand prepare myself for work on Combat Arm Intelligence,case on rockets. G: One must bear the following in mindall, everything happens In this lifeperhaps afterhave passed VARENTSOV may suddenly dieeart It happens. It may heppen. G: He is, after all, in his S: C'uite right. G: Then these ties may prove Cnc must take this into account. 0: ust tellfor the sake of VARENTSGV's memory KARIAFILIelping hand to me. They can't oil die of aat onceis deputies. After all, they won'thacks on me ell at once, but if they dothere arerelatives, the (Subject's last name, plural). Iftc the Far East 3nd work in from there we'll col-

lect ycu by submarine end take you to Japan when necessary; go with your family to such andarborishing trip and then rov;ew milesowing boat." That is also on alternative! In Khabarovsk, there Is exactly the same as in Moscow regarding the Armyand the Khabarovsk, the Far Eastern CKRUG (region). There is nc Khabarovsk OKRUG; It's the Far Eastern one. The staff Is in Khabarovsk. It's also Important. And there la the same materiel in Rigs and In Khabarovsk andelse. It's the same one as In Koaeow and In its surround-


5 J

S: an tell you thai, this year there is going to he aVatery big sounding out as to What theyo do with me. There is division here, two opinions. Some wish to makeeneral and bring mc on,neve become ripe for this, have sufficient education, experience and age. While othersrake on me, like SHUMSKIY end those below hisand those at the Centra: Committee, because of my father. It Isiddle to me hov; this matter of my father became known. sk you to help ma in thisto clear things up. Why was it not known before, that my fatherhite Guard Officer? hStyT If it had been known earlier, they would have told me about it earlier. Thay would not have let me go to Turkeyong mission. At the same time, only thanks to the facterved extremely well in the Soviet Army; was or. political work; was in three campaigns; was decorated on the Front; twiceegiment; fulfilled my tasksine efficiencyas, in all fields, in ail fields In my official. ot. They, of course, take that Into account; they have to take it into account. But what do you think? You ara Intelligent people. Why did the natter of my father become known? Why wasn't it known before. G: They dug and dug, and get to the bottom. S:

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