MEETING NO 19 - 20 JULY 1961

Created: 7/20/1961

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O Subject arrivedO houra on Ha beganthat thio day le the anniversary of the day three monthethey flrat net and started working for the Canoe. oastto the work done and to otlll nore to bethen

reviews his activities tha prevloue day, aa followai

3.t Testerdayent to the Embassy as well ao thio /ao doming, so/to clarify various points you asked -no about. Various new thlnga emerge whloh are of groat interest and importance to us (Subject had made extensive notes which he used sa an pent about thirty id notes at our Exhibition (Ksrls Court) with TfNNB and euboequently had lunch with his. Afterittle reatnew that in theado the Frfeasay" and later Test SgRCT'e ad latent to lie down for on "hour only, butoke Upad been aoleep for four houra! Justrrived at the Fmbeeey, PAVLOV also returned from the reoeotloa and went on to tell ma about the people be not there, epeciallate etc. Actually he (PAVLOf) told wo eome very interesting thingooat Interesting (new) twist ln Soviet strategic activities.

(Subject then recounts how he telephoned SEHUV'e wife and daughter at" their Bayewater hotel and want over to collect them and, although they were already ^in their dressing gowns preparing to go to bed, oonvlnced then (the wife and daughter) to corns out with bin, took them to his hotel rest sura nt and stood then an excellent moal for whloh he will oend the bill later! Subject renorka thst the SSHOYs1 attitude to him ia moat friendly, al thou ah he had only met tham nn the plena.rarj^ It emergee however that prior to his departure, on the day before in fact, subject had been summoned by Oen. 3SHOT who, after Informing him that his wife ond daughter were travellingourists tosked subject to take care of them, ensure that someone should rcompany them shopping, see that theyar at thoir disposal etc. Subject ond ths SBROVo actually cams over notcheduled flight but by the special plana sent over to collect ths KXROT Ballet Company.-And although Army-Oen. SEROV hadelegram asking them to be net, on arrival there was no one at the Airport,ar, nothing. Subject got the OVT representative to ring the Embassy andhole hour with the SKROVs before finally getting on the buo to the terminal where ha wae himself being met by *THHS who then took him to bis house. It was tho Fbhasay who finally arranged ths BWOvV hotel, sightseeing etc.

Although subject didn't oee the SXROVo any more that daysaw then ths osxthey were absolutely dellphted to see

hla. atter of fact tha daughter, who isears old, absolutely fell for hla! Subject goes on to recount hoe ln tho ear (taxi) ahe squeeaed up to hla end how both mother sod daughter expressed enthusiasm nt hla klndneaa end charm. Thisesult of his gift ofwhloh he




gave tha STRUT* for tha following reesonsi On arrival subject waa givenby tha Aabasey foruringesandlroTka* (offlelal trip) wharwaa tba SStOTa had acme dollars whloh aftar exohaege ezounted to only Generalowever had apparwntly particularlyardes settee-swing for his dacha, but tha cheapest oustConsequently Mrs* General decided toe script Its pamphlet end tha Qeneral would order it to bs oopled ln the workshope. Besides Che much preferred to spend ths money on blouses and oeahmere sweaters eto. Subject then offered bo buy ths swing himself for ths Oensrel, since hs had seated to buyresent anyway, but Mrs. SJROT suggested buying the General something else* On hearing thia, subject decided to give Mrs. Oensrel the money end let her chose herself. fie consequently offered to do eo in the taxi which took themlfdtt eight-seeing tour of the "set Snd. Mrs. 3BROT accepted with slaarity end Ineleted thnt on return tohe should without fell visit then et their dacha where all ths strowborrloo, honey etc. were at hie disposal, and that the debt of money would be repaid. Whereas the daughter, Ovntlena, ae so delighted thnt nhe expressed desire to donee rook sod roll with /

ia'ighter"Takaterinn,_who_alletconsequent ,

TIP notrbnly by virtue of hla poeition but beoouoe of hie relation


[ge] Subject then explains that Army-Oen. REROT was BZRIA'e deputy ln The old dayc, that he saa kept on by trmttUCKBV (after PRAIA'S liquidation) snd was later appointed President of the ROB. When the Presidency of ROB was handed over te SKFJwprsj, skroT onme over te eubjeet'a. on sirrrXKryn's -aal he saa appointed Chief of the 2nd wllitary Intslllgence Directorate. notwithstanding, subject describes his as "Just simple kindly old Ivan nlovsandrovleh" who cams to see hie family off at the Airport nnd humbly begged subject to help them while ia London, "snd thle lanoncludes subject, roaring with laughter. It elm emergeo that flBWT keeps bees at his dacha to cure his rheumatism)



Subject will moot the anWTe seals the following daythey are due to leave London on theh to visit other citiesU.K. and on tha

mm iii'i on vne not or Tiritors" both at theouse and dacha, not onlyubordinate of the General but also by virtue of having been eo ettentive to the General'e family. And sU it coot him was Subject Intends to cult irate thio to the full by visiting the SKROTo ns often as possible and by patting ths daughter occasionally since she seemed to like lt!

(^) Apparentlyaughter, who although not very beautiful la very intelligent, is at ths moment studyiog et ths aiknysn Aviation Institute where she hopes toegree of Engineer In Aviation electricallektro-oborudovanya eamoletov").

6V Subject says hslra believer ia enlarging bio eircls of aooualntanoee amongst houees "cfo as to widen hie ooopo of possibilities, adding that hs has another similar "usem" acquaintance.)

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