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began to back away froa accepting Katanga's subordination to Leopoldville at an early stage of the Kltona teetlng.

{not having 'psychologically accepted the fact he was aulng forshombe gave ao evidence he had changed bis viewsonfederal relationship in the Congo, and he accepted tbe eight-point Kltona' agreement only on tbs basis that It was subject to approval of tbeauthorities.

Tshombe, whon ho returned to Ellsabethvllle, seemed to confirm by his actions Adoula's assessment that "each time Tshombe is close to defeat be asks far negotiations, but wben the fighting Is stopped hetbe agreement.** Thecouncil of ministersthat Tsboabe bad no authority to commit the Katangan people and that the agreement bad no validity because lt was lsposed by the UN and the US. Foreign Minister Klaba andMinisterof Katanga's secessiontho consuls ln ELlsabetb-ville "on behalf of Tshombe" that Adoula snd Tshombe had agreed only to accept the the so-called Fundamental Lawtbe basis for

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Tsboabe for not having committed the Katangan people and declared the Katanganassembly Is the "only valid authority" competent toecision.

Tshombe hasatanga parliamentary delegation to Leopoldville "to discussof certain articles of the constitution." Hecertainly aims to leave bis position sufficiently hazy on the Kltona agreement to give bimaslf time for maneuver, and to try to extract furtherfrom Adoula. Tshombe himself has expressed doubt that the Katanganis scheduled to meetanuary--would ratify the agreement. The assembly, on Tshombe's orders, may reject tbe whole agreement or portions' of it. In any event, Tshombe will probably assume the pose that he must Bblde by tbe will of the Katangan people.

Onecember, hepublicly the right of the Fuilongun people to freedom and self-determination and called on the leaders of the free world to "examine andif the war against ae is fair or if it corresponds with the Ideals of tbe OB." Katangan Foreign Minister Kimba's current trip to West European capitals is probably designed to generate further support for Katanga with the aim of blocking aof force by the UN.

Tshombe's iret action may be limited since Klmba, Munongo, and Finance Minister Klbwe probably "have the bit in their teeth" and would move against Tshombe If he made any serious aoveettlement.

Adoula waa extremely wary lest the Kltona talks be used

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by his opponents within tboto undercut bin, snd he included extremist Minister of Interior Chrlstophe Gbenyeember of his delegation. Adoula appears to have accepted the agreement only under the advice ot UK and US officials. Adoula--as Tshombe'scoatlnues--aay become Increasingly reluctant tooderate approach.

Adoula has threatened "energetic action" against Tshombe if be falls totbe agreement. Aware of bis limited capability la tbls respect, he and othorgovernment leaders have succeeded la getting UNtoongo battalion with the DM forces la Katanga,the UN intends that these unita will be restricted to northern Katanga, Leopoldvllle say have other plans.

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General Mobutu reportedly is willing to use UN support to get his battalion to Kamtnahe feels ls the best Junplng-off point for anto tbeintends to Insist on liberty of action for bis forces. Mobutu isto giving total control of his units to the UN because he thinks that "under theof certain influential members" the UN could cease to prosecute the Katangan Adoula, with his own position threatened, willincreasingly Inclineough lino toward Tshombe; he has already indicated publicly tbat further talks with the Katangan leader are useless and that Leopoldvllle has made all the concessions possible.

the deep-seated struggle for control between tbe moderates and left wing ln the Adoula government may break into tho

for the Kltonnremaining acuto and one which may end ln violence.

Top UN officials ln New York say they contemplate no military action in Katanga except in self-defense or to bold existing positions and communications. UnderBunche has said that the UN will allow Tshombe up to one month to implement the UN resolutions.

Foreign Minister Klmba has stated that Katangathc right of freedom of movi-mi'tit for Its forces, and

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forces jrc 'olng advantage of the hold-fire to regroup and bring up reinforcements.

"an impression tary circles may bemaneuver" shortlyf the Katangans do not accept the Kltona agreement. The civilian population ls"scared andrussels has requested US help ton and children.

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