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central intelligence agency




to bringow meeting between Adoula and rshombe. aimed at facilitating Katanga's reintegration with tho Congo, havo lately been overshadowed by preoccupation on the part of UN authorities with the establishmentS military presence in key towns of southern Katanga.

toldIthat the UNfy out itsconcerning Katangan so* cession and the ouster of He contended that Tshombe" had agreed to theof UN lorces ln Jadot-vllle, Kolweal, and Klpushl, and thai should be renege.ltbe necessary for tbe UN to use force. Reports from the US Consulate in Ellsabetb-vllle indicate that Tshombe has tended to qualify hisconcerning UN movss to the three towns, and Tsbombe may feel that he has concurred only ln principle.

western delegations in New

York, MmTamTMmTamfMamfafM

have sought to deter the UN from

any precipitous move In southern Katanga. Reports from Jadotvillt


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current intelligenceumvart

Kolwezl lndlcato thatamong Tshombe's forces are generally high, and tbat in the absence ofTK move to occupy tbe three towns could trigger new fighting. Tshombe.ecent trip to Jadotville and Kolvezl, reportedly raised with key tribal chiefs theof UN troop movements lo tbe area but did not obtain their concurrence.

kept ln the government and not be allowed to side with the opposition.

Recent movements of UN forces to the Elisabetbville area have underscored security problems In Klvu and northern Katanga provinces. Thereto be reports of pillaging by Congolese Army bands only

both Adoula and Tshombe appear agreed inon the desirabilityew conference aimed at ironing out differences which havesince their meetloc at Kitooa ln December. Adoula, although critical of Tshombe'so implement tho Kltona accords fully, bas invited him tofor furtbsr talks. Tshombe, on his part, basa meeting at Kb ulna. Katangan loaders appear resigned to some degree ofwith tbe Congo, they have shown no inclination to accept the central government's primacy in oucb areas as control of tbe armed forces or fiscal policy- Katanga continues to issue its own currency, and Tshombe has yet to spellormula by which the central government would share lnmining revenues.

In Leopoldvllle, It ls still unclear whether former Interior Minister Gboayo will accept bisebruaryby Adoulaice Western observers believe that in view of Obonye's position as head of Lumumba's political faction, it isfor Adoula tbat Obenyo be

nominally responsive to General Lundula ln Stanleyville. UNln Leopoldvllle fear tbat Lundula, who now appears attached to the central government, lm faced with Increasingly serious disciplinary problems,ln the Klndu area. Public order ln Stanleyville hamsince Gizenga's departure, but the economic sltuatj .inuos to deteriorate.



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