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>am Higher; School af Social Sciond j about'the!.'books on theFDBhat they concentrate'on the peraoi j ocial" forces that'molded their policlea'. he preaent Soviet approach? and this isa. set or .have" arrived at it ini

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^toriegraphj.he. .exceseee.he Stalin era are now ascribed toThi6 isarxist analysis, Stalin wasconvenient. labeUfor^a'aeriea' ef.eventa now known -as 'Stalinist.' Stall.

did net/cemmit .his" criaea "alone |', he' was aided and abetted by Molotov, Malenkov t'*and^alsa"by'ithrusbchevi* Susiov* and Mikoyan. Further, Stalinism was but aof the^epoio-econoBic base of the country. '. And what washe dependence of the Judiciary, the.state's . ^'ownership iof^tne"Beane .'of production." The Soviet student listened in ai-

Be asked do what, in ay"view,.are the weak points of the Sovietthat-the NATO General Heuaiager be tried for war crimes. eplied that, most I. ,'ebvioufllyi; it waa the delay in'presenting theears after tho end of


thy, war)ade it clear, that the deaand was calculated merely to embarrassbe'.Westj. e agreed, "itolitical trick oo tbe part of thej^uVao't'.it clear that the West harbors' thousanda of Nazis and thataid, "there are also Nazis in'.Germany'aad in aome of the satellites (laald 'people's democracies.

rectedme with " e objected, "all the known Nazis in Cast Germany, have been punished." old bis to explain tbe cast of von Paulus, the.'Geraan Coaaaader at Stalingrad, who died very peacefully io bis East Geraao Villa. "Ite agreed, "not to sheet hla." But, he insisted that'there.were' no other cases. rotested, "look at theichaann" case.' Do you kaow'that the OSSR was tbe only nation that refused te cooperate with Israel in the gathering of evidence." "But ho was sentenced, to die,protested. aid, "that is notoint. The.', fact'le"'joe.:'country,"that suffered most from the Mauls, hXaa.^lrNazisBTaost^loudly, .refused to help toazi for diplomatic'reasons)'"By'.now^we had several of the Soviets around us). One Jof'thea cosaeated coldly that Israel kidnapped Eichmann froo ArgentinathaVthls[was illegal". t my angrj. "Thie legal arguaent ofsaldVof' the worst, kind (podlelehaye Two of the Soviets'nedded their beads.Toass aurderer under tbo guiseespecting the right of asylum receivedalse naae! way, theree Soviet.aeldiers who fell during,the war wbo are now turning in their gravetheir. government, refusing to cooperate ln prosecuting Nazi criminals Ev.en'Stalin .'would not'have had the audacity to refuse to cooperatethet that'Khrushchev.'hadl. (The students looked pale, but did notut"then, Soviet antl-Naziaa waa always contingent upon politicals; is'widely known', it was the Hitler-Stalin pact that unleashedne ofl.thf,students'The. pact was. necessary, but we *oh'outaid, "thereiae when Geraan

CoBBuclsts"'collaborated.with'the Gestapo in rounding up Geraanater jasked aenew this for sure, for he

I continued the con-unmasking of the "Stfelin camp.". old hie that

a the Bun-bloc. Bs lie- consider engtheniog

is nete retorted. "The more ltr Inaid (referringamous bark at elephants unless they are sure of Tou know the otherdded. He nodded."What would yousked, "if. recalled its ambassador to aNATO country?", He shrugged bis shoulders.

Germans? Don't you know that if you ara the bomb to China?" he asked. "Tou won'te seeaed'really surprised, at tbe West Geraass won't drop the bomb nnot be so sure that the Chinese won't drop upset.. added, "we must consider

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