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Current Intelligence Weekly Summary





Adoula announced onuly that he Intended toee constitution forapproval ln September. The proposed draft reportedly would providereaterof provincial autonomy than tbe Belgian-drafted Lol Fon-damentale under which the Congo now operates. Leopoldville haa aaked tbe UN to selectto help, and tbe Secretariat ia now trying to recruit Swlsa. Nigerian, and Canadian expert* on federalism.

Tsboatbe respondedlo Adoula's announcement, but said be wouldhow of the premier's sincerity. Tshombe's request thatof all six provinces participate in writing thewould, if accepted, probably impede progress. Cullion has warned that the politically weakened Adoula probably cannot afford extended discussion ofprinciples, and UNSecretary General Thant suggests that for tbe same reason Adoula may not be able to make any Isportant

Adoula, who is very dis-couraged with the slow progress on tii. Katangan problem, say still be thinking of trying In exert more pressure on Tshombe by attempting new attacks ln northern Katanga. Tbe movement lsst week of the Fifth Battalion from Stanleyville to Kabalo lo northern Katanga was reported loormal rotation of troops.


Leopoldvllle, and onelegation headed by Gbenye

tor us support said the Adoula government was illegal, criticized Adoula's handling ot negotiations with Tshombe. and emphasized their anit-Communlst orientation.unconfirmed report states that Bollkango. whomtheseems to bo pumping as Adoula's replacement, la receiving financial support from tbe Soclete Generals, the Belgian holding company which controls Union Mlnlere.

Partiallyesult of consultations with his Congo Adlvsory Committee (CAC),of UN members who have contributed troops to tha Congo operation, Thant now believes that the existing UN mandates give him sufficient authority to use economic pressures on Tshombe and to assist thegovernment's army Inlaw end order "in all ways short of actualhant remains firmly opposed to any UN military initiative,and the CAC supports this stand, lie intends toritten report to the Security Council betweennd IS August oa his plans for future action, and, according to Under Secretary Bunche, the UN ls unlikely to take any "drantatlc action" on the Congo before thenj

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