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Photographyovember shows that Soviet missile equipment continues to move Into portCasllda, and LaIs being loaded aboard ships. To data, photographs haveotal oflaalle transporters loading at Mariel andoading at Casllda. Furtherofovember photography Is underway.

An additional coastal defense cruise missile site waa Identified ln photographyovember. The alte la aboutiles soutbeaat of Clenfuegos ln Las Villas province. It appears to be operational and includes two unrevetted, canvas-covered launchers. This Is tbe fourth such sitein Cuba, the others being at Santa Cruz del Norte, ln Havana province; at Slguanea, on tbe Isle of Pines; and at Banes, in Orlente province.

No communique or official statement has been issuedon the Castro-Mlkoyan talks

The Cuban side In the talks with Mikoyan has beenof tbe five members now In Cuba of the key six-man Secretariat of the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations (ORI). These are Fidel and Raul Castro, first and second secretaries; Che Guevara; President Dortlcoe; and Emlllo Aragones. The sixth participant, veteran Cuban Communist Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, isember of the secretariat and may be filling ln for ranking old Communist Biasecretariat member who bas been In eastern Europe since early October. Foreign Minister Roa, who isop ORI official, has evidently been left out of the talks.

There are further indications that the Cuban military alert, in force sincectober, Is being relaxod. roadcast ln Santiago de Cubaovember referredpartial demobilization" of the armed forces and urged all citizens of the city to greet the returning "demobilizedho haveew victory over the threats of imperialism." The broadcast added that only those forces "necessary to halt any surprise enemy attack will remain for the time being in the defense positions of our country."


Soviet First Deputy Premier Kosygin's Revolutionspeech yesterday gave do intimation of major changes In the main lines of Soviet foreign policyesult of Cuban developments. There vere indications ln the speech that Moscow will concentrate on repairing the damage toprestige caused by Khrushchev's backdown in Cuba and on restoring an image of bloc strength and solidarity before embarking on new negotiations on issues such asuclear test ban.

Defense Minister Halinovsky's order of the day chargod that US actions in Cubaiolation oforms of international law" and created the threat of the beginninghermonuclear war. But, like Kosygin, he portrayed the USSR's actions as stemming from Khrushchev's personalto tho preservation of peace and stated that Moscow wasolicy of peaceful coexistence and theof all controversial questions through negotiation.

Moscow has strengthened its propaganda support of Castro's five demands. Radio commentaries beamed to Cuba say lt is "imperative" that the five points be adopted ln tbe "Implementation of US guarantees" of non-aggression Against Cuba. Other broadcasts say that Cuba's sovereignty "cannot be guaranteed" until the US accedes to these demands.

In Communist China mass demonstrations in support of Cuba and Castro's five demands are in their fourth day, Pelping news media have charged that some US politicians are "crying for an Immediate, direct military invasion" of Cuba and Pelping radio yesterday reported that (he USbuildup in Florida was being intensified.

Mikoyan has indicated that he isne-day stopover ln Mew York after leaving Havana, probably not before Saturday.


Indicationselaxation from alert status continue to be observed. Some East German Army and Soviet troops have been noted on pass in East Germany.<

that Polish three-leased has been Two Polish mech vest.

ar conscripts are being re-Warsaw, with the har-

extensive roadand western Bohemiamilitaryin areas adjoiningmany troops onPrague.



At leastoviet dry cargo ships are nov en route to Cuba, as veilassenger ship vlth moreassengers aboard. None of these ships appears to be carrying military equipment. Five Soviet tankers and one satellite dry cargo ship are also on the vay.

At least tvo, probably three, Soviet ships havethe Cuban port of Marlel vlth MRBMs and/ormissile equipment, according to aerial photography of November | TvoLEWINSKY KOMSOMOL and FIZIKare loading at tbe south coast port of Casllda where missile equipment has been assembled. These tvo ships could easily' carry on deck theissiles observed there, plus most of the otber equipment.

Three other Soviet ships are ln Marlel and one ls ln La Isabela vhere they probably are loading missiles and missile equipment vhlcb has been moved to those ports.

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