Created: 11/1/1962

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1. Tbe passport blank la of our manufacture. Io appearance lt oannot be distinguished from ao original of^ printing (RSFSR).

E. tta first too pages aro filled ln according to the dataassport actually Issuedsrtaln Tladiadr Origor"yerlch BOTOT. Ins serial number, eaebats, algnaturas, end all entries lnrs exactly ths sane as ln the passport of tbe real BlTOV.

3- Ve did not fill In tbe "hearer's signature" since ee hellere It better for you to sign ths passport yourself (la BOTOV'e name ofLEASE DO BOT FORQETB TBE PASSPORT (p.

h. Va osrer had eontaet vith BUTOV. Ve knov about hla only that hsuide at the Brussels Vorld Pair and on ths "Gruelya." Ve suppose that he Is still Urine In Mosoov, hot se do not knov bis eddreaa or placs of esmloynent.

5- Theadvantage ofassport (aa opposedcmplrtaly notional identity) Is that If there should bs aay inquiries,th VA litis Dept. In Mosoov can confirm thatassport vns Indeed Issued to BOTOV, sod that BUTOV vaa actually registered vith them.

had to take the place of vork sad ths address froa otherve do not hare this data for BOTOV himself. Ve registered you

on Xakorlevelciy Pereulok U,lnee this street Is located inth otd Nil. Vs don't knov vho actually Urea there, hut bailers this not to be an important point slnee you vill use this passport only outalde of Moscow.

place of employaeot ishe All-unionformerly of ths Ministry of Aviation industry). It Isrut uxor ably.

6. bltov la liable to nllltary Berries and ve did sot .vast to dream up bis nllltary history la order to filloyeasyy allot. Therefore, vith this passport you ess travel around the country end "register temporarily, hot application for permanent rssldsnee could cause trouble on account of tbe military registration problem. Ve areecond set of docuBaota for youifferent name vhere you vlll he not liable to willtary serrlee for nodical reasons aad villocument to this offset. Vith this set you vlll receive sachets vith nhloh you ean dereglster and dlaeaploy yourself, and vlll hare the possibility of applying for permanent registration If tbat becomes necessary.



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