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S OBJECT: Recent teporta oa tba Utuatlon ia France


i. adverse effeeta of tho recent Frenchla la on Da Gaulle'a some* tic prestige havepeculation orer ala iateatloas aad raised doubtsabout hia freedoa of aotion. fteeent oebleathe probloa raaga froa oalaoaa predictionspolitical oelLapao to hints of earlya aattio-at of allied aueisar

a. On theaicturewho

wishiuiiy--instability everywhere in Prance. Thayeaota aad unheeding Da Qaulle placing tho hlaaa for eoolel mnreat on tao aaouldera of hia ministers; tao latter are depicted aa lacreaalng-ly latent oa diaaoclatlng taeaaelTaa froa toooaa acaraaoacarlna; viee io aaproaaod ay Socialist loador Ouy aollet, vbo draw- aatiafaotioa from thethat De Gaulle la aot invincible, aad^eoateaplatee too political damage Buffered by tho Saullist party, tao

cot. "

3. Alao la tao alaralat category ia the ohnrgeocialist funotloaary ia the sintatry of tae Interior that Gauiiiat loadera have plana to eliminate proaineatata and aalaa paver if Da Gaulle dlaa Similar iaproaaloao vera received atarberf Conference by BeLgLaa Foreign Sinister Speak froa such aabittared aad frustrated aatl-Saulllata aaAntolae Pi nay aad Wilfred Saaacartaer. Once Da gaulle goes. Spank aaym, taeinded gang" aurrounding ala will prevent Senate praaideatfroa taking over, and alvll var rill result.



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t aad HA TO.

BftuMl explain FranaeTa insistence am Am Independent nuclear force, spaas banase sore than ever aoovinaed tbat Da Gaulle want* teut af turope. He believes De Gaulle would IM sol11fled enly by *nosripartite directorate, vfcish is aaao-oeptable to too other aontinental SATO oeuntrlea aa well aa to tha OX and. ganhooked natlenallasurope without the Til vould. aa says, tbaa dee-

troy both tba laropoan integration

Perhaps tba aoat surprising itea in thoof reports is tba opinion voiced by Oeneral Pierre Galloiaaris aatosssy officialpril. Oalloiaetired air fares general vbo now hoIda an executive position with tba Dassault Airoraftmanufacturer of tba mirage IT supersoaic bomber which will be tbe first generation euoloar weapons delivery system. He bas been tba aoat frequent and ardentof tba French national nuelaar deterrent and aa such baa brought De Gaulle's views an strategyide variety of audiences.

Inpril discussics, however, aeegrees froa his customary aplrlted defense of tba French nuclear foroe and described it aa ebeoletolt la la being. Sooviet are-captive atrihe vould wipe out the French airfields to be uaed by tba Mirage XT and tbat toahnlcal dlfflaultlea were causing significant slippage ia acquisition af tba aeoond ganaration weapons and delivery ayateas.

France does not bava tba reaouraea to ooapata vltb tba super povera, ha said, but Aaerionn policy baa left Da Oaulla vltb aa ekeice but to try to forgo an independent nuclear fores, oa-llels sredloted Da Gaulle vould comeconciliation with tbe OS if for no other raaaoB tbaa Hsue1 ear realities." as said Franoa vantsd mora tbaa any-thing va bavaa or isiofs*hon act rsaavad, aad if theera to sakeesture, France vould be content tosecondary" aoolear power.

Cosflmatlon for Oalloia' paaalalatio via* of tho state of tba FTenob vrogras ooaea froa aa official

of thewho cites alippage in

bomber produatloaaai Icoltles la recastH IC]

that the rreaoa failure to aadaHaor Us MB after to disease provision af Polaris alas lie technologysjor self-deprivation. Be aald tbat the PslsrUwould hare fitted vail lata tha projected Fraaoh program.

6. The eignlfic*Bco Of astateswata mat bo gauged In relationevise af Praanh foreifa policy moves la January, asby De Caullapril to Otto af De daaliela action la "postponing" British accession to tha common market aa nscosasry touturs laser Government under barsId Wilson from wrecking tba BSC. Having aocoaqiliBbsd hla long-range objectives, sad racogcisiag that hla actions hadertainla tha alliance. Be Baulle aa* felt it aaa time to patch up differences. Be stated that it van important not only to gat actual problems within tha alliance straightened oat, bat to restore the lapres-slon that tha alliance va* voritlag smoothly.

10. Xt ia hard to amy what these various 1

add up to. While Be Gaulle'a domes tin prestige baa definitely been tarnished by tha inept fashion la vhlch the recent alas strike was handled, there la aa real evidence that hla lataraal pelItleal position has been permanently weakened. It Is possible, however, that tho turn for tha worae en tha dsanettlo ecene has prompted hla to roeonsidar hla policies aa both the domestic and international fronts.

11. Although Oalloia* Visa aay be colored by tbe fact that hlaadapt the Mirage XT far low-levelrecently rejected, it ssess clear that the whole weapons ays ten program) ia runningne difficulty. Xt la possible that the eemclliatery vlava Be Gaulle espressed to Otto of Bapaburgeflection af hla appreciation of these difficulties. Va say ha casting aboutay to reaav diacssaloao with then the hope of obtainim* technolegioal aid far the French

progra* without loo lag face, tharo iaevidence, however, that De Gaulle la about to raaauaoe hlainternational objective afuclear atrika force which ho can aaalpttlate indepeadeatly.

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