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who returned fromonebruary, apparentlyto follow through wllh his plan to reconvene Parliamentarch despite fears of his close advisers. These advisers doubt that Adoula will be able to confine to discussion and approvalew constitution, and believe the deputies will takeeries of domestic issues with the aim of overthrowing the government.

Adoula's decision has sparked new criticism of the premier in this Inner circle which includes Congo army chief Inobutu, Surete chief Nendaka. Foreign Minister Bosboko and Congo Bank Governor Ndele. Despite the ending ofsecession they have privately but separately criticized Adoula sharply for his lndecislvencss and lack of the leadership. They vaguely they did last Deccmber--that they would take some action if Parliament seriously threatened the government, particularly if therehreatakeover by extremists. These advisers,do not appear to have worked out any concerted plan of action, or to have seriously considered any alternatives to Adoula.

There are reports that thedoes ln fact Intend to try again to overthrow Adoula. Tbe premier, however, is banking ona few members ofeshuffled government to deflect any such moves. Be will probably announce the newshortly before Parliament meets.

ebruary visit to tho Katangan capital of Eliaebelh-ville went off without seriousalthough antl-Adoula leaflets were evident ln the city and his car was stoned once. In his public statements Adoula mixed the theme of reconciliation wltb statements waking clear the centralintent to establish its suthority firmly in tho province. The premier remained noneommital on reunifying North and South Katanga. The majority of Balubatrlbal leaders are agitating for this and there is

1 Mar 63

considerable support for It among South Katangan leaders. North Katanganprovlndal loaders who mould lose their position lnare opposed, and Leopoldvllle appears convinced that the dangers of anotherattempt will be less ifremains divided. In apublished during Adoula's visit Tshombe asld he stillmedical care in Europe, but that he would return toas soon as possible.

A compromise has been worked out between the UN command and tbo central government over tbe Introduction of more Congo Army troops (ANC) into South Xataega. Adoula bas agreed that ANC troops brought ln will be underenporary basle,until April. So far, however, only one additional ANC cowpany has been brought to Elisabetbville, and further mtrains are certain if the UN command tries to stall further, particularly as tbe evacuation of UN forces There have been severalInvolving the roughing up of Europeans ln Klisabethvllle by ANC troops. Resident Minister ILeo recently said that the city was "rotten" wltb mercenaries, and that as soon as he had enough ANC troops he would cordon it off and engage ouse-to-house search.

Tbe seml-orgsnlzed armedgeadarme force threatens toerious security problem for the UN and the ANC.

Only aboutf the0 gendarmes haveand turned ln their arms.

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