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secretary to .i'versl (King) Kwasbutsa IV.


eculose friend end confidantins)IV, Leopoldihuoigani vas named perscral secretary to tneJust prior to the resignation cf the Government of Price Minister Pierre rrerderdumve In this pest he ranks in importance vith the grand marshal of the rcyal court end the Kva-i's chef de cahlne-. Priorc, vhen the traditional sys-en cf trihal chiefs vas eholished, he acted asduring theessence frca the country.


respected,is characterized by en independent nind and is

ard verier.

o-founder of theHe left the party

I he roraeo his own political party, aurur.ci

r.l. The following month, however, the BP vas defeated ir.nd Bihaxugenintoclipse. In2 he vas placed under house arrest by then Prime Minister Andre "uhirva, |

I Se is scheduled to visit the

US ins pert cf the Mvami'a entourage.'

Ee remained under house arrest until at least3 and

1 f

' .ABitagxsanl'yma bora9 aturundi.the Croupe Scclalre in Astride. 03 beof the Muramvya chefferle, becoming chief .about ther'

year and continuing .in that pest. While inosition heabciished the traditional system of servility in his chefferie...

Leopold BInUMUGAIfl (cont.)

ystez of "social centers to instruct' wcaen in hone econeenics.8 he servedenber of the Conseil Super' eur du Burundi and as cc=nissioner of finar.ce. In1 he vas appointed Minister of Finance in the Provisional Government.

Sihunuganl-has visited Europe several times and in Sovesfcer and0elegate toC0 general corJerence held in

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