Created: 3/19/1993

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NORTH KOREA:Military Acti.ity Continue*

Much Ol*North Koreas military reaction to the Team Spirit exercise has been routine, but some anomalies continue.'


*unn prormor/remains worried (rial Ihr Ynnabvon renrocessiog plant might soon be the target of an air attack

RUSSIA: Special Meeting on North Korta Proposed

A senior Russian Foreign Ministry official yesterday proposed an emergency meeting with the US. Japan. China, and the two Koreas to discuss Pyongyang's announced withdrawal from the Non-Proliferation Treaty, press reports say. He urged the international community not to isolate the North. Duriirg the past week. Russian media have criticized the North's withdrawal and have called on the US and South Korea to meet the North halfway in

addressing its concerns^

Cornrnent; Moscow wants to defuse the muter bul alto to show that it is noi just following the US lead. Russian officials probably fear that UN Security Council action would only highlight the issue, harden Pyongyang's attitude, and result in yet another case of sanctions that domestic opponents will exploit to attack Yel'tsin's government. Moscow may press Washington and Seoul for concessions, such as permanent suspension of Team Spirit or inspections of some US or South Korean military facilities to prove that there are no nuclear weapons there, in order to help entice the North back into the NPT. Russia probably will agree to any Securily Council consensus but almost certainly will want to be actively engaged in ihe decisionmaking.!

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