Created: 8/21/1964

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activity inSanta Cruz Department

and unrest among tin miners to plague President Victor

Paz Estenssoro.

subver-sb operating Santa Cruz De-

sive groups are in other parts of

The armed forces nave taken over tho countennsurgencyin the troubled San Ignaclo-San Simon region of Santa Cruz Department froa the national police. Police units failod to wipe out the guerrillas in early August, encountered two ambushes, and created additionalcontinent by pillaging. Army commanders are optlalatlc about crushing the dissidents, but tho efficiency and competent leadership of the guerrilla band sugseat the campaign mayong one.

they aro associated with former vice president Juan Lechln's National Leftist Revolutionary Party (PRIM) and the rightist Bolivian Socialist Falaoge (FSB)


ind personnel in Santa Cruz have been threatened by dissidents claiming to be FSB guerrillas.

Antlgovernaentand violence erupted In the nine areas last week Inagainst the boating of Le-chin by Paz' political police. Communist and Falangist mine union leaders igaln called for armed insurrection, andopular government headed by Lechin. ilitants turned out for an antlgovernaent demonstration In La Paxargest numberleaders bava beon able to muster for some tlao.

Paz is also hsvlog his troubles within tha party and governnent. Pro-Paz forces won byery narrow margin inugust olactlon offor Congresa against adegree of united

Party leaders, opposedreak with Cuba, managed to maneuver Pazifficult position regarding timing of thennouncement. Paz' In tba Locbin boating and tha attanptad assassination of Vice President Barriontos onugustfifth attempt within acreatedresentment against Paz and other governnent officials. Bar-rientos feels that unless tbe lawlessness is quickly stopped, it could growerious situation.

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