Created: 8/22/1964

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MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Science andSKYLARK

1- tt is essential aamatter of tha highest national latere at that we haw an op* rational capability to conduct recoanalaaance flights over Cuba with Ihe OXCART vehicle as aeon as) possible ud ia any avast no later than tha first week ia November, with charactsr-latlca on the order of,0 feat,ang* ofautical miles, or botUr aa faaalbla, with four of thla typo aircraft.

Tom are to Uka all appropriate actions to Insure that this highest priority objective of your Program ta not Ln any way hindered by computing rsoairamenta of any kind. Ton ahould Insure that tha contractors, tha Bald commandsrs. and anyone alasirect impact upon the Programar* of this highest priority objective, and you ahould bring to my attend on at the sartieat possible moment any proposal or directed course of action which might in any way Interfere with our meeting this objective.

Wo seek la Project SKYLARK an urgent operational readiness andust bs carafe! to Introduce into th* program daring the nsnt Several months only those modifications, procedures, and additional equipment, as are nscessaxy to attain thla objective.

(Signed). KcrrLill


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