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KHORAHWJK SXtfti . Msrasl, Assistant to the Cossaiasiocer forBureau of Reolanatlon, Dopartoent of Intorlor

of Seloobsd Eloctrlo Powr

Facilities lo tho USSR

Attaohodaeoriptive listing of oleotrlo povar facilities loUSSB. It la sent lo roaponoo to your telephoned request to this branch, who pasoed jour request on. If you bavo any quoetiono regarding tha facilltloe, or visb similar Infomation on otheray boi



As stated above

The Kiev GKfleing built on the Ittepr River, neex Vyehgorod aboutiles above Kiev, la the Ukrainian SSR. It will eonalst of twoun-of-the-river plantumped storage plant. The run-of-the-river plant will haveorizontal capsule-type hydro turbines,otal espealtjw, end le being builtachine hall. The first four unjts are scheduled to go intoet the endnd the rest In addition there willumped storage stationa pa cit/u for meeting tbe peak load. It will have six units, of which terse will ba reversible.

Tha Kiplays Cuba tidal pqyoffmail experimental station, is to be coandsalonedeinforced ooncrate floating dock, which will house ths station, la being constructed in lola Bey, near Hurnanek. It will be towed to Malaya Bay and sunk to the sea bed. Theilowatt turbines will be rove red bis, turning in one direction during flood tide and In the other direction during ebb tide.

The Inrprt GES Is being constructed near Zugdidl ln western Georgia in the Transcanoasus. It will have an aroheters high, which will bookeservoirillion eubie me tors of water. The capacity of tba povorplant willw, and tha flrot unit la scheduled to go into operation

, under eonatruetlonarrow gorge of the Saryn River ln toe Kirgie 3SB In Central Asia, will have anravity typeaters high. It will have en underground naohlne hall housing six hydro turbinee,otal capacityw. osxth moving le now underway.

Kurok PES is being constructed on the Vokhsh River, high up In the nounf the Todzhlk SSR in Central Ada. It will bare on archetera high, nine generating uniteaoh,otal capacityv. The main oonetruotlon effort ia now underway, and the first units nay go into operation

Tlie Krasnoyarsk QBS lo on tbe fenloey River, aboutdleo up-strean fron Erasnoyarok in East Siberia. It willotal capacityv, oonpriaed ofu unita, the first four of which are scheduled to go into operation by the end

Thala on the Hajaakan River, near Bo day bo in East Siberia in the pernafrost tone, and supplies power to the goldflelda. It has fourv units,otal capacity ofv, and was completed

The Vllvtiy.pES is being constructedapids on tha Vilyuy River noar Cberuyshovokiy, in tho pernafrostilometers north of Hlroyy in East Siberia, and will supply power to the dianond nines of Wmyy. It will have fourv units,otal capacityw. The rlvar woe damned in, but construction Is behind schedule, and the first unit la now planned to go into operation

The Sayan OSS is under oonetruotloo on the Upper Teniooy River where it eoorgea from tbe high cliffs of the Sayan Mountains, about AOO klloiaeters up river fron Krasnoyarsk, in East Siberia. It willravity archsters high, twice as high as the Krasnoyarsk GSS.


Tho total capacity willu, with twelve unitsw each, ths first one scheduled to go late operation Surveying haa been completed, and preliminary work haa Just gottenv Alternating Current Line

Anv ae trenemiseion line le under construction to transmit current from the lonokovo QRKS, ln Eallnln Oblast, to Koseov, Tha line, vblob will bell one tors loag, willookoto has Just put Itsw unit Into operation. When completed, it willapaoltyw.fa Direct Current Line

r de trsnsaisilor. line has been completed from Volgograd to the Donbas area of theistanceilometers. It Is planned tow of current from tbo Volgograd hydroelectric powerplant to the Kikhaylovka substation in the tonbes, but It can bo reversed and carry currant ln the opposite direction." One half-circuit cf the line was tested at full load ln August of thip year, and the substations of tlie line are to be coicrslseloned at full oapaoity by the end of tbe year.

* The line has two Independent hslf-oircuitsated voltage0 kv between poles).


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